Soap Operas...the New Frontier

I'm hoping tomorrow is a snow day-all signs are pointing to that being a solid possibility. I used to love snow days as a kid, and now I appreciate them even more when I'm working! Snow days are generally the same as sick days...except you don't feel miserable and have to take out stock in Kleenex and chicken soup.

When I was younger, snow days started and ended the same...wake up early in anticipation of sleeping for your school's name on the news...see it...celebrate it...never go back to bed...hit the snow pants in the closet and frolic outside for a little while. Then the cold sets in, and you have to go back inside because your nose is bright red and in desperate need of the aforementioned Kleenex! We always came in, kicked off our moon boots and watched soaps with mom all afternoon. Guiding Light was always the family soap-not a lot of people watched it then...but my family was it's bread and butter. Moms, daughters, cousins, and aunts...we were obsessed! If we went out shopping-we had to be back by 3 pm to watch the show. All the intrigue of Beth being blind, and would she pick Lou-Jack (remember!!!???) or Philip?? I remember how mad we'd get at 3:52 because when they cut for commercial break we knew that was the end of the show! And this was the late 80's -early 90's...waaay before the implementation of "scenes" from the next show! It was heartbreaking on a Friday not to know what would happen on your favorite
Soap Operas!!

Now with, we don't have to worry about missing any of the soap opera goodness! We can catch up on story lines, check out spoilers, and not have to worry about missing a minute of the drama! I'm loving this new's a lot easier to manoeuvre than the actual official sites. If you are a fan of the joy that are Soap Operas, you should definitely check this site out! Right now they are looking for feedback on how to make the site better. It's a pretty new site, only 5-6 months old, but they are interested in how to meet your soap opera needs already, that's pretty decent.

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