Northern Invasion...

I took this last year at Cocoa Beach...a practically empty beach-just the way I love it!

It's about to happen...just a few more days and I will be greeting my family in my new home. Can you believe I've been a Florida resident for close to 7 months? I can't! So yes, the vacation begins this weekend and I'm really in need of it. Mostly I need my "Peggy fix." I haven't seen her since February, and a lot has happened. I just miss that kid!

The best part of the vacation, besides being reunited with the that I'm actually going to relax. Crazy...I know! Usually our vacations are crowded and hectic. We've all made a pledge that we're going to take it easy. The place we are staying in the first week even has it's own pool and hot tub. Add some beer to the equation and there will be zero need to leave! We'll be preparing our own meals, and just enjoying some peace and quiet. What? You've been around my family and know there is no such thing as "P & Q?" Yeah, but that's what makes us special! The only missing link will be Brother Bob as he's off in Michigan working. Boo.

I've also made a pledge...wait for it...I'm going to keep a photo journal. I's just crazy enough to work. But it means I'll have to actually work for it. It's OK...I found a bunch of my rechargeable camera batteries on I've stocked up! In no way will it be professional-just for fun:) I'm not that great a photographer...but I'm excited to get to the beach for some shots!! No worries...there will be no pictures of people I don't know...unless they're sporting permed mullets and speedos. And it truth that will just be to warn you all that combined or separate...big no no.

So it's been's a brief "fun-down" of some goings on...because I know you all are anticipating my BS with bated breath!

-Last weekend I traveled to Boynton Beach, FL to see Allison and Eva, and Allison's parents Marcia and Dan! It was my first road trip since moving down here and it was a blast! We laughed and gossiped and went swimming in the pool. Eva is a marvel and has the sweetest personality! I'm already looking forward to a reunion in September...and Drew will be there this time too!

Sex in the cityphoto from
-I did see "Sex and The City" and in truth, not all that impressed. I legitimately watch SATC every night on TBS. I acknowledge, that might have been my issue. I've been watching the PG versions. But after I saw the movie I brought out the DVD's and yeah...still not completely digging the movie version. I did my best to avoid teasers and such...but too much of the plot line was already revealed. The ending was predictable. The overall voice of the film was not that of the television show. It just didn't make a lot of sense to me. I'll try it again when it comes out on DVD...but for now...I'll stick with my nightly marathons of the real thing.

-I bought a Wii. I know! I'm 33 and playing video games...but I like them so bite me! I have to hook it up to the Internet so I can play my other friends (who I assure you are adults and over the age of 16!!) online. I've purchased two games so far, Wii Play and Boogie. Boogie is hilarious. Aliens, karaoke and can one go wrong? I love baseball...though I might have to graduate to one that allows you to pitch a little less perfectly. I think it's more to get used to the "wii-mote" but this girl takes her ball seriously. Ok...this girl takes her "virtual video game ball" seriously.

-My new favorite beer is Yuengling. Many friends told me of this lovely lager over the years, but as it's only dispensed in PA and here in FL...well...I didn't have access to it before. Now I do...and it makes me happy to be a Floridian! If you're ever in the way of trying it...I highly recommend you do. It might make you want to vacation here more, and if that's the case...remember I have the extra room:)

There's more I could bore you with...but I won't. Work has been busy...I make mad apologies again for not keeping up with the blog! I'm a jerk. Again!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Nancy and Stephen!!

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