Get PAID to Blog...seriously!

I know all of you have noticed my frequent blog posts as of late. I'm sure you've all noticed my little disclosure at the end of some of them telling you that I'm getting paid to blog about certain topics. My friend Drew, of The BenSpark fame, has been participating in PayPerPost for quite some time now. At first I was skeptical-I figured it was some scam like those mass emails and pop-up advertisements that promise gift cards and prizes when you participate in a "short survey" (that ends up being 40 minutes long, and you have to buy something). But then Drew started posting about the things he was buying with his PayPerPost earnings. Interesting. He's actually getting what they promised? That's weird. Then I saw him a few weeks ago and he was all excited about PayPerPost, eager to answer any questions I had and make any clarification I needed. I swear, he should work for PPP full time!! I had joined, and was waiting to be approved. Coincidentally, I was approved that week. Since I started earlier this month, I've earned around $ lie. I believe I could earn more, but I have to get my page ranking up a bit for some of the blog opportunities to be available to me. So, I've been posting for roughly 5 bones a pop...but there are available opportunities that are way bigger than $1000!! And you can pick the things you want to blog about from literally hundreds of opportunities. There are listings of people that have made thousands of dollars getting paid to blog, so why shouldn't YOU be one of them? Whether you get 10 hits a day, or 10,000...someone is reading your words. Turn those words into cash!

There are other review websites out there that put a 100% markup on what you are making...literally taking half of your hard earned money.
PayPerPost only takes a 35% service fee, that means more money in your pocket and more high paid blogging opportunities. Think of Lucy from The Peanuts Cartoons, and how much she loved the sound of "nickels, nickels, nickels!" When you get paid to blog, think of how much you will love the sound of your fingers hitting the keyboard!! Every word just equals more money for you. Why not? Use it for bills, or your make-up habit, or put it towards vacation money. It's your money-do with it what you will! I just think, if you are going to be spending the time blogging...why not get paid for it?

If you do decide to join
PayPerPost, use me as a reference and I'll earn some change. Once you get on, and like it, pass the word on to your friends with blogs and keep the circle going! Oh, and FYI...that little blurb at the end of my blog posts...that's called a disclosure, and it's required of all bloggers using payperpost. To get your own disclosure statement, go to

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.


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