Someone needs a life...but at least she can admit it!

I want a job that pays me to watch tv. Seriously, I would love love love to have a job like Michael Ausiello from TV the stars...write about tv. Please don't misunderstand, I don't think I could do his job better...I love reading his columns on tv just want a job doing what he does because it seems like so much fun!!! That being said, I'll have to settle for this outlet until I'm discovered...ha!

Let's talk about Thursday night TV...I'll be brief...maybe. That's hard for me to say because I get on these tangents and I can't stop typing...seriously, look what just happened here!

***You should know that if you haven't seen these programs as of yet...that there may be info you might not want to read until after you've seen them...this is the obligatory SPOILER ALERT. I don't like giving spoilers...but'd be bored with my writing if I didn't at this point. Don't say I didn't warn you!***

Ugly Betty:
Haven't seen it yet. As much as I would have liked to-I just didn't get to it. Sad...I know...but I'll make up for it this weekend. I'm excited to see the reaction of the revelation of Alex/Alexis...and just to reiterate...if I had a job that let me watch tv all day and write about my findings/feelings/bliss then we wouldn't be in this dilemma where I can't report to you what happened on the tube last night because I could have just stayed up and watched, or watched this morning...or had copies sent early for me to review. So how do I get a job like that??! And for further notice, UB (not to be confused with Uncle Buck) has to be seen at a later time in my realm because it's on against The Office...and we all know how I feel about that. Moving on...

Grey's Anatomy:
I'm getting a little weary when it comes to this show. Maybe it's all the outside nonsense creeping in...but I just can't tell. The previous two weeks made me cry like a little girl...'seriously.' This week just was touchy feely and weird...from George and Callie's Burke and Christina's the end with Mark and Addison...what was that?? I did like the scenes between Meredith and her mother, who they kept saying was lucid...I think they used that word more than they used "seriously" last night. Seriously. And I thought that Bailey was back to being the Nazi...I like her character better when she's tough, but lately she's just been sentimental. The next 3 weeks are episodes "out in the field." We'll see if it gets any better.

My Name is Earl:
I didn't like it...I laughed more at the commercials for 30 Rock.

The Office:
Andy was memorably absent after his little hole punching fiasco the episode before. They are going back to teasing the audience with the whole Jim/Pam (or "JAM") relationship. I feel like Jim. Seriously, I'm confused. They get along...he tells Karen he still has feelings for Pam...yet he's working things out with Karen. I don't know...I just don't like where it's going. I will say that Meredith yelling at Angela to shut up was one of the highlights. Also Roy was pretty funny talking about how Pam's art is sexy...but the best part was the battle of Ben Franklin trivia between Ben Franklin and Dwight. I'm glad Dwight is's just not The Office without him.

Saw the first 10 minutes then didn't watch the rest. But I taped I'll catch up this weekend. Still a fan...just took a little break. I know it's weird-but you'll forgive me someday!

30 Rock:
One of the top 2 episodes so far. Big big help from Paul Ruebens...he had me at "Thank you for coming to my birthday!" When he crossed his legs...oh my...oh my. He should be back on tv...the man is hilarious. I've heard things about a possible "reunion" for Pee Wee's Playhouse...which would be awesome if it happens. I'd mention that you can watch re-runs of PW's Playhouse on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network...but I don't know how all my Boston area readers would feel about it after all the hubbub in the hub this week:) 30 Rock got off to a slow start, but Tina Fey is a genius...she is such an amazing writer. Alec Baldwin is mint...the man can do no wrong. He is deservedly winning awards left and right for his role on this show. Tracy Morgan is always a trip to watch...he never disappoints.

This show is really starting to wear thin. Really. The big build up was that someone wouldn't make it through the there is all sorts of gossip that one regular will be leaving the show. So one would think it's Kovac...but it ends up being two people that aren't even regulars. That's what I get for feeding into spoilers. Honestly, when the show started eleventy hundred years ago it was good-there was a big focus on the er and it's patient cases. Now it's just er employee based drivel. Sometimes they add the politically charged plotlines including the plight in Darfur. Those are the good episodes. But I'm really tired of what's going on with all the love lives of the's really ruining the show. I'm not a fan of Uncle Jesse on the show...and his kid annoys the bejesus out of me. I guess it's just time to hang it up. Granted, I'll watch it until the bitter end...problem being it's been bitter since before Carter left.

Believe it or not...I think that's it for tv last night. I did need some sleep after all. I did dream that I worked in The perhaps I really do need a job in TV so I can somehow defend my subconcious and not just feel like a whackadoo. Only time will tell...

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