Is he everything you wanted in a man?

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And how! I can't believe it's taken me this long to recover from the show on Monday...but it's you should understand. OMG. OMG. It was awesome...I will warn you now, that I may sound like a 14 year old girl through most of this there, you can't say you weren't prepared.

I met Maggie, Katie, and Lisa at the Triangle Credit Union in the lovely Manch-vegas. I tried to get them to park illegally, but was caught by the attendant. He was actually very helpful and showed them another place to park, and then allowed me to park for nothing! So far, a very nice concert experience! I'm sure he was a little freaked out by the fact that I'm a woman in my early 30's hitting the JT concert...but I wasn't about to fight him! If it made him feel better - all the power to him!

We got inside after Pink started performing. From what we did see-she was amazing. Coincidentally, the first time we saw *Nsync together (Katie, Maggie and I), Pink opened. Weird. I don't think Pink stopped moving the entire time she was on stage. In fact, she turned acrobat and danced in long pink scarves for a bit. It was reminiscent of Rosie's "depression swing." If you don't know what that is-don't don't want to. But Miss Pink was phenomenal, even these several years later:)

THEN, we found the beer cart located very close to our seats. I love the Verizon! During the break, we played the "guess where Justin will appear from" game. It's a tradition...and besides, Patsy wasn't there for me to bring her to get autograph's and make out with Joey's dad. Long story...but look for Chris Hansen and Dateline to do an expose soon...complete with lemonade and cookies! When the dancer's came out from the back, and whichever VIP's made their way to the floor...the crowds started screaming. It was good times. Mostly because being experienced concert goers we knew that JT would never appear in such an obvious manner. Also, because it brought back many funny memories of us reacting in the same way every time we saw *Nsync. Then I don't know if it was the beer, or the altitude of our seats, but I started to get a little giddy. I crumbled-it was crazy. I lost all sense of maturity and just screeched when JT did arrive (from the center of the stage). Boyfriend just gets hotter and hotter. He's just perfect. PERFECT! And talented...I think it had just been so long since I'd seen him! I didn't realize how bad the "boy band withdrawals" can be. I'll admit, that in their absence I've tried to cope with hits of Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw...but they just didn't have the staying power that my boys do.

Ok, I can't really call it "staying power" because of all of them JT is really the only one that's doing anything that won't lead him to a reality show. Sorry, Joey...but it's true. I love watching you on Dancing with the Stars...but seriously...I'm only watching for you. It's not that great a show. In fact, I only watch you-I DVR it and watch you later because I can't take those freaking judges! Anyway, I'll stop addressing Joey now. I still wish him luck on his show...but I think he can do better. I just don't want him to end up as a game show host or doing commercials for Pita Chips. I'm too emotional about the subject to even keep going on it. This was supposed to be a happy post and now I may have ruined it....focus...focus!!

Digression over!! Justin!! almost lost me! So, the concert was not your usual boy band fare. Justin has given up that image like a cheap suit...and he can give up the suit any time he wants too! There was a woman in front of me who actually covered her daughter's eyes several times during the show. To her I say this: The tour is called FutureSex/LoveSounds. Did you not look at your ticket? Did you think it was an anagram or a weird game of Boggle? How would you not know there would be dancers dressed like strippers...or even simply dancers dressed like strippers dancing provocatively? REALLY?? You're shielding her eyes from that? Why are you here?? AND WHY ARE YOU SITTING ONE ROW CLOSER THAN ME AND SHADING HER EYES?? That's just a waste of money, and further, it's disrespectful! I'll give you that I didn't expect the choreography to mimic sex acts...seriously...but hey, I'm not going to take shelter. I'm also not going to bring my young kid to the show and then complain about it when I should have known what I was getting into. People just don't read anymore. Sad. It's "tearing up my heart." Ha.

The stage was set up like a cross, kind of, Prince symbol type thing in the middle of the floor. And sometimes these sheer drape screens would be lowered and images were projected on them. It was pretty cool, though I would argue that being behind a curtain when people are paying several dollars to see you, Mr. T, is kind of rude. But you're a handsome I'll forgive. Then, much to my disbelief, because I had no idea who it was, Timbaland came out to perform "Sexy Back" with the Justin. THEN TimbaLAND did an intermission type show so TimberLAKE could go rest his cute rump. The intermission was was like a giant sing along, with clips of horror movies. I didn't really see the correlation...but I just closed my eyes and went along for the ride.

The one part of the evening that disappointed me was after the "last" song when people started running for the exits. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? As the incomparable Stephanie Tanner might say: "How rude!" It's like getting up in the middle of the 8th inning to make a mad dash for the T during a Sox game. Don't do it!! It's the late inning magic you have to wait's a rule!! You only end up kicking yourself when you leave early and miss the end. And then you know what? It sucks to be you! The true fans stuck tight and waited with about 20 other people for JT to come back for his encore. He was amazing. Unfortunately, they brought up the house lights and I think he realized that most of the place had emptied. I know it was a school night and all-but again, who pays all that money to scoot out early? They are probably the same rich bastards that can afford to "rent" Justin for private events. Whatever.

It was a fun night! I was exhausted, and had to get up at 5:30 am for work...but it was totally worth it. Especially to get to see Maggie and Katie...all of us reunited in our natural habitat. Plans are already being made for his return this summer...and yes...he did a bang up job of bringing sexy back...he should be lauded for his decent and selfless act. :) Ok, so the vocabulary may not scream 14 year old girl...but the intent does!

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Secure Insurance Quotes

As the owner of a new car, I know how important it is to have insurance. Well, it's the law for one thing! Some people don't believe that, but truly, as a person who also was pulled over and couldn't produce proof of insurance (it's ok! I was able to prove later that I did!) on the's vital! And the fact of the matter is that some people that travel often do not know the laws from state to state. Some of the states that require proof of insurance are here in Maine, Connecticut, and Maryland. Heaven forbid something bad happen, don't you want to make sure you are protected? Buying a car isn't like hitting the 7-11 for a Big Gulp-it's a financial investment you are making for your own good! You can get insurance quotes very easily online from Secure Insurance Quotes, check it out!

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Programming note...

I will post at length about my date with the incomparable Justin Timberlake last evening...but I'm too rocked with exhaustion to type tonight. He was lovely. Wow, I'm really having an issue with context this evening. Oh's worth it. Until the morrow then, enjoy this little tidbit...go 'head be gone with ya.


All I want you to do...

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Ha...yes, you are welcome. He's awesome-I agree. In fact, for the past few months I've been bewildered and discombobulated because it just didn't look like I was going to get a chance to catch up with the man who had the decency and charity of heart to bring Sexy Back. He is truly a philanthropist. It's been a few years since JT and I shared the same air space...but thanks to Patsy being a kick ass, supportive sister to her bro...the wait is over. Mr. Timberlake will be reunited with me Monday evening, much to his surprise and delight.

For a few months now there have been opportunities to see Timberlake's concerts, but work has just been that busy! When Maggie called the other night I barely heard the message "extra you..." when I hung up the phone and dialed to ensure that my eighth time witnessing a live Justin was ensured. I interrupted Maggie, Katie, and Rich as they had dinner...but I'm sure they didn't mind. Mostly because, just as Justin will be seeing me for the first time in a long will M & K! It's been too long, and really...what better way to "JUSTIFY" (ha...yeah...I did it!) than to celebrate the insurmountable joy that is he who is responsible for FutureSex/Love Sounds? You can't think of one...can you?


Guess who's back??

It's meeeee, silly goose! Ha!

So, for the past months I've been engrossed in implementing a new software program in my store...oh...and also keeping up with the 'simple' day to day tasks that I need to be compliant on as well. Friday was FINALLY my "go live" for the new software-and today I feel like I got my life back!!! Amazing!!

I got up early to bring Diego for an oil change and tire rotation...he's sporting the Sox I felt he should have a little spring training of his own. He needed to work out a few things-he's been working out consistently over the past few months with all the he was a happy little boy. Then he brought me to the South Shore of Massachusetts where I got to visit Nana, before heading to Kim's parents house to meet up with her and Linda. Unfortunately, Kim was feeling under the Linda and I had to venture on without her. Ah well, it's just an excuse to get together again soon! Emma is TOO cute for words...I love her little cheeks. She's just insanely adorable!! And tall-that kid will be towering over her mother in no time!! Ha!

On my way home I decided to try and get some new spring clothes for my trip to Florida. It was not a successful venture...and I think I was just in a food coma after lunch anyway. I then "attempted" to go to Target in Medford...and after missing the turn and getting stuck in traffic for a half hour-my impatience got the best of me and I found myself just heading up 93 to 128 to make it HOME! A city girl, I am not. Lucky for me, Julie and Karen were cleaning out Pam's house (it's sold!!!) in Maine, so we met in Portsmouth for some shopping and such. It was a pretty nice little Saturday...maybe next time we'll hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond...I don't know...I don't know if we'll have enough time. (Yes, the last line was almost completely plaigerized from Old was a nice Saturday-but a tiring one...what do you want from me???)


Add fuel to the fire...or just to my blog...

Click on the it...then you can "fuel my blog" and be one of my bestest friends!

In ALL seriousness, I'm just looking to get some more visitors at the "WIAF." That's what I'm calling it these days...I'm special like that. Don't knock it...I'll fight'll end up on "the list," you'll will be uncomfortable and awkward. You'll call me the next day and beg forgiveness, and I'll probably just afford you the courtesy because, wept. I'm not a heartless things will be good again...just don't do it'll regret it...and I don't have enough Kleenex to get you through the vicious circle of regret you continue to feel. Suck it up, kid! Make like Sangya from Amerian a hula...get a perm...and smile through the insults and humility and you'll be safe for another week. Freaking Sangya. Now I'm worked up again-so before I hit rock for me and fuel my blog. Now, was that so hard??


If it makes you feel any better, I left my reading glasses at home."

That is quite possibly my favorite line from Home Alone. Why does that line matter? It doesn't, it's just seque for the story I want to tell about my Sunglasses. As those of you living in New England know, the last few weeks have been kind of nasty with all the snow. Then we get a day like today when the sun is shining and you want to drive with the windows down. So this morning I reach for my Sunglasses in my adorable little Sunglasses compartment in the car. They literally had dust on them because it's been so long since they've been worn! I put them on, and they felt of the little anti-slide plastic doohickeys that balance the Sunglasses on my nose had broken off! How does that happen when they've been tucked away in that compartment for weeks?? Unreal!

So with the Florida trip coming, and the sun shining more frequently (yay Spring!!)...I figure it's time to find a new pair of Sunglasses. I found this site and they not only have a huge selection of Sunglasses to choose from...they also have binoculars and flashlights too! The Sunglasses are available in so many styles it's unreal...they have polarized sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, sun glasses with interchangeable lenses, designer sunglasses, and even safety glasses or shooting glasses! You can even get them with your prescription lenses! They have top of the line brands Bolle, Body Specs, Bobster, Wiley X, ESS, Revision Eyewear & Serengeti sunglasses at the Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Optics Planet offers FREE UPS on all orders above $29.95, Knowledgeable Customer Service, & Secure Online Shopping.

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Feels like today...

How beautiful was it today?! I drove home with the roof open on Diego and the windows down...until I got to the Blue Star Memorial Highway...then it got a little chilly. I'm never a huge fan of this end of the daylight savings adventure...but today it was totally worth the agony of getting up to enjoy the extra hours of sunlight!

Per usual, not a lot is happening besides work right now. It's the end of my fiscal year and there is some tedious work to get done...but it's almost over. We're also transitioning to our new software program for textbooks next week. As thrilling as I'm sure that sounds-believe is!! No longer will I have to work with green bar paper and a DOS program! I feel like I work in 1984! So the new program is windows based and so much more user friendly. It's reminiscent of a program that was shown to us at Saint A's a few years ago when they started to think about progressing their computer capabilities.

Speaking of Saint A's I went back last week for a training session. It's very weird to realize that I have not worked there for just about 2 years! Things have changed quite a will just never be the same. It was nice to get to see some of the people that worked there. Truth be told I was happy to be very busy in training, and that it was Spring Break because not a lot of people were around. I just felt kind of awkward being there...again it's just never going to be the same. But things change, and life goes on...and I'm very content now so I'll stop my whining! Also on that day, I was happily reunited with my buddy Tank, and his wife Lisa, who generously treated me to another old buddy...a margarita from La Carreta! Both of those reunions were also about 2 years in the making!! I don't think a margarita ever tasted so's the best one in the world...I guarantee it! I don't care that the restaurant is in a strip mall in Manch,'s THE best! And if you doubt my declaration...give me a call...I'll meet you there and you can buy me one (and one for yourself to try because you won't get near mine!). It was so good to see Tank and was so nice to reminisce and catch up in person! Thanks again, guys!!

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Why not project?

Have you been to a recent meeting and been bored to tears because you are just getting a bunch of xeroxed pages handed to you and even more numbers just told to you? You may not remember-you were probably day dreaming or falling asleep! Even worse, have you ever ran a meeting when this is happening? It has to stop my friend...HAS to! It's important to engage your audience...and the best way to do that is with visual aids! With all the advancements in technology-you could be everyone's favorite presenter at the next meeting if you rent a digital projector from! Who wants to be the boring guy or gal? Be the favorite guy or gal!! People will remember you, and what you had to say if you give them a little visual stimuli. will deliver your projector rental anywhere in the US by FedEx. Whether you need an LCD projector for a business meeting, a trade show event, weddings, or a party, Projector123 makes digital projector rental easy with FedEx delivery and return. Digital projector rental are great for graduation parties, sporting events such as Red Sox/Yankees games, or any event where you need to project video or a presentation.

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That's what she said...

Have you ever received a fax...from yourself...from the future? Do you know what it would tell you to do? It would tell you that not only will someone poison the coffee at 8am...but that you should also buy a gray hooded sweatshirt from here so you can make your own Lazy Scranton (the electric city!) video while cooking bacon on your George Foreman Grill!

So you all know that I've become a fan of The Office in recent months...alright...admittedly...a pathological obsessive fan of The Office. Hey, at least I have the courage to admit it! I know there are more of you out there...I know that you love The Office just as much as I do...therefore you will be delighted beyond doubt that there is now a whole line of clothing and gift items to proclaim your love of The Office to the public...and to the world! my_tee by Claudia has some really funny stuff using anecdotes from The Office, as well as some creative use of office supplies. If you are a fan of The Office (and you SHOULD be!), or you know someone who is...I urge you to check out this site. The fate of Dwangela could depend on it!

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Turbo Tax Coupons at Coupon Chief

My taxes have been done for a few weeks now...thankfully. Last year I put them off until the very last minute, what with the move and all...W2's from New Hampshire and Maine were not a fun adventure. Not in the very least. I had to juggle all the info from my past employer to the new one...and go from a tax free state (Live Free or Die!!) to Maine...which is clearly not tax free. Through all the confusion...I just kept procrastinating. I hate money, I hate forms, and I especially hate forms that involve money. PS...when I moved to my new job I didn't fill out the W4 correctly...thus...I got little to no moulah back for all my troubles to begin with! least I didn't have to pay anything...for that I'm grateful! So, that's the thing...why do you want to pay anything at all? The only thing I will pay for is Turbo Tax. I did my taxes a few weeks ago and it took me less than a half an hour. I'm sure if you own a business, or lots of property...or you have lots of money to just throw around...then having someone else do your taxes might be the way to go. But for my money, I'll spend it on Turbo Tax. It's simple and easy to use...and for me...there is the magic. If you go to Coupon Chief , you can get online coupons for Turbo Tax...and hundreds of other companies, products, and services. Check out this link to Turbo Tax coupons at Coupon Chief and you can get a coupon to E-file for free and get your refund in less than 10 days!! So you're saving your valuable time AND the money on the postage stamp! Why wait?

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Tagged again!!

This one is pretty fun though-so I'll roll with it:) I will admit that I saw it on The BenSpark this morning and was outraged and disgusted that I was not tagged...but then I came to my senses and realized that the Bloggin' Super Duo of Drewbie and Sparky would ne'er let me down. All I had to do was pull it together and see that Sparky tagged me...and life was good again.

Here's what you're supposed to do: Go over to, click on the decade you turned 18, find the actual year you turned 18, and copy the top songs for that year...pasting them. The ones I liked are bolded, the ones I hated are in italics, the ones I was neutral about are not formatted, and the ones I didn't know at all have question marks (???) next to them.

1.What Is Love - Haddaway (Baby don't hurt me...yeah...this song blew until Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan brought it to life on SNL...therefore it get's a half and half rating!!)

2.Come Baby Come - K7 (I hate it even more right now because it's stuck in my head...miserable!)

3.Hero - Mariah Carey (Of course I loved it...and a friend and I re-worded it with a nice plot involving a chicken. I'm not kidding)

4.In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember) - Boyz II Men (The original is always better...I always thought they were kind of stealing from the Dirty Dancing Craze).

5.Have I Told You Lately - Rod Stewart (Have I told you lately that I hate Rod Stewart?)

6.Can't Help Falling In Love - UB40

7.Dreamlover - Mariah Carey (I was a Mariah fan back in the day...I'll admit it!)

8.Supermodel (You Better Work) - RuPaul (This song always makes me laugh!)

9.Nuthin' But A "G" Thang - Dr. Dre (So does this)

10.Cryin' - Aerosmith (I grew up in a weird time...look at all the crap before Aerosmith...whaaat?) And where the hell are the New Kids???)

Now I am tagging...ummm...Nancy, Lauren, and Julie for this...I'll keep it in the I know they will have fun with ze myuuuuzick!! Peace!

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Break away...

I've had it with this weather, I can take it no longer. In a little over a month I will journey to the happy locale of Florida for an extended Easter Break. I will finally see my sister and brother-in-law's new house, and I will be assuredly sunburnt when I return. It's unavoidable...the escape as well as the sunburn! My flight is booked, and if I were a little more nuts than I am I'd have my bags packed...oh well.

I should probably call Liz and let her know of the'll just surprise her!

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