New meaning to the phrase "Hold the pickle!!"

Watch this clip from Maury Povich...absolutely OUTSTANDING!! HAHA!!

The Return...the question...

It has not been officially confirmed that Pedro has physically returned to Fenway, but he is "scheduled to appear" on the premesis this very day. He is further "scheduled" to pitch against his former team, our beloved Boston Red Sox, Wednesday evening. Granted, Red Sox fans are used to him making a dramatically late entrance...especially when it came to Spring Training. But there is an air of excitement about the series between the Sox and the Mets, a nostalgic excitement.

This is something I've been waiting for.

However, I don't know if I'm more excited to see the legend return to Fenway Park, or to see how the fans react to his return. It's a quandry. Do we cheer for him? He left us. He left us for a bigger paycheck. Abandoned us after being a part of the infamous 2004 World Champion Team. But isn't that exactly what we were begging for in October of 2003? Red Sox fans all over the world still ask the question of the millenia..."why did Grady allow him to stay in?" Regardless of the time that has passed, the team that has changed, the World Championship year that followed the thing that remains is Red Sox fans don't forget easily. Just ask Grady Little. How many times did we have to hear the disshevelling chant "Who's Your Daddy?" in 2004 when Pedro admitted to the press that he couldn't fight or win against the Yankees. Can you really boo the guy when we all prayed that he'd return to the Dominican to sit under his fabled mango tree?

My most vivid memory of Game 7 in the '04 ALCS is sitting in my friend's apartment after several nights of ritualistic superstitious beer drinking, pizza eating, and seat occupation. Everyone sat in the seat they had the game before...when the Sox started winning. The guys would make predictions as to how the game events would play by balancing a golf ball on a tee in a globe filled with water. We believed wholeheartedly that what we were doing directly effected the play of the Boston Red Sox. The game was moving at a steady pace, Joe Buck's arrogant and obnoxious commentary had just been relieved by a commercial break, the Sox were in the lead and life was a little crazy. My friend turns to those of us designated to the couch, from his assigned seat in his chair and says: "Is anyone else wondering how they are going to f**k this up?" His mouth had barely closed on the last word when the commercial break was over and the cameras showed a smiley Pedro Martinez taking the field to pitch in the game. This, quite possibly, was one of the legendary moments that the Nation of Red Sox managed a collective lump in their throats. started making a commercial for the episode that very second. My breathing is staggered at the memory alone.

My phone rings...caller ID shows "Mom & Dad." I pick up the phone as another commercial has made it's way to the screen so Petey can take some warm up throws, and moreover so Sox fans can go throw up.

"Hello?" I answer, verging on tears.
"Mom, you need to calm down." My eyes welling up. Not just because of the return of perpetual disappointment that every Red Sox fan felt at times like this, but because Mary (who yes, will be more than peeved that I directly quoted her...though I did substitue a few "hells" in place of actual "f-bombs) had just made me laugh so hard it was the only thing that could dislodge the chokehold some unknown being had on my heart at that very moment.

Pedro came in, and was almost as quickly shelved. Insert "sigh of relief" here. There were no more phone calls from Mary that night. The Red Sox won, and history was made. Tears that flowed were tears of joy and clarity. Not only had the Sox come back from 3 losses, they swept their way past the Yankees to get to the World Series...and they won that too.

Now, there are parades in Boston, and at Disney World and everyone is still focusing on Curt Schilling's bloody sock and his Gladiator-esque performance in the games. The talk focuses on his coming to the team, and Pedro is knocked down more than a few pegs. Light dawns on alleged contract highlights for Schilling, including a bonus if the Red Sox won the World Series...which (and I'll never tire of reminding you)...they did!! Pedro is pretty much shaded by the mango tree again, in the form of Schilling's bloody sock. So when the joy dies down just a little and it's time to talk about next year...Pedro is a free agent and is being shopped around. The Red Sox didn't make the offer he wanted to hear, or felt he deserved to he moved south to New York. And while he didn't join the Yankees, he still went for the team that killed us all in '86. And as most players that leave the Red Sox do, he's doing pretty well for his new team. Granted, Nomar hit a homer off him on 6/6/06...and as Brad Paisley sang..."I live for little moments like that."

So now he's back in Beantown, and the question is we cheer his return...or welcome him like we did Johnny Damon? I love this game, and I love being a fan of this game. I more than anything love being a Red Sox fan for this game. I'm consistently surprised by fan reaction. Everyone has their story, their heartbreak, their tale of joy. One of the best Fenway crowd welcome back's was this year for Doug Mirabelli...beautiful. Everyone has their opinion on Clemens, and Jimy Williams, and (I can't even type the guy's name with the Mets in town and '86 on everyone's mind!)...I'll just call him Blank Blankner. Tonight could go either way for Pedro. One thing is for sure, this will be a very interesting series.

I can't wait!!


The perfect crappy weekend...

I know you are sensing a "theme" with the trucks and such. Somehow my car must be jealous of my recent reviews of Disney's 'Cars,' as the battery seems to have died. I say "seems to" because the mechanic can't even look at it until tomorrow...and I'm seriously just praying that the car I finish paying off next fricking month only requires a new battery. So after working all day Saturday, I pulled out onto the main road only to have my car just stop. Great. I called AAA, who in turn sent a tow truck to fetch us. The driver was at least nice, and had rousing stories of towing some jackasses from campus during winter snow bans. A very entertaining ride. He was also nice enough to bring me to the nearest Dunkie's so I could await my parents retrevial. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to find out the diagnosis for "RamonDos." Pray for me...I don't need this right now!

Now not only did I have to work, and then this happens, but I had to work again today. Joy of Joys. At least it was a shorter day, and I had my dad's reliable vehicle to go back and forth in. I did however find out that I have to work next Monday when I thought we would be closed. Whatever. As I told my cousin in an a week and a half I'll be sitting poolside with a huge effin drink...and no one can stop me. I'll also be enjoying the Red Sox kick some Tampa arse...again with a huge effin drink...and if you are sensing a theme all means, it is intentional.

I'm off to enjoy an ice cold, refreshing, huge effin beer while watching the ultimate Bridezilla...I'll have a few if I feel like it...



Pit Stop!

I know, I know...I've gotten a zillion emails claiming my "blog sucks." It's been a really long week at work, and between getting caught up from my business trip, and preparing for Orientation this weekend and my vacation coming SOON (Thank you, Jesus!) I've been distracted. I need the cabbage though-so we'll just have to get along somehow. Last weekend I went to see Disney's new movie 'Cars.' I loved it. I've never seen a Nascar event in my life. I don't know the first thing about racing cars and such. The most I know about cars is they run on expensive, stinky liquid and when I'm broke they usually require some ridiculous amount of repair that will cost me stress and tears. Boo hoo. At any rate, I think this might just be one of my favorite of the Pixar/Disney collaborations to date. The story was relevant, and I wasn't bombarded with silly racing vocabulary words to confuse my already confused head. It was really creative, and though I would have rather listened to Luke Wilson's voice over Owen Wilson...the counter of Bonnie Hunt and Larry the Cable Guy got me through. Yeah, I saw it a second time yesterday with my cousin Julie who blessed me with a visit for our mutual day off. She liked it too-so at least I know I'm not crazy...just regressing to childhood a wee bit! I also had the opportunity to visit this week with some treasured friends, Denise and Keith, and their kids: Ethan and Julia. Considering Julia is 18 months old and I've never seen her "live and in person," needless to say it was a much overdue visit! We met at "the Bug" and had a fun dinner and conversation session of "gossip and catch up." It was especially sad to say goodbye to them as they are moving to Georgia very soon because Dr. Keith will be a college professor. A very exiting opportunity for their family, and I am sure to visit next year so I can see their new digs and hopefully attend a Braves game. Happy travels to you!!

Also new and exciting this week...Britney "I ain't manic depressive, I'm country" Spears has dyed her hair jet black a la Jessica Simpson's sister Ashlee "I ain't manic depressive, I just can't sing and should have stayed on 7th Heaven so people wouldn't always refer to me as Jessica's sister" Simpson. Ok aren't sad...we get it (*wink*)...

As mentioned before I have to work all weekend, I will do my best to keep you updated as much as I can, but please keep in mind that I'm preparing for "the wedding of the century" and my trip down south:) Oh, yeah...and my dress isn't done!! I have no fear that it won't be ready though, so you can all breathe (but say a little prayer for me anyway!)...

Happy Friday, everyone!!


You can't make this sh*t up!

Yesterday, as the Red Sox game commenced, something out of the ordinary happened. I heard a crash and the sound of glass breaking. Upon investigation, I discovered our cat, Simba, apparently couldn't take being cooped up inside anymore and decided to make a "break" for it. Literally. Jumped right through the glass window. Unbelievable...I know...but if I could trade picking shards of broken glass out of the grass to continue watching the Sox...I'm sure you know what I'd have picked. So, Simba got spooked or something and just went barrelling through the window head first. Peggy was the only physical witness...and judging from her reaction to Simba being missing...she was not a suspect. She went all over the neighborhood calling for him, but couldn't find him. Mom, Dad, and I continued the "clean up," and truly celebrated Father's Day in style:)

This was just a weird weird thing to happen. A few hours later, Simba returned home unharmed and apparently unscathed by the event.

Cats are just weird.


Before Rescue Me...

Denis Leary is pretty much my favorite person right now besides Dane Cook. So finally (thankfully) giving up on The Producers and Shopgirl, I returned them unwatched to Netflix and decided before the wedding to stroke my short attention span with a TV series on DVD. I had several choices before me...Arrested Development, 24, Project Greenlight, and Band of Brothers were all contenders. Originally the first season of Rescue Me was in my queue, but I couldn't take the risk with the first dvd listed as a "short wait." Therefore, I decided to go with another Denis Leary vehicle, The Job. So far I'm content with my choice, and loving the fact that they are 1/2 hour episodes...because of that short attention span I mentioned earlier:)

Tonight was also the big night for the Britney Spears Dateline interview. I almost felt bad for her when she was crying...but then they showed pictures of her with Justin and all my anger came flooding back. I won't be too mean because the interview allowed me some bonus evening time with Matt Lauer which is always nice (even though the shoes without socks were hauntingly disturbing). Seriously though, this is a woman who is trying to make the world believe that she is a good mom and content in her marriage. Meanwhile, she dressed completely inappropriately and had her cleavage in Lauer's face the whole night. She looks depressed. Her makeup was awful and she couldn't even really complete her sentences. Lauer said that people have called her a "redneck." Truthfully, he was speaking for the posterchild for stereotypical rednecks. She was slouched over, her hair was all ratty in the back, and her nails were gross. I thought for a second they were interviewing Anna Nicole Smith. She chewed gum throughout the whole, Brit...still a "class act" after all these years! Britney's no longer "best kabbalah buds 4-eva" with Madonna...and when she talked about Kevin she seemed, even though she spoke "bumpkinish," very rehearsed. Too bad "My Name is Earl" and the Kharma Kraze wasn't on when she was dating Justin...maybe the world would be a much different place for Britney right now.

Po Po Zow.


i WANT these

flip flops with a built in BOTTLE OPENER!! a must have for any beach going flip flop fanatic/booze-a-holic!!

Where's the beef??

While driving recently, I was thinking on a few things. I know...huge shocker. First, that as of last month I have been out of college (as a student) for 9 years. Weird. Then, while listening to The Today Show on the radio, a story on babysitting came on. Do you know that these kids get paid upwards of 15 bucks an hour these days?? No taxes either!! The LAST time I babysat "professionally," I had in my care a 2 year old, newborn twins, and yet another newborn. I was paid 2 dollars an hour. No lie. I had instilled a rule that babysitting will only be done by me now if I'm related to the kid, or if it's the child of a good friend. I'm rethinking my position at this time. With gas prices and such...hey, why not??

But I digress...I'm not deleting the trivia game completely...though I am not changing the topic as often. I'm pretty sure people have lost interest, which is fine, we're all very busy. But I'm just posting this as a reminder that it is there for your enjoyment if you get a free moment and you want to have some joy in your life. No pressure whatsoever...I want you all to feel comfortable and enjoy your stay at "the blog." Because I've been in a sentimental, regressive mood...the topic this week is "I love the 80's." Feast your trivia desires on topics like The Golden Girls, Rainbow Brite, and the elusive Rubix Cube!

And while you're at it...have a lovely day:)


Hey Diddle Diddle...

Yeah...I don't remember the part about "the cat chasing a bear up a tree..."

This is Jack the cat...he's 15 lbs and to keep up with the cat peer pressure in his neighborhood, Jack keeps fit by chasing BEARS up into trees. Silly, Jack.

I love this picture...look how teeny he is! Go Jack!!

"Everything is going to change."

Hear ye, hear ye...all fans of Lost...

The release date for the 2nd season of DVD's to be released has been pushed up from October 3rd to September 2nd! I'm still recovering from Peggy's reaction when I told her it would be October that she would get to see it again...thanks, Lost!!


she blogs...she blogs...

Yes, I have finally returned. I may have fooled you as I secretly replaced the real 'Reesie' with my doppleganger "DoppelMo" as of the last day of the management conference I attended last week. Yes, it was actually "DoppelMo" who chose to wear white and sit essentially in the third row of a televised "pep talk." The white of the shirt of course was picked up in close to every stupid shot on the big screens until "DoppelMo" realized that she needed to camouflage herself in a grey hoodie. "DoppelMo" went on to have a lovely conversation with the CEO of the company I work for, and are you really surprised to hear she did it with a noodle on her chest? At least I'll know he'll always remember such a fine little chat! "DoppelMo" was also in charge of blogging since her return, but has failed my public miserably. I sailed in on Noah's Ark this afternoon to save the day for all of my adoring fans!

The trip was awesome...and can you even believe that Florida is suffering from a drought when we are suffering from flooding rains...still?? I did get the chance to meet Goofy and Pluto, and was privy to a fancy show of a real life DRUMLINE!! Ha! I was able to sneak out in the sunlight a few times...which is completely evidenced by the return of my freckles. I didn't go on any rides, though I thought I went on a flume...but apparently I just walked through a sprinkler system after drinking mass amounts of alcohol. Very professional:) I met a lot of great new people...and ditched them for my old buddies. I learned many important new things which I hope can help me through the upcoming year, and prepare me for my eventual proper place in life as Trump's Best Apprentice!!

Speaking of which...I can't believe that I got beat out on "The App-REESE-tice" by a 3 year old and a woman who watches the show in her sleep!! It was fun while it lasted and be prepared for a re-run next year when "The Donald Trump Show" hits LA. I loved the finale...but mostly Lys who works for Denis Leary...she's the epitome of a tough broad and I only wish she'd actually bitch slapped Lee like you know she wanted to!!

And speaking of Leary...Rescue Me is back on and better than ever. This is my favorite FX show, and may actually rival Nip/Tuck in my television obsessed mind. Yeah, it does. I highly recommend watching this's not that hard to catch up...but the DVD's are available of the first two you really have no excuses, chump.

Peggy yelled at me tonight for not eating the Reesterbunny...I can't do must remain on display. To eat it would be a sacriledge...and I think a form of cannibalism.

I was watching Dateline NBC tonight and I've decided that Stone Phillips wears a wig...seriously, it's like a snap on lego-wig...all plastic and what not. Creepy. The fact that he's reporting on sexual predators and speaking in monotone doesn't help his creepy factor. Where's Montel? Stone needs a make-over!!

Is anyone else dreading the day when Meredith Vierra joins the Today Show?

Is everyone pumped for 20 years from now when the WWE has a cage match between Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise?? My money's on Shiloh, because as crazy as Tom Cruise is I think you all have to admit that Angelina has a wee bit more "psycho" in her!! Blame it on the genes! Plus Suri will probably try and "reason" the fight out...her dad does know the history of psychiatry. I just hope Matt Lauer's kids never have to go up against her...

Has anyone out there been able to actually sit through "The Producers?" I'm finding it very shouldn't be this hard...but it is. I feel as though it's a challenge to conquer...but I'm finding myself weak...I don't think I'll succeed.

For personal reasons, I'm inciting a ban on Bloomingdale's. They know what they did. We're in a fight. I can't even talk about it. I'm tearing up as I type.

Big shout out to Allie as this weekend she takes on "The Lion King" in her dance recital!! I can't wait!

Now that The Soprano's is over, and I won't lie, the end fell short of expectations and made me feel a little like "Pauly" ("How many times must I be betrayed??")...I've fallen into a renewed interest in Sex and the City...and not even my DVD's that were finally returned safely to me...but the ghetto edited versions on the tv...I like it!!

In fact, I'm off to watch some now and then hit the hizzzay...big day of commuting and working tomorrow!! Yawn.

Night night, babies...have happy dreams of noodles, and sprinkler systems!!