I want a vacation!

Actually, I neeeeeeeed a vacation! I need a vacation where the climate is warm and sunny...and not chilly. I am too sensitive for this below zero weather. I realize that it is my choice to live in the Arctic North that is Maine. But, to be honest, it's really not. I live here because it's convenient, because it's necessary, because most of my friends and family are here. But I can barely see them-so what would the difference be? Case in point, Friday night I was supposed to meet up with Maggie and Katie for Maggie's birthday (which was yesterday!! Happy Birthday, Maggie!!) However, just in time for my commute...and trip to see them...a freaking snow storm hits. It wasn't that bad-but I did see an accident...and it was the first time the driveway had to be plowed all season. See-that's my New England mentality...."it wasn't that bad!!" Ugh, I would just like to type without my fingers turning blue...I would like to be able to go for a walk after work and not be scared of hypothermia...I would like to just freaking defrost!! Well, vacation is months away for this frozen until then I will just have to wait for the feeling to come back in my appendages. Since I can barely move beyond a snails pace as I believe that ice is now freezing my joints...I'm just going to have to make do with some pictures from past vacations. And just so I can get you all as sad as I am...I'm sharing "a walk on the beach" and "indian rocks sunset" for you to enjoy. I took these on a trip to Florida now 2 years ago. I would cry from the devastation-but I fear the tears would freeze my eyes.

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