Digital Ballroom Dancing?

Mr. Joey Fatone, formerly of *NSync fame (you know...the one who had the voice but was far underused because JC was too much of a baby to let anyone else do lead backup for Justin), has signed on to participate in the new season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Ok, I'll go:) I've never seen this show before...apparently it's a phenomenon that I just never got sucked into. Well, not until now! As some of you may recall, when *NSync was pretty much all I ever thought about (ah, the good ol' days), Joey was indeed my "favorite." Maggie and Katie and I even traveled by bus-with some weirdo falling asleep on me-to New York City one lovely Saturday, to see him headline the Broadway Musical "RENT." Katie has pictures with him-I recall her speaking to him in depth that evening as he left the theater. I was way too in the moment to speak...again, the good ol' days. Moving on...I've never watched this show...but don't think I'm not going to be there until he gets the boot...which he won' I guess I'm watching the whole damn season. Excellent. On the plus side, the rest of contestants include some more fun people it will be fun to catch up with, including: Ian Ziering (aka "Steve" from 90210), Vincent Pastore ("Big P" from The Soprano's and Celebrity Fit Club), Apolo Anton Ohno (OH YES! He has some Olympic Gold Medals for Speed Skating...but can he dance?), Heather Mills McCartney (?) (All I know is when married to Sir Paul she was FORCED to drive a PT you hear what I am saying...A PT CRUISER! How cruel.) , and Achy Breaky himself...Mr. Billy Ray Cyrus. Wow, if they didn't have cheese like, every day, would you still want to see them dance? Sorry...I'm in total *NSync mode now and I can't be stopped.

The dancin' shoes will be kicked up in a two hour special on Monday, March 19th. Smart not to go up against American Idol...but they shouldn't worry...they've got JOEY!!

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