A "Sweet" Housewarming Treat!

After a pretty miserable morning at the dentist (and a wallet draining one at that!), I came home to find the UPS man left me a little love note on the door. He missed me! Mostly because I wasn't there...and he wanted to give me a present. Wow, this just took a weird and unnecessary turn! So I went to the office to pick up my package and the lady asked me if I'd ordered anything from m&m's? I was all..."no." She then asked if it was my birthday. I was all "no." I don't get the interrogation...just give me my stuff!! So, she comes out with this ginourmous box with colorful m&m's all over it...oooh...pretty. (I'm so easily amused!) Then she wants me to open it in front of her...she's a little pushy...but I oblige because I want to rub in the fact that I got a present...nah nah nah boo boo! (I've matured SO much this year!) I unwrap this adorable Red Sox emblazoned m&m dispenser/coin bank! And along with it...3 packages of Red Sox m&m's!! Way too cute to consume...and luckily...anyone who tries to has to pay the toll! Sure, there are directions for just getting the superfan candy free...but the only ones who will enjoy the Red Sox m&m goodness sans a penny would be those who provided them in the first place!! So I'd like to give a warm and sincere THANK YOU to Drew, Allison, and my little buddy, Eva for this very thoughtful gift! I'm very blessed to count you as friends!! I can't wait to see you all next month!!

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At 7:47 PM, Anonymous BenSpark said...

Glad we could brighten your day. I signed up with M&Ms for updates a while ago and one day they sent this thing with candy with the baseball teams on it. Now we are not the biggest superfans or anything but I immediately thought of you and this was actually the second attempt to purchase this. And in this case it did get purchased so that is wonderful. Glad it could be there for you today.


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