Rock you like a Hurricane...

Update: It's 7:26 am and my county (Pasco) is in the clear. It's not even raining. The storm is tracked to head east, then come back on land in Jacksonville (way North FL) on Friday. At least that's what Al Roker is telling me...from Beijing...with his horn rimmed glasses. Meh. So all is swell for me...I'm headed to work now. Thank you for your happy thoughts!! They worked!!

Yeah, so remember I moved to Florida to avoid the snowstorms? Mmm-hmm...dummy traded in shoveling for water and canned goods hoarding! As some of you may have heard "Tropical Storm Fay" may be turning into a Category 1 Hurricane. Oh, and plowing right through my neck of the woods. AWWWWEEESOOOOME. Oh, and though I'm not in a flood zone that doesn't mean that I won't get to see some of those fancy tornadoes! Just call me Dorothy! Seriously, I'll be the jerk on The Today Show tomorrow, sitting on my roof and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Look for it on youtube;)

It's all good though, I've taken the proper precautions. I have batteries for my clock radio, a phone that's not cordless, a full tank of gas in case of evacuation, a flashlight, and some cans of tuna. I've taken all my deck furniture in so the wind doesn't allow them to come in on their own! I'm like a hurricane rock star! The latest reports are saying that the storm will remain a Tropical Storm, and I'd pretty much appreciate that seeing as classes start at school a week from tomorrow. I've got books to sell!! When I moved down here I kept Diego...and people looked at me and said "4 wheel Drive?? In the flattest state in America?' You so crazy!!" And I'll just be laughing myself all the way up North when everyone else's car is stuck in the mud.
I won't laugh...maybe.

I did make the mistake of going to the grocery store this afternoon post work...that place was a madhouse. I don't even know why I went because I got everything yesterday. Whatever. I'm home now...the hatches are battened down, as they say. I'm going to watch Days of Our Lives, even though it's been truly aggravating as of late. I'm addicted though-I can't stop.

Peace all, and if you or other loved ones are dealing with "the Fay," I hope you are safe, secure, happy and hydrated!!

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At 6:51 AM, Anonymous BenSpark said...

Stay safe and not airborne.


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