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My taxes have been done for a few weeks now...thankfully. Last year I put them off until the very last minute, what with the move and all...W2's from New Hampshire and Maine were not a fun adventure. Not in the very least. I had to juggle all the info from my past employer to the new one...and go from a tax free state (Live Free or Die!!) to Maine...which is clearly not tax free. Through all the confusion...I just kept procrastinating. I hate money, I hate forms, and I especially hate forms that involve money. PS...when I moved to my new job I didn't fill out the W4 correctly...thus...I got little to no moulah back for all my troubles to begin with! least I didn't have to pay anything...for that I'm grateful! So, that's the thing...why do you want to pay anything at all? The only thing I will pay for is Turbo Tax. I did my taxes a few weeks ago and it took me less than a half an hour. I'm sure if you own a business, or lots of property...or you have lots of money to just throw around...then having someone else do your taxes might be the way to go. But for my money, I'll spend it on Turbo Tax. It's simple and easy to use...and for me...there is the magic. If you go to Coupon Chief , you can get online coupons for Turbo Tax...and hundreds of other companies, products, and services. Check out this link to Turbo Tax coupons at Coupon Chief and you can get a coupon to E-file for free and get your refund in less than 10 days!! So you're saving your valuable time AND the money on the postage stamp! Why wait?

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