What once was lost, has now been found...

Several of you have had to hear me rant and rave and accuse and complain about my missing Red Sox beloved Red Sox sweatshirt!! I found it, quite embarrassingly...actually put away in my closet. To know me is to know I NEVER put things away. I couldn't find it though-how could I be so careless with something that had made me so happy?? It was making me ridiculously crazy-it's amazing how attached one can get to a silly article...but I get attached to a lot of silly things! I bought the sweatshirt years ago as a "treat" for myself. I know it was back in the day when I was purchasing things on the internet while in a drunken state, but I'm positive this purchase was completely sober. A lot of good memories happened when I wore "my precious," like the one above. First, I have to completely admit that I swiped the picture from The Benspark. It was taken in June of '04 at a Fisher Cats game, back when they were playing at Gill Stadium in Manchvegas. Perhaps it was rude of me...seeing as the Fisher Cats are a franchise of The Toronto Blue Jays...and considering my brother works for said Blue Jays...probably makes it even worse. But in my own defense, I'm a die hard Sox fan...and no one was going to stop me. So, I have literally been searching everywhere...making phone calls to places I've stayed...digging through closets in the house...the laundry room. It's been missing for 6 months. 6 grueling, chilly months. Well, not really chilly...but I live in Maine so it's chilly no matter when. The last time I remember having it was the weekend of the Dave Matthews concert that will live in infamy. That made me even more upset. I couldn't let my last memory of my sweatshirt be that concert. I wouldn't! But peace has been restored to normal, I have my gray hooded Red Sox sweatshirt back. As a side note, I have several pictures of myself in the sweatshirt-but I don't consider myself in any way, shape, or form photogenic. So I literally searched The Benspark archives to find this one. I knew it was there-and it showed me happy with my friend Allison, surrounded by the glee of baseball, safe and secure in my sweatshirt. I apologize for the haircut though, it was beyond my control. I had a bad stylist...I'm in a better place now...and even if she slips and accidentally gives me a mullet...I'll just pull up my hood to hide the shame and discontent. See how good my sweatshirt is to me?

I love my sweatshirt (dip dip dip)...sweatshirt (shamalamadingdong).


At 7:49 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Glad my site could be a source for great pictures for you. Feel free to grab pictures at any time.

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have been crying!! I love my sweatshirts too. Sweatshirts are like friends. Yay for finding it! - Julie


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