Slowly...but surely...

I'm trying to be more diligent with the blogging. In fact, it is my hope that I will be able to maintain a better schedule now that I have been approved for Pay Per Post...keep those fingers crossed!! It works in your favor really because I can do PPP twice a day with a "real" post in between. Just an FYI...I will be doing the PPP's in a different color (I'm a copycat-thanks Drewbie!!) so my blog fans can differentiate between my insane prattle and the advertisements. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't read them...because I may still infuse some of my wit and are you going to know unless you do read them??

But thus far things are has been a battle...there are a lot of things going on...but I'm surviving!! I missed the first half hour of American Idol last week because I didn't get home from work until about 8:15 or so. The joys of having responsibility!! My plan, once I've finished this post, is to run to the fridge and enjoy some fresh, crisp, delicious, brewed beverages (not tea!!) of the alcohol ridden nature. Then I will park my carcass in front of the tele and watch several hours of "Must See TV"...Paul Reubens is on 30 Rock it cannot be missed.

I want to touch base on some items that I've neglected recently...for which I am ruefully apologetic. Wait...what does that even mean? Where's the beer?

Gilmore Girls:
-Hi...what the HELL kind of gestation is Lane going through? I know she's having twins...but are the twins having twins?? Girlfriend is huge!!!
-I want Rory to break up with Logan...very badly. The whole mess with Lucy has me mad, and I think more and more that I hate Rory because of Logan.
-I've been bad and read several "spoiler" type items that I won't allude to...but I wish I'd never read them. I can't say what they are - so don't ask.

-I hated the custody battle scenes the other night...I just want to slap April's mom! SHE was the reason Luke let Lorelai go in the first place (because she didn't want her around April)...then she lets the lawyer use the fact that Lorelai and Luke's relationship didn't last be fodder for her argument that Luke shouldn't have partial custody. A big huge WHATEVER?!?!
-I hate Christopher...he's such a loser!!!!
-Poor Richard!! Ugh!!! This does NOT make me happy!!!

American Idol:
-Don't get mad at the judges. Seriously, I've wanted to rip my own ears off several times with this year's auditions. Get mad at the producers who put these people through...but get madder at the parents/guardians/relatives/friends who actually tell these people to audition and that they are good. It's just mean. And for the LOVE of all that is merciful and Holy...when the judges tell you that you haven't made it to Hollywood that means STOP SINGING!! It's over-you can't change their minds. Deal with it...grow up and move on.
-Oh, and the guy who auditioned in memory of his "lady friend" last night was really adorable.

-Not so adorable...the guy who wants to make David Hasslehoff cry...haa! But hilarious, and reminds me of the kid who wants to buy the platform shoes in 40 Year Old he's my pick for the season!!

The Donald Trump Show:
-Did Tim really find it necessary to talk about how Belushi died in detail in front of kids on the tour? I'm thinking he should have been fired for that alone...but he's my season pick so I'm glad he skidded through the nonsense that is The Apprentice LA.

XM Radio:
-Love it.'s good stuff! It's making me like my commute...especially the early days when I can listen to Ellen. I'm also becoming a fan of Opie and Anthony...but I think it was because the creator of The Office, Ricky Gervais, was interviewed the other night and I love him. I've seen a few episodes of the original The Office...and I like it a lot...I like it a lot. He stars in another show that's on HBO called "Extras," which bases it's premise on actors that are extras in films and such. I guess it has a huge following...I've got to add it to my Netflix queue. If anyone has seen it...let me know. (**Update...I saw this last weeks episode and it is laugh out loud's been added to my Netflix queue and I'm sure it will be my newest addiction!!) At any rate, in the interview, which is unedited because it's satellite...someone asked Gervais what he thinks of Steve Carell and how his popularity has exploded since taking the role of Michael Scott when Gervais originated the role and it basically didn't do much in England. Gervais just laughed and said something to the effect of "what do I care...Carell's doing all the work and still making me millions while I sit home on my couch." Love it. I also like the way he produces shows for the BBC...or even the Extras show. Even though it's popular, he doesn't make them go on for years and years because he wants to move on to new and different projects. People who work on the shows gain popularity and as he said, like little birds he "sets them free." So yeah, I'm thinking I'm not really a fan so much of O & A so much as I'm a fan of Gervais now that I read this. I've also recently seen A Night at the Museum, which he is in...and I don't think I laughed harder than when he appeared on screen. That was a great movie-but subject enough for a later post!!

I'm a bit beat from my trip to Bangor this week...mostly because of the cold. A friend of mine asked me today if it was really bad and I likened Bangor to being a cryogenic lab. It's just not funny how cold it was up there...not funny at all!

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