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Cheesy line...I agree...but the only lead in I thought was appropriate for the occasion. As you must know by know Estelle Getty, known for playing the cantankerous Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls passed earlier this week. On Friday, Lifetime will be honoring her memory with a "marathon" of Sophia episodes. I put "marathon" in quotation marks because it's in the middle of a work day and it only runs for 5 hours. starts at noon...check your local listings. Also, you can vote for your favorite Sophia episode here. That will be chosen as the "viewer favorite" and will be the final one to air.

: When is old lady Claxton's funeral? I want to pay my respects
Dorothy: Pay your respects? I thought you hated her
Sophia: I did. But when a person dies you go to their funeral to show the man upstairs you have respect for human life, no matter how wretched it was. Any idiot knows that.
Rose: I knew that.
Sophia: See?

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