Before Rescue Me...

Denis Leary is pretty much my favorite person right now besides Dane Cook. So finally (thankfully) giving up on The Producers and Shopgirl, I returned them unwatched to Netflix and decided before the wedding to stroke my short attention span with a TV series on DVD. I had several choices before me...Arrested Development, 24, Project Greenlight, and Band of Brothers were all contenders. Originally the first season of Rescue Me was in my queue, but I couldn't take the risk with the first dvd listed as a "short wait." Therefore, I decided to go with another Denis Leary vehicle, The Job. So far I'm content with my choice, and loving the fact that they are 1/2 hour episodes...because of that short attention span I mentioned earlier:)

Tonight was also the big night for the Britney Spears Dateline interview. I almost felt bad for her when she was crying...but then they showed pictures of her with Justin and all my anger came flooding back. I won't be too mean because the interview allowed me some bonus evening time with Matt Lauer which is always nice (even though the shoes without socks were hauntingly disturbing). Seriously though, this is a woman who is trying to make the world believe that she is a good mom and content in her marriage. Meanwhile, she dressed completely inappropriately and had her cleavage in Lauer's face the whole night. She looks depressed. Her makeup was awful and she couldn't even really complete her sentences. Lauer said that people have called her a "redneck." Truthfully, he was speaking for the posterchild for stereotypical rednecks. She was slouched over, her hair was all ratty in the back, and her nails were gross. I thought for a second they were interviewing Anna Nicole Smith. She chewed gum throughout the whole, Brit...still a "class act" after all these years! Britney's no longer "best kabbalah buds 4-eva" with Madonna...and when she talked about Kevin she seemed, even though she spoke "bumpkinish," very rehearsed. Too bad "My Name is Earl" and the Kharma Kraze wasn't on when she was dating Justin...maybe the world would be a much different place for Britney right now.

Po Po Zow.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger LizFwiz said...

She and Ana Nicole do come from the same background, so it is understandible how you can mistake the two. Once Whisky Tango, always whisky tango. Just because you give white trash money, doesn't mean they go to ettiquette school, however being the two examples mentioned up top, and lets not forget Courtney Love, perhaps all Whisky Tango that get rich should be required to take a class or two.

At 6:15 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Brit was a total mess. I didn't even know the thing was on, and when I turned on the boob tube at around 9:30, I at first didn't even know who the hell she was.
The gum snapping was gross. The chewed-to-the-cuticle fingernails with the Wet n' Wild plum purple polish were sickening. The clevage...well, what can I say. As a large breasted woman myself I can understand the frustration of having to stay away from certain styles of shirts. But Brit did not seem to care one bit that her monster melons were about to come loose at any moment. I hope Lauer had some protective eye gear .
Did you see the shoes? jesus, talk about whisky tango. The makeup looked like she had applied it drunk and then slept all night in it. Did she even have pants on? I could not tell. she was in this tiny, very low chair, and she was totally slumped forward. She was tits, tits, and all tits.
I felt bad for her, too, Reesie, because I think this is a clinically depressed woman.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

Tom Cruise would argue with Nancy and say she isn't depressed, she just needs vitamins. I saw that interview and felled compelled to watch the entire thing. Feel sorry for her? You gotta be kidding me. I loved her plea to the parparazzi to leave her alone. Stop making a spectacle of yourself and ther will be nothing to photograph. You would think that one of her "Peeps" would have told her to ditch the gum before the interview. I love all her excuses for almost killing poor Sean Preston. Gotta love Brit!


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