Dress Up Games

When I was a little girl I went to a private school. It was the 80's and the "playgrounds" were segregated by gender and age...I swear. When you were a in the 3rd grade and under, you got the swings, a see-saw, and a giant slide that some kid would undoubtedly fall off of (no lie, it happened to me!). Once you got in the 4th grade, it was all over...your only source of entertainment was a patch of grass in the shape of a circle that you could "walk around." Sometimes we got to play with a jump rope...if we were lucky. One day, a girl named Sarah snuck in her new paper dolls that she got for her birthday. Everyone was jealous. It's amazing what we considered cool back in the day. Now, you can regress to your childhood without papercuts...or tearing those little slabs of paper that were supposed to hang the clothes off the doll, thus ruining the joy that was the paper doll experience. With Dress Up Games, you can create your own avatar that can be used in online chatrooms, forums, and competitions. Use your imagination and create the characters that tell a you want to be a princess...a fairy queen? Dress Up Games brings you back to the good old days...with the modern day flair.

Check out these examples...

The possibilities are limitless!

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