A lovely little Saturday...


I went to bed late last night (thank you new obsession Facebook!!)...or early this morning...after several to many bottles of icy cold Yuengling I thought I would sleep the morning away. At least I thought I would sleep past the hour of 7 am. Wrongo!! I hate "natural body clock." I was up at 5:30 am. Yup, first morning I can "sleep in" for the last 3 weeks...and I frig it up!!

So, this morning I was off and running. Don't be scared...I meant that metaphorically! Though I did take a lovely stroll around Saint Fake Lake around my apartment complex...and didn't see one gator. Lucky girl!!

I got home and cleaned up, then called Honda to see about my "battry." Oh, did I never mention that yesterday when I got out of work Diego's battery was dead? Yeah, and they couldn't even jump it-the little jerk had to be completely replaced. Meh. The wait for AAA wasn't bad though, it was only about 20 minutes. Of course the sun that had been hiding all day decided to come out while I waited...but I had a good book (Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen it!!) and the window shade to protect me. I called my Dad after the rescue was complete and he mentioned something about my "extended warranty" and something or other...but it all implied that I knew the contractual jargon involved with said "extended warranty" and really? Come on. Then the conversation shifted to the fact that Bobby's season with the Lugnuts came to an end when they lost! But was miraculously more joyous because Bobby was going to join the big team for the weekend in Toronto!! Hooray!! Here's the best part...they are playing Tampa all weekend...and because the Blue Jays kicked their arses last night...the mighty Red Sox are now within 2.5 games of Tampa! I'm praying for a sweep! back to this morning...I called Honda and indeed they will honor the blah, blah contract blah, blah...but I have to bring in the dead battery. Oops. AAA took it. So after some research with AAA, I find the guy that rescued me and they are holding the battery for me to pick up on Monday so that I can bring it to Honda and they can make things right again:) Wee!

So then I played on facebook a little's like computer crack! Listened to some tunes via iTunes (who doesn't love a little "Man in the Mirror" in the am?) and started cleaning my seriously neglected apartment. Should I have told you to sit down for that? Sorry! I've actually kept the place really tidy...but the last few weeks I've literally come home and crashed after work. In my next life...I'll have a butler/manservant. So now it's 12:06pm and I realize that I've not had the television on AT ALL today. AT ALL. I'm stunned and disillusioned. It's going on soon though...must see if I can spot Bobby in the dugout!!

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