Even I'm not this bad...

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Ok...I heart the Gilmore Girls...but not enough to risk my life (or anyone else's) for them. Some lady was pulled over in Maine ( was NOT me...I've been a "Floridian" for quite some time now!) because she was trying to stay awake by watching episodes of GG on her laptop. The GG's wouldn't even do that. Rory would have books on cd...Lorelai would be blasting The Bangles or something...but watching TV while driving...just wouldn't happen in Gilmore Land...Kirk might have done it. But he's not a it doesn't count.

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At 8:52 AM, Blogger Meghan said...

Andrew has tried many times to get me to bring Gilmore Girls on long car trips and watch them when I am not driving, so I stop bugging him and he can listen to the radio. But the thought of watching them while being a PASSENGER kind of freaks me out, never mind watching them while driving! What is wrong with these people?


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