Oh yes, oh yes, oh's the Apprentice Intern Contest!! More appropriately known as "The App-Reese-tice!" Apparently the ratings for the Donald's show tanked this past weekend...I'm thinking people are getting sick of the anger and hate being spread around right now. All I'm concerned about is my points for the game! Ha! So, before I am accused of being a jerk and a loser...I thought I'd let you all know that questions are available now. If you lock in your answers today then you get the best chance of a bonus. If only I'd locked in my questions earlier last week...well, I'd still be smoking y'all...just more so:)


At 9:23 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Whatever, Reesie. Be prepared to be knocked off that high horse of yours!!!!!!!!!!!! I've locked into my 50% bonus, too...BeOTCH!!!!


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