Snow-Day Recap

It's tough having responsibility. Back in the day a "snow day" consisted of laying around like a slug until you were brave enough to go out and play in the cold. At the very least, you'd hear the "school's canceled" announcement and get to sleep a little more! Not this chick. I went to bed around idea why. It's just who I am. I set my alarm for 5:30 am to check the announcements...but was ever so kindly awoken by my neighbor's across the street who like to start their car at roughly 4:15-4:30 am every day. Every day. So I dozed for a bit, and then one of my bookstore compatriots called me to tell me the college was closed. I rejoiced for a few moments...then got "to work." I had to make phone calls to change the voicemail, let the home office know we were closed, let my regional manager know we were closed. Then I got involved in a conversation...and before I knew it - it was 7 am and Matt Lauer wanted to tell me about some things. He's funny like that. So I finally went back to be woken up for the last time by Peggy who just wanted to fight me all day. I ended up puttering around my room-I'm moving into another room on the back of the house this weekend because I can't take the aforementioned "neighbors" morning wake up call. Jerks. The rest of the day just SPED by...crazy! I wanted to watch Hollywoodland-but apparently I'm more grown up than I care to admit because I just did practical things! What is going on??? I realized that I was getting a little punchy when I was preparing dinner for the family (a lovely pork roast prepared with Chinese 5 spice, as well as mashed potatoes and veggies...I'm a cuisine marvel). So I decided while the roast was roasting-I should be napping. I took a 45 minute power nap-which didn't help at all because I was even more punchy when I got up. Wah. After cleaning up-I retired to my boudoir to empty out some of my stored DVR shows, cry though American Idol (I was totally overtired), and be sleepy and confused through Lost (though not sleepy and confused enough to see the Wizard of Oz allusions!!).

I feel like my snow day was kind of wasted-but all in all-I needed the break from my commute and such. I won't be upset about it...I'll just keep on keepin' on.

PS- The bums from their self imposed trailer park kingdom across the street let me sleep until 4:15 this morning. So kind.


At 5:18 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

What a nice neighbor. Being awakened at 4:15 am on a cold winter's day is a personal favorite of mine!!


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