Avoid at all costs..."Because I said So"

So I just spent 1/2 an hour on a post that I deleted by accident. The joy of blogging never ends. :)

I went to the movies this weekend because I was sucked in to the phenomenon known as "the chick flick." I had a movie pass burning a hole in my pocket, it was freezing, and I wanted to try out the newly renovated stadium style seating at our local theater. I wanted to see "Smokin Aces," I chose (yes I admit it) to see "Because I Said So" instead. I surprisingly more disappointed than I thought I could ever be. It was everything I could do not to steal Peggy's game boy and just play with that. Oh my goodness it was painful to watch. Diane Keaton is usually I was unsure if I hated her character, or if I hated the fact that she would stoop to being in this movie. She was so over the top that I had to laugh just at her dialogue alone. Mandy Moore was excruciating as well. Seriously, could someone have her in a movie and not give her an excuse to sing in said movie? I don't think there is a movie that exists with her in it that she doesn't showcase herself. That plotline was truly contrived and pathetic. Even worse is that when she sang, she sang with Keaton and other co-stars. She sang way over them (talentwise), and it just made it goofy and even more unlikeable. There were also very forced plotlines centered around polka-dots, as well as uncomfortable conversations one would NEVER have with their mother. I just didn't like it...which is too bad because I feel like I wasted my movie pass.

I will admit there were a few shining moments...Lauren Graham played Moore's older sister. She was very un-Lorelai, which was actually nice to see. Truth be told, she's what made me go to the movie anyway. I was very surprised to see a familiar, yet very unknown face play one of Moore's boyfriends. Yes, you read boyfriendS. That's one of the plots...but I'm not going to continue with the negative so...onward and upward. His name is Gabriel Macht, and I recognized him from an episode of Sex and the City (he was a 'model-izer'). Very nice to watch...and pretty decent performance considering the ridiculousness of the writing. Eye candy extraordinaire! Lastly, (wow-I'm shocked I found 3 things to like about this movie!) was Tony Hale (better known as Buster from Arrested Development) as Stuart. He was a very needy patient of Graham's character (she was a psychologist) and gave the only deserved laughs for an actual comedic performance. I miss Arrested Development.

So, final words on "Because I Said So..." Unless you have done something pretty bad to yourself, or someone else and you are the only one that knows...maybe seeing this movie could be your punishment? Or if you really don't like someone and want to be passively mean...treat them to this gem. I'm legitimately considering putting it on "the list." I haven't decided. If anyone else saw this movie and disagrees with my findings...let me know. But I'm telling you point blank that it sucked...because I said so.


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