I'm going to Game 7!!!

It is a beautiful, GLORIOUS day in Florida!! The sun is shining...I have all the windows open and no AC on...oh...yeah...and I'M GOING TO GAME 7 TONIGHT!!!!!!

On Friday, we were closing my store and the cashier called me.

Her: Hey, want to see a Red Sox World Series ring?
Me: YES!! (click)

So I go/run/skip up to the front and there's a couple there. The long and the short of it is, he's an Alum of Saint Leo who works for the Red Sox and he's in town for the game. He's sporting his 2007 World Series bling (see photo above!). He takes it off, and says..."do you want to try it on?"


Then he tells me to to get a camera and allows me to have a photoshoot with it. I'm instantly a 14 year old girl at this point...giddy and ridiculous and it was ok. You would think Nomar had left Mia, made a full recovery, and was coming back to the Red Sox...that's how ridiculous I was. Or that they were remaking "Rudolph" and Kevin Youkilis was going to take on the rold of "Yukon Cornelius."

So, of COURSE I don't have my freaking camera on I got a disposable one for good pictures and used my cell phone for the one "up top."

Then as he's leaving he says "do you want to go to the game tomorrow?"


Now this was Friday...and stupid me goes "I've got plans...but how about game 7?" But then I'm thinking NOT stupid me because if I want to go to any game it's going to be game 7...right? So his girlfriend/wife/lady friend says "what if there isn't one?" I turned all Red Sox psycho at this point (which isn't a very far jump from reality for me) and said "OH there WILL BE A GAME 7!" It's how true Red Sox Nationals roll! So he took my number and promised to call today. Which he did...and I'm going to the game!!!

Check out my twitter feed for updates throughout the game!

One last thing...say it loud...say it proud!! LET'S GO RED SOX!!!!!

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At 6:36 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

A beautiful story if ever I've heard one. And I too have had a championship ring on my finger. That too was beautiful.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous BenSpark said...

That is great news and what luck. Wowo, it is great to know people even randomly meeting people. The connections, wow.


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