Did you forget to send a Valentine?

Don't get in trouble, just send it a little late. There are plenty of excuses...the dog ate it...the cat ate fell in the accidently dropped it in the peanut butter and spam sandwich you were making. Of course, you could go to and have the ability to schedule when you want your card sent-so you don't get busted next time. It's pretty simple...and they have all sorts of funny cards...and for those who prefer...some are even a little risque! Oh no you di'int!

There are so many cards available, for all different occasions...birthdays, holidays. even has some animated cards-for those who like to purvey a little action, rather than a boring piece of paper that doesn't flash or move or talk at all. Save time and money rather than purchasing traditional paper cards. Get a free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards, a yearly subscription is only $13.99. And you won't have to worry about stamps-don't they always seem to go up in price? You have to send a card, and you have stamps-but it gets sent back to you because the prices went up and you didn't have the correct postage. And who has the time during the work week to go buy the 2 cent you get lazy and just add another stamp for way over the intended amount. It's a vicious circle. This way you can send free funny eCards, without the hassle of stamps and paper cuts.

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