Vintage Antique Jewelry

At some point I would like to invest in something like vintage antique jewelry. While I like modern designs, there is just something so classic and beautiful about the antique items. I don't know if it's the intricacy of detail, or the hand made might even be that there is a good chance there is a great story behind a particular item. A vintage watch passed down from generation to generation, or even a ring that has been used in wedding ceremonies for years and years...each proposal...each wedding...adding a story to it's history. It's not just the monetary value, it's the sentimentality of the piece. You could go to an estate sale and see articles that were worn by Royalty. Imagine owning something like that...something you could pass on to your future generations? A cameo broache, a sterling silver locket. You can make your own history.
vintage antique jewelry

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