Long time gone...

I took this of the "big guy" last summer...get ready for a bazillion more!

Yeah, remember how I was all "I'm going to be able to blog more" when I get to FL?


I'm very excited today because tomorrow I will be going to one of my favorite places to see some of my favorite people!! Tomorrow is Sea World day and I will be in the presence of the effervescent Bennett family!! I've charged the camera battery and downloaded excess now I can add to my collection of Sea World photos with bonus shots of Eva swimming with the dolphins and training Shamu. Alright...she might be a little young for that...but perhaps she can do a little jig with the penguins. What? She's not walking yet? That's cool...we'll hold her up!! :) I'm also happy because the wise people of Anheuser-Busch not only give out free samples of their fine product at the World O' Sea...but the ticket I bought to get in is good for the rest of the year too. I can mosey up to O-Town whenever I feel like it. I like living here:) It's very convenient to my whims!

Today is also "leap day." What's the significance? Well folks, today only comes around once every four years...and to celebrate the fine people at the Q put EVERYTHING on 4 easy pay schedules! Not that I can afford anything right now...but when you can break it up over four months-come on. I indulged in some un-necessary Bare Minerals and philosophy product. I'm an addictive personality. I can't be stopped. Sadly, I brought people down with me...but we'll all the poor house!

Now I must go to bed...there will be pictures by the end of the weekend. This I promise you.

Happy Friday!

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