Bring it on! Review my blog posts and get PAID!!

Do you understand that YOU can actually get paid to read this blog?? I'm not kidding! The site that I've been doing these little write ups for has started a blog review program that will pay you to read what I write. You can make money, even if you aren't interested in writing sponsored posts! I've only been working with PayPerPost for mere weeks, and I'm already making money. As I've had so much fun in the last year and a half, sharing and writing for old friends, as well as new's only right to share the wealth! All you have to do is sign up for the program, review one of my posts on your blogs, and start making money. Why haven't you started?

Literally, it takes minutes of effort a day. You will also have the opportunity for more people to see your blog. You put so much into what you have to say-so why should it be limited to a small group of people? It's not called the world wide web for nothing! And like I said, you don't even have to do sponsored posts. Simply add the badge (like I have below) to the bottom of each of your posts, and if people are interested in reviewing your post they will get cash. Oh, and by the way-when they get get $7.50!

Think about all the different topics you blog about-there are hundreds of people out there interested in the same things you are. If you have the chance to make money for what you write-I think it's silly not to take it. Let me tell you this, I've only been posting for about three weeks time. In said three weeks, I've made about 80 dollars. Again, it's all about the effort. I could be making more, I could be making less...point is...I'm making money that I wasn't before. Getting cash for doing something you already do for free by writing on your blogs? You do the math. Click on the link below and review my post...tell them I sent you...and start typing your way to the bank!

this is a sponsored post. i get paid to write about certain products by payperpost. please read my disclosure policy.

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At 9:15 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Mo, did you send a note to Support at (@) Payperpost . com and tell them that you were one of my referrals because you are not showing up as one of my referrals and you have had an accepted or approved post and I should have gotten $5.00 for that. Could you send them a note. Thanks. I want's to get paid. "Nickles, Nickles, Nickles!"


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