Bob on TV!!

Today the Blue Jays triumphed over the Tampa Rays...not that the Red Sox won this evening to take advantage of the situation...but whatever. Meh.

The Blue Jays had a shut out game...until the top of the 9th inning. So help me, God. Suddenly it was going to the bottom of the ninth, tied 3-3. In the top of the 13th inning...oh, I'm serious...that's a big 13...the Rays score making it a one run game and making me sad. Somehow, when the Blue Jays took their turn at bat...the bases were suddenly loaded. Ok...there's some hope here. Then there's two outs and people are packing up. My friend called to make dinner plans and I was telling her "yeah, I just sat through this game and I didn't see Bobby once..." Wait!!!! I'm suddenly jumping up and down in my living room, hoopin' and hollerin'! Gregg Zaun just blasted one over the Bud Light wall for a Grand Freaking Slam!!!! And as soon as he hits the dugout...he's giving the ol' high five to some very happy people...including Brother Bob!!! I video taped it with my camera...what the heck did I do before DVR?!?!

So this first video is of the home run and Bob in the dugout...the second is a "snippet" if you's a replay of the Grand Slam with more "Bobby" in the dugout. He's playing with a cooler of some sort...I can only assume he was put in charge of getting the Labatt's ready for the evening.

FYI...I taped these from my television (that's why it looks crappy!) but I couldn't have done it without the fine broadcasting network of FSN and those wonderful folks at MLB. Please note, neither are responsible for the "craptitude" of the videos below. Please don't sue me.

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At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Mary & John Tarpey said...

That's our Boy! - (Holy) Mary (mother of Bob) and John

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Good for him! He really makes me proud.


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