Lost no more...

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It's back! After a far too long absence...the LOST hiatus is finally over! It has even moved to a new time at 10pm which doesn't thrill me...but I'll get over it. Why doesn't it thrill me? My commute makes me somewhat of an old bag and I like to be sleeping by 10pm...but considering that rarely happens I think I'll survive! I never get to bed before midnight-old habits die hard...very hard!! Also, now it's up against Medium...which will just be one more show that I have to DVR and catch up with on the weekend. The life of a tv's starting to scare me.'s not scaring is that fact scaring me?
Regardless, it's time to move on to LOST. I'm so glad it's going to be back-and that we can see what happens with all the surgical mayhem and rainsoaked prisoner taking and such. There is a seasonal catch up special at 9, prior to the actual show. Do not be alarmed and think it's a repeat, and do not think that it is a two hour new episode...that doesn't start until 10. Check your local listings - ha. I will be "lost" in the jungle of ABC tonight. If any of you would like to start a discussion on the episode tomorrow...please join me at The Benspark Forum. Or don't, it's your loss. There is a current discussion on Pop Candy as to whether or not people actually miss the show. We know where my feelings lie on the matter.
**On a different programming note...questions for The App-REESE-tice should appear sometime keep a look out if you want to get the good bonus points! How did I lose so much ground?!?!!

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At 11:36 AM, Blogger surfwahine said...

Hey Reesie!
Love the Lost! I know, 10pm is too late for me ... I end up falling asleep ... I guess there are always the re-runs!


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