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I think you know I like to talk about things I like...sometimes too much. The iconic creators of The Benspark (Drewbie and Sparky) have created a place where I can speak my peace about topics like movies, television, and even my precious BareEscentuals make-up! It's also a place where YOU can speak your peace about such important things. Feel free to talk about how Rocky 900 will win Oscars...feel free to talk about just about whatever. Well, don't feel free to talk about Drewbie's reading skills...give him a break. He is hooked on phonics, he is learning to read (thanks to Peggy!!!)! Ha! Seriously though, I'm finding this forum to be a lot of fun...though the fact that it doesn't take a lot to entertain me might not be saying much for the cause! But seriously, you know how when you read a book, or see a movie...and you think no one else is out there to dicuss your likes and dislikes about the book or movie? That's probably not true...the world wide web is a vast resource of people's opinions and such. Now, the Benspark Forum will allow those from far and wide to talk about all sorts of not only can you make new friends...but you can discuss topics with those you already know through our little blogging community. It's very easy to sign up...and I check it regularly. I know that Drewbie and Allison would love to see more posts on their try it out.

For a second I will go back to the BareEscentuals forum...this can be very practical. I have several friends that use the product (mineral based makeup), and I've found their input to be very helpful. I absolutely stand by the BareEscentuals BareMinerals line. There is nothing like it. Friends and I talk all the time about different products and application techniques...why not talk about it in one spot and get more ideas from others? Even if you don't use BareMinerals - check out the forum and maybe we can convert you! Ha!!

I hope to see more people on the Benspark Forum...tell your friends!!

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At 10:30 AM, Blogger Drew said...

thanks for the Plug Mo!

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Mo said...

anytime drewbie! i figure you two will get bored with my ramblings!!

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Allison said...

Yeah, Mo, Thanks for the plug!


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