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I seem to be talking a lot about vacations recently. I think it's time that I actually stop talking about it (or typing, as the case may be), and start doing something about it. But booking a vacation is easier said than done. Last year, when trying to book a flight for my sister's wedding, I think I went to every site possible to find the least expensive deal. I wish I had known about at that point! For instance, I went online to find an inexpensive (right) flight and possibly couple it with a car rental. The least expensive one I could find was going to cost me over 500 bones. I know it was in July and a day after the 4th, but that still just seemed excessive. I went to another site that seemed trip would cost me about $250 round trip...but there were at least two layovers. Thanks, but no. I ended up booking a direct flight for about the same amount of money right through the airline...still no car rental. We went through an outside company for that...which was a complete nightmare. First they wouldn't let us take the car for some insane reason. Then they finally let us take the car after (no lie) an hour of hassle and growing contempt for the rental agency. We ended up extending the rental for a day because they failed to let us know the rental had to be returned to the site by 10am.

So, in consideration of my recent fancy to take a vacation...I've been trying to figure out the least expensive site to go through. I found the site
Hotel Reservations online, and it's very user friendly. The pages refresh easily, which when you are as impatient as I am works to your advantage. They don't just offer Hotel Reservations, but the combo deals with car rentals and flights as well. I also noticed they have "Vacation Rentals." Reading about them, they seem to be like renting apartments or a time share. They have a full map of destinations to choose from. Even more convenient is their lowest price guarantee! They guarantee the lowest prices on the internet for travel! If you find a cheaper fare within 24 hours of booking, they will refund your money. On top of that, there are no hidden "insurance fees" to get your booking cancelled. So when you go to other sites and get a flight for $129...just wait...with taxes and these fees you can end up paying almost double that allegedly discounted rate. Hotel Reservationsis also the only travel site I've ever seen that offers rebates on your could save an additional $100!

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