Son of a...

I didn't want to watch-but I'm only a half hour in and know that I'm completely addicted to the new NBC show The Black Donnelly's. Great. This show is going to be huge...especially with the lead in from Heroes (which was probably the best episode to date tonight!). It's about 4 Irish brothers who live in NYC and are involved in illegal activities...several illegal activities. I really like it so far.

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Blame it on The Rainn

As previously posted, this past Saturday marked the hosting of SNL by Rainn Wilson. I have to admit, I fell asleep. In my defense, it had been a long day of family as it was my cousin's bridal shower that day. I very much enjoyed the opening sequence regarding the Anna Nicole Smith trial and the CNN scrolling bar. I was also impressed with the "monologue" which was a take off of "The Office." I was sad that my beloved Jim Halpert was not present in person, but Jason Sudeikis did a really good job impersonating him. Kristen Wiig (who is currently my favorite castmember...I love the "Target Lady" and "Aunt Linda"), was exceptional as Pam. She had all her mannerisms...including the frownsmile.

Other choice moments were the Judge Seidlin (Anna Nicole Smith nonsense) parody by Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg as Prince Harry, and The New Employee bit with Rainn in a Napoleon Dynamite style wig. I was surprised they didn't do more with the Britney Spears debauchle...but perhaps there's just so much oddity we can all deal with in a week. Whitney, from Pop Candy fame, was in the audience, and did a blog post about it today. It's a quick and interesting read. I've always wanted to attend a live show...and considering I laugh at just about everything...I'd probably be their dream come true. But so many can say that already!

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The Rumor Mill: PPP blogs

It has been disclosed that in the next few weeks the peeps at will be making a very large announcement. Sources are speculating that the anticipated news is breath taking, and could change the world as we know it. But what in the name of blogdom could it be? I've heard several rumors, all of which are unconfirmed at this time. However, confirmation will not deter me from spreading said's what makes an announcement like this fun!

Rumor 1:
PPP is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannielynn. I'm not sure this is biologically possible...but with all sorts of baby daddy's throwing their hat in the ring...who am I to say? This is the new millenium...the age of the world wide web...would it really surprise you?

Rumor 2:
PPP will be featured in this year's season of The Apprentice: LA. Contestants will battle PPP style to find the best PPP sponsored post that will allow The Donald to find the perfect e-card to send to Melania, help Bill Rancic find the best dating website after he dumps his fiance, and finally to produce the best online video to promote PPP and all it's goodness. Will they have enough "tacks" to accomplish these goals? We'll just have to wait and see...

Rumor 3: Because of all the recent interest in video posts on
blogs, such as those manufactured for PPP...The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will announce a new category for the 80th Annual Oscar Night festivities called "Achievement in Video Blogging." Only videos from PPP will be eligible as they are a higher standard than the "other" sites.

Rumor 4:
PPP is going to be reworking the advertising for the Dharma Project grocery and convenience items on Lost. The Black and White logo is too generic...PPP posties will be charged to give it some PPPizzaz!!

Rumor 5:
PPP just saved the cheerleader...AND the world!

Rumor 6:
PPP will shave it's head a la Britney Spears. They will not however leave it's locks at the salon for the owners to sell on the internet...they will allow posties to advertise the sale of it on their blogs.

So those are the rumors circulating...only time will tell what the actual announcement will be. Until then I will be awaiting the announcement that will surely impact us all. Be brave
PPP patient...and keep blogging!

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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A Very Shrute SNL...

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Rainn Wilson (aka "Dwight K. Shrute" from The Office) will be hosting SNL this weekend!!! Excitement cannot even describe the anticipation! Will there be any Office parodies...probably. Will there be any special guest appearances by Office cast members...who knows? But I hope so!! ( the form of Mr. John Krasinski!!?? Let us pray.)

If you watch-let me know what you thought of the show!! I'm sure it will be critically acclaimed, and more-over...a laugh riot of epic proportions. It's the Shrute way.

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Credit, Credit, Credit...and gift cards...

Instead of "Money money money," I think the song should go "Credit Credit Credit." At least that is how people seem to be spending these days. And it's not just about the fact that you have a "platinum or gold" it's all about what your card looks like. There are literally thousands of designs now a days. You can show your support to charities, or root on your favorite athletic team, or even just show your Patriotism with Old Glory waving on your card. In 2003 MINT introduced Mint credit cards. The card was offered as two versions, a standard credit card and the MC2 card which has the bottom right-hand corner removed; this was the first change to the shape of credit cards in the UK for 37 years. With 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases until December, this is an attractive credit card for debt transferal or purchasing.

Of course, now you can even have credit cards that are actually gift cards. It's basically a universal gift certificate...taken where ever credit cards are accepted. So, say you wanted to buy me something special for my birthday. However, in a last minute wave of panic you realize, hey...she may already have this! Or, what if someone else give it to her?? I don't want to look like a fool...I know...I'll give her this gift card and then she can get something that makes her truly happy...and I'll be the big hero!! Everyone will talk about how thoughtful your gift was to me, and I'll be the happiest birthday girl around!! (PS...I'm not birthday is eons away...but if you were thinking of something...well then here's your shot!)

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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Digital Ballroom Dancing?

Mr. Joey Fatone, formerly of *NSync fame (you know...the one who had the voice but was far underused because JC was too much of a baby to let anyone else do lead backup for Justin), has signed on to participate in the new season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Ok, I'll go:) I've never seen this show before...apparently it's a phenomenon that I just never got sucked into. Well, not until now! As some of you may recall, when *NSync was pretty much all I ever thought about (ah, the good ol' days), Joey was indeed my "favorite." Maggie and Katie and I even traveled by bus-with some weirdo falling asleep on me-to New York City one lovely Saturday, to see him headline the Broadway Musical "RENT." Katie has pictures with him-I recall her speaking to him in depth that evening as he left the theater. I was way too in the moment to speak...again, the good ol' days. Moving on...I've never watched this show...but don't think I'm not going to be there until he gets the boot...which he won' I guess I'm watching the whole damn season. Excellent. On the plus side, the rest of contestants include some more fun people it will be fun to catch up with, including: Ian Ziering (aka "Steve" from 90210), Vincent Pastore ("Big P" from The Soprano's and Celebrity Fit Club), Apolo Anton Ohno (OH YES! He has some Olympic Gold Medals for Speed Skating...but can he dance?), Heather Mills McCartney (?) (All I know is when married to Sir Paul she was FORCED to drive a PT you hear what I am saying...A PT CRUISER! How cruel.) , and Achy Breaky himself...Mr. Billy Ray Cyrus. Wow, if they didn't have cheese like, every day, would you still want to see them dance? Sorry...I'm in total *NSync mode now and I can't be stopped.

The dancin' shoes will be kicked up in a two hour special on Monday, March 19th. Smart not to go up against American Idol...but they shouldn't worry...they've got JOEY!!

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What's a Widget?

In this case, it's a flash player that streams podcasts, music, photos, videos, and any other type of file. is offering unlimited bandwidth with this widget, and they also will host up to 1gb of files for free. This is pretty cool. I will have one uploaded to my blog by the end of the day.

Basically, you can share files with your blog readers. Working on a short story? Put your installments on the widget. Is there a song you would like your readers to hear because you identify with it, or because it's new, or because it's funny for some reason, or because you are just in the mood to tell the world you are a fan...put it on your widget . Want to share a funny home video, or a video montage you've worked hard on? It could be so simple if you had a widget. You can make your own podcasts, promote photos of your kids-or photos you've taken just for fun. There are little to no limitations. Get some fun out of your blog-and give that fun to your faithful readers as well. It's as easy as anything else you do with your blog...I really like it.

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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For Sale: some used extentions...

Gross. The salon that Brit walked into the other evening to shave her skull, is now selling her hair, the Red Bull she was drinking, the clippers she used, and her Bic instant lighter for the low low price of $1,000,000.00. I know if I had the green, I would certainly invest in this "opportunity of a lifetime." Please, even I'm not that sad. Will anyone really pay this "minimum" amount of a mil for some used up weave? That's nasty. Just nasty.
I can't post the pictures here because they might make some readers ill-plus I'm not about to go risking my blogging career for using what may be copyrighted photos of the former Queen of Teen Pop's disheveled wig. However, if it makes you feel any better, you could add some hot fudge and ice cream...and you'll have a recreation of the infamous "Hot Fudge Wig" incident of 1985. Family joke...I'd explain, but you'd think me crazier than Miss Brit. That's a low I just can't handle.


Bring it on! Review my blog posts and get PAID!!

Do you understand that YOU can actually get paid to read this blog?? I'm not kidding! The site that I've been doing these little write ups for has started a blog review program that will pay you to read what I write. You can make money, even if you aren't interested in writing sponsored posts! I've only been working with PayPerPost for mere weeks, and I'm already making money. As I've had so much fun in the last year and a half, sharing and writing for old friends, as well as new's only right to share the wealth! All you have to do is sign up for the program, review one of my posts on your blogs, and start making money. Why haven't you started?

Literally, it takes minutes of effort a day. You will also have the opportunity for more people to see your blog. You put so much into what you have to say-so why should it be limited to a small group of people? It's not called the world wide web for nothing! And like I said, you don't even have to do sponsored posts. Simply add the badge (like I have below) to the bottom of each of your posts, and if people are interested in reviewing your post they will get cash. Oh, and by the way-when they get get $7.50!

Think about all the different topics you blog about-there are hundreds of people out there interested in the same things you are. If you have the chance to make money for what you write-I think it's silly not to take it. Let me tell you this, I've only been posting for about three weeks time. In said three weeks, I've made about 80 dollars. Again, it's all about the effort. I could be making more, I could be making less...point is...I'm making money that I wasn't before. Getting cash for doing something you already do for free by writing on your blogs? You do the math. Click on the link below and review my post...tell them I sent you...and start typing your way to the bank!

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Britney's lost her mind...

Officially. And apparently her new round of crazy blew her wig off...quite literally! This is a real photo...taken from inside a tatoo parlor. Good gravy...she just lost it all when she cheated on JT. As the man says: "What goes around goes around goes around...comes all the way back around." I know-her hair will grow back...but what of her dignity?

update: according to People magazine online, Britney entered re-hab for about a day and then returned to Cali to shave her head and secure a new tatt. Mother of the year...just a heartbeat away. She claims that she's upset because of all the things people are saying about her that are negative...STOP acting like a jerk then! People are going to talk about you no matter what you do...get over it and pull it together for the sake of your kids. Grow the eff up.


Did you forget to send a Valentine?

Don't get in trouble, just send it a little late. There are plenty of excuses...the dog ate it...the cat ate fell in the accidently dropped it in the peanut butter and spam sandwich you were making. Of course, you could go to and have the ability to schedule when you want your card sent-so you don't get busted next time. It's pretty simple...and they have all sorts of funny cards...and for those who prefer...some are even a little risque! Oh no you di'int!

There are so many cards available, for all different occasions...birthdays, holidays. even has some animated cards-for those who like to purvey a little action, rather than a boring piece of paper that doesn't flash or move or talk at all. Save time and money rather than purchasing traditional paper cards. Get a free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards, a yearly subscription is only $13.99. And you won't have to worry about stamps-don't they always seem to go up in price? You have to send a card, and you have stamps-but it gets sent back to you because the prices went up and you didn't have the correct postage. And who has the time during the work week to go buy the 2 cent you get lazy and just add another stamp for way over the intended amount. It's a vicious circle. This way you can send free funny eCards, without the hassle of stamps and paper cuts.

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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Snow-Day Recap

It's tough having responsibility. Back in the day a "snow day" consisted of laying around like a slug until you were brave enough to go out and play in the cold. At the very least, you'd hear the "school's canceled" announcement and get to sleep a little more! Not this chick. I went to bed around idea why. It's just who I am. I set my alarm for 5:30 am to check the announcements...but was ever so kindly awoken by my neighbor's across the street who like to start their car at roughly 4:15-4:30 am every day. Every day. So I dozed for a bit, and then one of my bookstore compatriots called me to tell me the college was closed. I rejoiced for a few moments...then got "to work." I had to make phone calls to change the voicemail, let the home office know we were closed, let my regional manager know we were closed. Then I got involved in a conversation...and before I knew it - it was 7 am and Matt Lauer wanted to tell me about some things. He's funny like that. So I finally went back to be woken up for the last time by Peggy who just wanted to fight me all day. I ended up puttering around my room-I'm moving into another room on the back of the house this weekend because I can't take the aforementioned "neighbors" morning wake up call. Jerks. The rest of the day just SPED by...crazy! I wanted to watch Hollywoodland-but apparently I'm more grown up than I care to admit because I just did practical things! What is going on??? I realized that I was getting a little punchy when I was preparing dinner for the family (a lovely pork roast prepared with Chinese 5 spice, as well as mashed potatoes and veggies...I'm a cuisine marvel). So I decided while the roast was roasting-I should be napping. I took a 45 minute power nap-which didn't help at all because I was even more punchy when I got up. Wah. After cleaning up-I retired to my boudoir to empty out some of my stored DVR shows, cry though American Idol (I was totally overtired), and be sleepy and confused through Lost (though not sleepy and confused enough to see the Wizard of Oz allusions!!).

I feel like my snow day was kind of wasted-but all in all-I needed the break from my commute and such. I won't be upset about it...I'll just keep on keepin' on.

PS- The bums from their self imposed trailer park kingdom across the street let me sleep until 4:15 this morning. So kind.

Get PAID to Blog...seriously!

I know all of you have noticed my frequent blog posts as of late. I'm sure you've all noticed my little disclosure at the end of some of them telling you that I'm getting paid to blog about certain topics. My friend Drew, of The BenSpark fame, has been participating in PayPerPost for quite some time now. At first I was skeptical-I figured it was some scam like those mass emails and pop-up advertisements that promise gift cards and prizes when you participate in a "short survey" (that ends up being 40 minutes long, and you have to buy something). But then Drew started posting about the things he was buying with his PayPerPost earnings. Interesting. He's actually getting what they promised? That's weird. Then I saw him a few weeks ago and he was all excited about PayPerPost, eager to answer any questions I had and make any clarification I needed. I swear, he should work for PPP full time!! I had joined, and was waiting to be approved. Coincidentally, I was approved that week. Since I started earlier this month, I've earned around $ lie. I believe I could earn more, but I have to get my page ranking up a bit for some of the blog opportunities to be available to me. So, I've been posting for roughly 5 bones a pop...but there are available opportunities that are way bigger than $1000!! And you can pick the things you want to blog about from literally hundreds of opportunities. There are listings of people that have made thousands of dollars getting paid to blog, so why shouldn't YOU be one of them? Whether you get 10 hits a day, or 10,000...someone is reading your words. Turn those words into cash!

There are other review websites out there that put a 100% markup on what you are making...literally taking half of your hard earned money.
PayPerPost only takes a 35% service fee, that means more money in your pocket and more high paid blogging opportunities. Think of Lucy from The Peanuts Cartoons, and how much she loved the sound of "nickels, nickels, nickels!" When you get paid to blog, think of how much you will love the sound of your fingers hitting the keyboard!! Every word just equals more money for you. Why not? Use it for bills, or your make-up habit, or put it towards vacation money. It's your money-do with it what you will! I just think, if you are going to be spending the time blogging...why not get paid for it?

If you do decide to join
PayPerPost, use me as a reference and I'll earn some change. Once you get on, and like it, pass the word on to your friends with blogs and keep the circle going! Oh, and FYI...that little blurb at the end of my blog posts...that's called a disclosure, and it's required of all bloggers using payperpost. To get your own disclosure statement, go to

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What's in a name?

I stole this from my cousin Julie. It turns out that I truly am "unique!!"
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

The Official Valentine of the "We're in a fight..." blog

Check this out:) I found it at Pop Candy who found it here. Get creative!!

One more...
As Mr. Timberlake once said, "this is fun!"


It's a two-fer!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Happy Valentine's Day!!

As an unexpected treat, we got a snow day too! That is something that is rare and cherished in the land of Higher the time will be spent wisely. Yes, I plan to catch up on my DVR recorded programs, and my Netflix Queue. Happy Valentime's Day to me! Ha!

For all of you that are in this storm, I hope you are staying safe and warm! If you have to go out-please be careful!!

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Soap Operas...the New Frontier

I'm hoping tomorrow is a snow day-all signs are pointing to that being a solid possibility. I used to love snow days as a kid, and now I appreciate them even more when I'm working! Snow days are generally the same as sick days...except you don't feel miserable and have to take out stock in Kleenex and chicken soup.

When I was younger, snow days started and ended the same...wake up early in anticipation of sleeping for your school's name on the news...see it...celebrate it...never go back to bed...hit the snow pants in the closet and frolic outside for a little while. Then the cold sets in, and you have to go back inside because your nose is bright red and in desperate need of the aforementioned Kleenex! We always came in, kicked off our moon boots and watched soaps with mom all afternoon. Guiding Light was always the family soap-not a lot of people watched it then...but my family was it's bread and butter. Moms, daughters, cousins, and aunts...we were obsessed! If we went out shopping-we had to be back by 3 pm to watch the show. All the intrigue of Beth being blind, and would she pick Lou-Jack (remember!!!???) or Philip?? I remember how mad we'd get at 3:52 because when they cut for commercial break we knew that was the end of the show! And this was the late 80's -early 90's...waaay before the implementation of "scenes" from the next show! It was heartbreaking on a Friday not to know what would happen on your favorite
Soap Operas!!

Now with, we don't have to worry about missing any of the soap opera goodness! We can catch up on story lines, check out spoilers, and not have to worry about missing a minute of the drama! I'm loving this new's a lot easier to manoeuvre than the actual official sites. If you are a fan of the joy that are Soap Operas, you should definitely check this site out! Right now they are looking for feedback on how to make the site better. It's a pretty new site, only 5-6 months old, but they are interested in how to meet your soap opera needs already, that's pretty decent.

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.


What once was lost, has now been found...

Several of you have had to hear me rant and rave and accuse and complain about my missing Red Sox beloved Red Sox sweatshirt!! I found it, quite embarrassingly...actually put away in my closet. To know me is to know I NEVER put things away. I couldn't find it though-how could I be so careless with something that had made me so happy?? It was making me ridiculously crazy-it's amazing how attached one can get to a silly article...but I get attached to a lot of silly things! I bought the sweatshirt years ago as a "treat" for myself. I know it was back in the day when I was purchasing things on the internet while in a drunken state, but I'm positive this purchase was completely sober. A lot of good memories happened when I wore "my precious," like the one above. First, I have to completely admit that I swiped the picture from The Benspark. It was taken in June of '04 at a Fisher Cats game, back when they were playing at Gill Stadium in Manchvegas. Perhaps it was rude of me...seeing as the Fisher Cats are a franchise of The Toronto Blue Jays...and considering my brother works for said Blue Jays...probably makes it even worse. But in my own defense, I'm a die hard Sox fan...and no one was going to stop me. So, I have literally been searching everywhere...making phone calls to places I've stayed...digging through closets in the house...the laundry room. It's been missing for 6 months. 6 grueling, chilly months. Well, not really chilly...but I live in Maine so it's chilly no matter when. The last time I remember having it was the weekend of the Dave Matthews concert that will live in infamy. That made me even more upset. I couldn't let my last memory of my sweatshirt be that concert. I wouldn't! But peace has been restored to normal, I have my gray hooded Red Sox sweatshirt back. As a side note, I have several pictures of myself in the sweatshirt-but I don't consider myself in any way, shape, or form photogenic. So I literally searched The Benspark archives to find this one. I knew it was there-and it showed me happy with my friend Allison, surrounded by the glee of baseball, safe and secure in my sweatshirt. I apologize for the haircut though, it was beyond my control. I had a bad stylist...I'm in a better place now...and even if she slips and accidentally gives me a mullet...I'll just pull up my hood to hide the shame and discontent. See how good my sweatshirt is to me?

I love my sweatshirt (dip dip dip)...sweatshirt (shamalamadingdong).


So winter isn't all bad...

I can't believe I'm saying that! But the above is a picture taken of some ice formations that a man in West Virginia took the liberty of decorating with food make the ride more pleasant for motorists. Granted, in this day and age I'm shocked no one thought it was a terrorist threat and had them all blown up. It's a nice gesture though:)


Hotel Reservations

I seem to be talking a lot about vacations recently. I think it's time that I actually stop talking about it (or typing, as the case may be), and start doing something about it. But booking a vacation is easier said than done. Last year, when trying to book a flight for my sister's wedding, I think I went to every site possible to find the least expensive deal. I wish I had known about at that point! For instance, I went online to find an inexpensive (right) flight and possibly couple it with a car rental. The least expensive one I could find was going to cost me over 500 bones. I know it was in July and a day after the 4th, but that still just seemed excessive. I went to another site that seemed trip would cost me about $250 round trip...but there were at least two layovers. Thanks, but no. I ended up booking a direct flight for about the same amount of money right through the airline...still no car rental. We went through an outside company for that...which was a complete nightmare. First they wouldn't let us take the car for some insane reason. Then they finally let us take the car after (no lie) an hour of hassle and growing contempt for the rental agency. We ended up extending the rental for a day because they failed to let us know the rental had to be returned to the site by 10am.

So, in consideration of my recent fancy to take a vacation...I've been trying to figure out the least expensive site to go through. I found the site
Hotel Reservations online, and it's very user friendly. The pages refresh easily, which when you are as impatient as I am works to your advantage. They don't just offer Hotel Reservations, but the combo deals with car rentals and flights as well. I also noticed they have "Vacation Rentals." Reading about them, they seem to be like renting apartments or a time share. They have a full map of destinations to choose from. Even more convenient is their lowest price guarantee! They guarantee the lowest prices on the internet for travel! If you find a cheaper fare within 24 hours of booking, they will refund your money. On top of that, there are no hidden "insurance fees" to get your booking cancelled. So when you go to other sites and get a flight for $129...just wait...with taxes and these fees you can end up paying almost double that allegedly discounted rate. Hotel Reservationsis also the only travel site I've ever seen that offers rebates on your could save an additional $100!

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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Lost no more...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's back! After a far too long absence...the LOST hiatus is finally over! It has even moved to a new time at 10pm which doesn't thrill me...but I'll get over it. Why doesn't it thrill me? My commute makes me somewhat of an old bag and I like to be sleeping by 10pm...but considering that rarely happens I think I'll survive! I never get to bed before midnight-old habits die hard...very hard!! Also, now it's up against Medium...which will just be one more show that I have to DVR and catch up with on the weekend. The life of a tv's starting to scare me.'s not scaring is that fact scaring me?
Regardless, it's time to move on to LOST. I'm so glad it's going to be back-and that we can see what happens with all the surgical mayhem and rainsoaked prisoner taking and such. There is a seasonal catch up special at 9, prior to the actual show. Do not be alarmed and think it's a repeat, and do not think that it is a two hour new episode...that doesn't start until 10. Check your local listings - ha. I will be "lost" in the jungle of ABC tonight. If any of you would like to start a discussion on the episode tomorrow...please join me at The Benspark Forum. Or don't, it's your loss. There is a current discussion on Pop Candy as to whether or not people actually miss the show. We know where my feelings lie on the matter.
**On a different programming note...questions for The App-REESE-tice should appear sometime keep a look out if you want to get the good bonus points! How did I lose so much ground?!?!!

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An Italian Adventure

I've never really thought about going to Italy, though after reading a bit about it...I definitely would be interested in visiting. I've heard good things about the wine! Ha! I'm not actually a good wine drinker...I like wine...I'm just not good at drinking it. That's not exactly true either-I'm good at drinking it...I just can't handle it! That being said...enough! I would like to visit Italy someday...take a train through the country side...stay in a villa in Tuscany...visit Rome...and definitely Vatican City. Any of my knowledge of properties in Italy is only because of movies I have seen. I've never been out of North America...but someday I would like to go to Europe, and visit the country that looks like a boot. The city I'm not particularly interested in, but the countryside looks absolutely breathtaking in films I've seen (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Under The Tuscan Sun. Did I mention recently I need a vacation? I had better start saving for my big worldly plans!

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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Who ya gonna call?

One of my all time favorite films is Ghostbusters. Dan Akroyd envisioning the Stay Puft Marshmallow man to destroy the world is a comedic joy to behold. There are so many great scenes in that movie...I laugh so hard when I watch it! I really hadn't watched it for something like 10 years...then a few years ago it was on HBO or something and I could not stop laughing. I laughed so ridiculously hard that I woke up my brother from the other side of the house at 9:30 in the morning. It is truly a classic film. Then they went and ruined it a little with a francise of cartoons and the maddening sequel, Ghostbusters 2. So NOW...I hear a Ghostbusters 3 is in the will not be live action. It will be in CGI. Weird. What is being said is that Dan Akroyd has confirmed there will be a 3rd installment...and that Bill Murray has signed on for his voice work. I will see it...even if 2 was awful...yeah, it didn't stop me from buying it on DVD. I'm cool like that. And even if Murray is only lending his voice, it will still be nice to see him get back in the comedy game.

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What is wrong with her hand??

Maybe the cold is going to my brain...maybe I'm jealous of the fact she's in California...but what is UP with the size of Jen's palm? It's freaking me out. I know I'm a nutbag-but it's been bothering me since I saw it! Maybe it's so humid in Malibu that her hand is swollen? Maybe she's wearing some trendy new kind of glove that makes her hand look plasticky and huge? Granted, she's the size of a strand of maybe that's the issue. I don't know-it's just creeping me out.

Vintage Antique Jewelry

At some point I would like to invest in something like vintage antique jewelry. While I like modern designs, there is just something so classic and beautiful about the antique items. I don't know if it's the intricacy of detail, or the hand made might even be that there is a good chance there is a great story behind a particular item. A vintage watch passed down from generation to generation, or even a ring that has been used in wedding ceremonies for years and years...each proposal...each wedding...adding a story to it's history. It's not just the monetary value, it's the sentimentality of the piece. You could go to an estate sale and see articles that were worn by Royalty. Imagine owning something like that...something you could pass on to your future generations? A cameo broache, a sterling silver locket. You can make your own history.
vintage antique jewelry

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I want a vacation!

Actually, I neeeeeeeed a vacation! I need a vacation where the climate is warm and sunny...and not chilly. I am too sensitive for this below zero weather. I realize that it is my choice to live in the Arctic North that is Maine. But, to be honest, it's really not. I live here because it's convenient, because it's necessary, because most of my friends and family are here. But I can barely see them-so what would the difference be? Case in point, Friday night I was supposed to meet up with Maggie and Katie for Maggie's birthday (which was yesterday!! Happy Birthday, Maggie!!) However, just in time for my commute...and trip to see them...a freaking snow storm hits. It wasn't that bad-but I did see an accident...and it was the first time the driveway had to be plowed all season. See-that's my New England mentality...."it wasn't that bad!!" Ugh, I would just like to type without my fingers turning blue...I would like to be able to go for a walk after work and not be scared of hypothermia...I would like to just freaking defrost!! Well, vacation is months away for this frozen until then I will just have to wait for the feeling to come back in my appendages. Since I can barely move beyond a snails pace as I believe that ice is now freezing my joints...I'm just going to have to make do with some pictures from past vacations. And just so I can get you all as sad as I am...I'm sharing "a walk on the beach" and "indian rocks sunset" for you to enjoy. I took these on a trip to Florida now 2 years ago. I would cry from the devastation-but I fear the tears would freeze my eyes.

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Wanna buy a poker table?

You will laugh...but when I was a kid I always wanted a poker table in my house. I'm not even kidding! I don't even know how to play! I just remember seeing them on television shows and people looked like they were having so much fun. The plinking sound of the chips, the shuffle of the night in general is what was so appealing. Where can one even get one of these fancy tables, with the felt top and the pockets to hold the poker chips? How about this place I found called Cardroom Supply? Cardroom Supply sells high quality poker tables. They have a hugh selection, and great prices. Free shipping on orders over $100. They also sell poker supplies, like chips and tournament supplies.

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Avoid at all costs..."Because I said So"

So I just spent 1/2 an hour on a post that I deleted by accident. The joy of blogging never ends. :)

I went to the movies this weekend because I was sucked in to the phenomenon known as "the chick flick." I had a movie pass burning a hole in my pocket, it was freezing, and I wanted to try out the newly renovated stadium style seating at our local theater. I wanted to see "Smokin Aces," I chose (yes I admit it) to see "Because I Said So" instead. I surprisingly more disappointed than I thought I could ever be. It was everything I could do not to steal Peggy's game boy and just play with that. Oh my goodness it was painful to watch. Diane Keaton is usually I was unsure if I hated her character, or if I hated the fact that she would stoop to being in this movie. She was so over the top that I had to laugh just at her dialogue alone. Mandy Moore was excruciating as well. Seriously, could someone have her in a movie and not give her an excuse to sing in said movie? I don't think there is a movie that exists with her in it that she doesn't showcase herself. That plotline was truly contrived and pathetic. Even worse is that when she sang, she sang with Keaton and other co-stars. She sang way over them (talentwise), and it just made it goofy and even more unlikeable. There were also very forced plotlines centered around polka-dots, as well as uncomfortable conversations one would NEVER have with their mother. I just didn't like it...which is too bad because I feel like I wasted my movie pass.

I will admit there were a few shining moments...Lauren Graham played Moore's older sister. She was very un-Lorelai, which was actually nice to see. Truth be told, she's what made me go to the movie anyway. I was very surprised to see a familiar, yet very unknown face play one of Moore's boyfriends. Yes, you read boyfriendS. That's one of the plots...but I'm not going to continue with the negative so...onward and upward. His name is Gabriel Macht, and I recognized him from an episode of Sex and the City (he was a 'model-izer'). Very nice to watch...and pretty decent performance considering the ridiculousness of the writing. Eye candy extraordinaire! Lastly, (wow-I'm shocked I found 3 things to like about this movie!) was Tony Hale (better known as Buster from Arrested Development) as Stuart. He was a very needy patient of Graham's character (she was a psychologist) and gave the only deserved laughs for an actual comedic performance. I miss Arrested Development.

So, final words on "Because I Said So..." Unless you have done something pretty bad to yourself, or someone else and you are the only one that knows...maybe seeing this movie could be your punishment? Or if you really don't like someone and want to be passively mean...treat them to this gem. I'm legitimately considering putting it on "the list." I haven't decided. If anyone else saw this movie and disagrees with my findings...let me know. But I'm telling you point blank that it sucked...because I said so.


online comics

I just about peed when I saw this cartoon.

Oliver Gaspirtz is a cartoonist whose works have appeared in many magazines including the National Enquirer, Sun, Saturday Evening Post, Funny Times, etc. He also used to contribute cartoons to King Features' syndicated cartoon panel The New Breed, before he decided to publish his cartoons exclusively on the internet in 2000.

I know being a blogger I'm always looking for fun cartoons to help draw attention to my own posts. And aren't we all looking for something to just laugh at sometimes? I'm sure myspacers would have a blast with these cartoons to use as comments on friends pages or just to "pimp" their own space. Gaspirtz's comics can have a little dark humor...but not many people don't enjoy that kind of laugh from time to time. Check it Don't you want to laugh?

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The BenSpark Forum

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I think you know I like to talk about things I like...sometimes too much. The iconic creators of The Benspark (Drewbie and Sparky) have created a place where I can speak my peace about topics like movies, television, and even my precious BareEscentuals make-up! It's also a place where YOU can speak your peace about such important things. Feel free to talk about how Rocky 900 will win Oscars...feel free to talk about just about whatever. Well, don't feel free to talk about Drewbie's reading skills...give him a break. He is hooked on phonics, he is learning to read (thanks to Peggy!!!)! Ha! Seriously though, I'm finding this forum to be a lot of fun...though the fact that it doesn't take a lot to entertain me might not be saying much for the cause! But seriously, you know how when you read a book, or see a movie...and you think no one else is out there to dicuss your likes and dislikes about the book or movie? That's probably not true...the world wide web is a vast resource of people's opinions and such. Now, the Benspark Forum will allow those from far and wide to talk about all sorts of not only can you make new friends...but you can discuss topics with those you already know through our little blogging community. It's very easy to sign up...and I check it regularly. I know that Drewbie and Allison would love to see more posts on their try it out.

For a second I will go back to the BareEscentuals forum...this can be very practical. I have several friends that use the product (mineral based makeup), and I've found their input to be very helpful. I absolutely stand by the BareEscentuals BareMinerals line. There is nothing like it. Friends and I talk all the time about different products and application techniques...why not talk about it in one spot and get more ideas from others? Even if you don't use BareMinerals - check out the forum and maybe we can convert you! Ha!!

I hope to see more people on the Benspark Forum...tell your friends!!

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InPhonic Cell Phone Accessories

Phones aren't just for talking anymore...but when you are talking on your phone...wouldn't you rather do it with a little flair?

You can find products that can help your phone be more efficient at
InPhonic . Outfit your cell phone with brand name accessories from Motorola, Jabra, Plantronics, Belkin, Samsung and more. Guaranteed compatible with your phone. InPhonic has everything from Bluetooth headsets to cables to memory cards, chargers, faceplates, extra cell phone batteries and more. Just $2.95 shipping.

And nowadays cell phones are like snowflakes...none are the same. You probably have a different one than any of your friends and family. All the more reason to have accessories you can count on. I've heard you should always have back up batteries charged, just in case yours runs out and you don't have a charger...but while you are purchasing new batts...why not get that car charger just in case? Or pick out an extra wall charger to keep in your suitcase, or briefcase for traveling. Are you someone that hates the teeniest little scratch on your phone...perhaps you should invest in a case or cover for your phone? They have some really sharp looking ones. Even better-they have a clearance section...specifically for your phone! Who doesn't love clearance? Give your ring some bling!

The site is extremely easy to navigate, you can search by cell phone manufacturer or service provider...and an added bonus...they use pictures so you can more easily identify what you are looking for. It's pretty much goof proof! They have all the essentials, and speaking as someone who has purchased expensive accessories for her cell phone in the recent past at a storefront...I'd have rather shopped for discounted prices. When shipping and handling is only $2.95,
InPhonic is a pretty decent deal anyway.

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Someone needs a life...but at least she can admit it!

I want a job that pays me to watch tv. Seriously, I would love love love to have a job like Michael Ausiello from TV the stars...write about tv. Please don't misunderstand, I don't think I could do his job better...I love reading his columns on tv just want a job doing what he does because it seems like so much fun!!! That being said, I'll have to settle for this outlet until I'm discovered...ha!

Let's talk about Thursday night TV...I'll be brief...maybe. That's hard for me to say because I get on these tangents and I can't stop typing...seriously, look what just happened here!

***You should know that if you haven't seen these programs as of yet...that there may be info you might not want to read until after you've seen them...this is the obligatory SPOILER ALERT. I don't like giving spoilers...but'd be bored with my writing if I didn't at this point. Don't say I didn't warn you!***

Ugly Betty:
Haven't seen it yet. As much as I would have liked to-I just didn't get to it. Sad...I know...but I'll make up for it this weekend. I'm excited to see the reaction of the revelation of Alex/Alexis...and just to reiterate...if I had a job that let me watch tv all day and write about my findings/feelings/bliss then we wouldn't be in this dilemma where I can't report to you what happened on the tube last night because I could have just stayed up and watched, or watched this morning...or had copies sent early for me to review. So how do I get a job like that??! And for further notice, UB (not to be confused with Uncle Buck) has to be seen at a later time in my realm because it's on against The Office...and we all know how I feel about that. Moving on...

Grey's Anatomy:
I'm getting a little weary when it comes to this show. Maybe it's all the outside nonsense creeping in...but I just can't tell. The previous two weeks made me cry like a little girl...'seriously.' This week just was touchy feely and weird...from George and Callie's Burke and Christina's the end with Mark and Addison...what was that?? I did like the scenes between Meredith and her mother, who they kept saying was lucid...I think they used that word more than they used "seriously" last night. Seriously. And I thought that Bailey was back to being the Nazi...I like her character better when she's tough, but lately she's just been sentimental. The next 3 weeks are episodes "out in the field." We'll see if it gets any better.

My Name is Earl:
I didn't like it...I laughed more at the commercials for 30 Rock.

The Office:
Andy was memorably absent after his little hole punching fiasco the episode before. They are going back to teasing the audience with the whole Jim/Pam (or "JAM") relationship. I feel like Jim. Seriously, I'm confused. They get along...he tells Karen he still has feelings for Pam...yet he's working things out with Karen. I don't know...I just don't like where it's going. I will say that Meredith yelling at Angela to shut up was one of the highlights. Also Roy was pretty funny talking about how Pam's art is sexy...but the best part was the battle of Ben Franklin trivia between Ben Franklin and Dwight. I'm glad Dwight is's just not The Office without him.

Saw the first 10 minutes then didn't watch the rest. But I taped I'll catch up this weekend. Still a fan...just took a little break. I know it's weird-but you'll forgive me someday!

30 Rock:
One of the top 2 episodes so far. Big big help from Paul Ruebens...he had me at "Thank you for coming to my birthday!" When he crossed his legs...oh my...oh my. He should be back on tv...the man is hilarious. I've heard things about a possible "reunion" for Pee Wee's Playhouse...which would be awesome if it happens. I'd mention that you can watch re-runs of PW's Playhouse on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network...but I don't know how all my Boston area readers would feel about it after all the hubbub in the hub this week:) 30 Rock got off to a slow start, but Tina Fey is a genius...she is such an amazing writer. Alec Baldwin is mint...the man can do no wrong. He is deservedly winning awards left and right for his role on this show. Tracy Morgan is always a trip to watch...he never disappoints.

This show is really starting to wear thin. Really. The big build up was that someone wouldn't make it through the there is all sorts of gossip that one regular will be leaving the show. So one would think it's Kovac...but it ends up being two people that aren't even regulars. That's what I get for feeding into spoilers. Honestly, when the show started eleventy hundred years ago it was good-there was a big focus on the er and it's patient cases. Now it's just er employee based drivel. Sometimes they add the politically charged plotlines including the plight in Darfur. Those are the good episodes. But I'm really tired of what's going on with all the love lives of the's really ruining the show. I'm not a fan of Uncle Jesse on the show...and his kid annoys the bejesus out of me. I guess it's just time to hang it up. Granted, I'll watch it until the bitter end...problem being it's been bitter since before Carter left.

Believe it or not...I think that's it for tv last night. I did need some sleep after all. I did dream that I worked in The perhaps I really do need a job in TV so I can somehow defend my subconcious and not just feel like a whackadoo. Only time will tell...

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Dress Up Games

When I was a little girl I went to a private school. It was the 80's and the "playgrounds" were segregated by gender and age...I swear. When you were a in the 3rd grade and under, you got the swings, a see-saw, and a giant slide that some kid would undoubtedly fall off of (no lie, it happened to me!). Once you got in the 4th grade, it was all over...your only source of entertainment was a patch of grass in the shape of a circle that you could "walk around." Sometimes we got to play with a jump rope...if we were lucky. One day, a girl named Sarah snuck in her new paper dolls that she got for her birthday. Everyone was jealous. It's amazing what we considered cool back in the day. Now, you can regress to your childhood without papercuts...or tearing those little slabs of paper that were supposed to hang the clothes off the doll, thus ruining the joy that was the paper doll experience. With Dress Up Games, you can create your own avatar that can be used in online chatrooms, forums, and competitions. Use your imagination and create the characters that tell a you want to be a princess...a fairy queen? Dress Up Games brings you back to the good old days...with the modern day flair.

Check out these examples...

The possibilities are limitless!

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