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Yes, the day we've waited the entire "Summertime" has finally arrived!! The New Kids on the Block CD, "The Block," has finally been released to the public!! More's finally been released to MEE!!!

I got up early this morning to beat the rush at Target for the CD. Ok...I couldn't sleep so I was up at 4 am. Generally, being up that early I'd be upset and distraught...but not today!!! In fact, when Mr. Neighboroonie started his concert at 5 am...I was fine and dandy with it!!! Especially considering the fact that I knew I would return the favor in roughly 12-13 hours. And MY concert would star the New Kids on the Block!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

So, FF to 7:30...I depart my home for Target. It's at least a 7 minute drive with the I wanted to make sure I left in plenty of time to rush the doors with fervor!! The flyer from the weekend said "while supplies last" so I have to get my hands on the CD without opposition. But it was SO was just me and some elderly folks waiting. And color me shocked when they stated they were there for some sale on socks and Metamucil...and NOT the music release of the year!!

So the doors open and I make my way to the music section...there it is kids...and I'm the first one to relish in it's magnificence!! I grab the red hued CD and then realize...there are 2 selections I can choose from!! The blue colored CD doubles as a DVD and has 4 bonus tracks. Pssshht! Like there will be question as to which I choose!!! And simmer down...I only bought one copy. I'm with it!

I rush out to my car and open the package. Now, how long since CD's were invented and yet I'm still breaking nails trying to open it and finding that sticky case closer sticker torn to pieces sticking to my shoe later in the day??

I put in the CD and the first few notes cause a giddy smile on my face. As an added bonus...the first track has a STRONG bass beat...PERFECT for the concert I plan to treat my neighbor with later in the day! I proceed to drive to work, slowly...traffic laws should be upheld...and I want to get in as much listening as I can before I have to go to work dammit!!

I get to the song "2 in the Morning" (track 5 of "The Block") and I almost have to pull over because I'm laughing so hard. Tears are streaming down my face and I'm thinking...did I just hear what I think I heard?? The storyline of the song is basically one of my boys is singing to his girlfriend or wife or me and basically she/me has come home and is upset but won't share they proceed to argue without talking for a long time. Then I hear something...something hilarious. I rewind it a bit to listen harder...because it just can't be...nope...yup...I heard the line right..."Gotta know if you're mad at me before Gray's Anatomy."

Frigging comedy genius!!

The boys are back. Without question...without fail. I love that they make me all swoony and laughy in conjunction!! They made me get through a long ridiculous day and I will be forever grateful!! My trip home to see them in concert will be monumental. 23 days just seems too long...I'll just have to risk my life playing "The Block" while driving and such! Oh!! The people on the plane are gonna LOVE me!!!

I'm off for more High School reminiscing...The New 90210 premieres in 3 minutes!!


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