An Italian Adventure

I've never really thought about going to Italy, though after reading a bit about it...I definitely would be interested in visiting. I've heard good things about the wine! Ha! I'm not actually a good wine drinker...I like wine...I'm just not good at drinking it. That's not exactly true either-I'm good at drinking it...I just can't handle it! That being said...enough! I would like to visit Italy someday...take a train through the country side...stay in a villa in Tuscany...visit Rome...and definitely Vatican City. Any of my knowledge of properties in Italy is only because of movies I have seen. I've never been out of North America...but someday I would like to go to Europe, and visit the country that looks like a boot. The city I'm not particularly interested in, but the countryside looks absolutely breathtaking in films I've seen (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Under The Tuscan Sun. Did I mention recently I need a vacation? I had better start saving for my big worldly plans!

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