The perfect crappy weekend...

I know you are sensing a "theme" with the trucks and such. Somehow my car must be jealous of my recent reviews of Disney's 'Cars,' as the battery seems to have died. I say "seems to" because the mechanic can't even look at it until tomorrow...and I'm seriously just praying that the car I finish paying off next fricking month only requires a new battery. So after working all day Saturday, I pulled out onto the main road only to have my car just stop. Great. I called AAA, who in turn sent a tow truck to fetch us. The driver was at least nice, and had rousing stories of towing some jackasses from campus during winter snow bans. A very entertaining ride. He was also nice enough to bring me to the nearest Dunkie's so I could await my parents retrevial. So, I have to wait until tomorrow to find out the diagnosis for "RamonDos." Pray for me...I don't need this right now!

Now not only did I have to work, and then this happens, but I had to work again today. Joy of Joys. At least it was a shorter day, and I had my dad's reliable vehicle to go back and forth in. I did however find out that I have to work next Monday when I thought we would be closed. Whatever. As I told my cousin in an a week and a half I'll be sitting poolside with a huge effin drink...and no one can stop me. I'll also be enjoying the Red Sox kick some Tampa arse...again with a huge effin drink...and if you are sensing a theme all means, it is intentional.

I'm off to enjoy an ice cold, refreshing, huge effin beer while watching the ultimate Bridezilla...I'll have a few if I feel like it...



At 7:54 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Oh Reesie, I hope everythng is ok with RamonDos. The last thing you need to take on right now is the responsibility of RamonTres!
I'm sure everything will be OK. I don't mind identifying myself as the one to whom you wrote about your dreaming of a huge effin' beer poolside in Florida. And I'll make the same pledge to you here publicly that I made in my email reply to you....You will NEVER have to drink alone during this trip to Florida!

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Drew said...

The car will be fine, that is what kind of vibes I'm sending your way. Fineness of the car variety. We are coming up your way in August and we must put together a meet up plan. Since you and my wife seem to e-mail often enough I figure that the task of scheduling this momentus meeting be up to the two of you. It will be really nice to see you.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

I find there are very few situations that a huge effin drink doesn't hit the spot.


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