Leavin' on a jet plane...

That's right everyone, it's time for the blog sabbatical I warned you about. I know you won't be able to sleep at night without my musings and tomfoolery...but you'll have to suck it up and get by somehow. I'm staying at the Disney Dolphin, which I've kindly pictured above so you won't worry about me. I'll be back around midnight on Saturday, and will return with pictures and the joy that you have become accustomed to.

Before I go, just a few words...

Is it a baby or a puppy?
Brad and Angelina finally had the baby and named it Shiloh. Come on. Like this kid won't have enough grief growing up.

Bow your heads...
in silence as Paul Gleason has passed away from cancer. The man is most notably known for his role in the Breakfast Club as Principal "Crackin' Skulls" Vernon, but near and dear to my heart was his role as Clarence Beeks in Trading Places. My favorite line: "No more God damn jerky beef!"

On another sad note, The Tony Danza Show has officially been sent to the grave. Our dreams of going on the show and doing the game "Six Degrees of Danza" have been shattered, our souls will never recover. We must keep the memory alive by spreading the word of Danza and allowing all in the world discover the joy he brings to one and all...and ukeleles.

The Donald Trump Show...
Tonight is the final standoff between Lee and Sean. Also many past apprenti hopefuls will return to help with the task...I hope Lee's team throws him under the bus and says they can't participate because of religious reasons...just to see how he'd handle it. In all fairness, I know it's not cool in the business world to tell someone they have to work during a religious holiday...but if it were a Catholic in the same boat...would they be allowed to go pray? I don't know...and the topic is way too serious for my own mind to deal with!

I ran into some former neighbors today, a family I used to babysit for. Yeah, the second oldest is with child and about to pop any day...I thought I felt old when they got their drivers licenses!! Ugh.

Yesterday I went to a parade in Somerville with my dad's family...most of them!! The weather was awesome, the kids were hilarious, and guess who the jackass was that forgot her camera!!?? It was an entirely lovely day, and I'm looking forward to the next time most of us will be together at Liz's wedding!

Alright, I'm off to finish packing and be settled for the "Donald Trump Show Finale." I wish you all a wonderful week of not having to be forced to read my incoherent nonsense and babble! Peace out..."Reese" out:) (I had to do it...I know since the AI finale you've missed Seacrest!! HA!)



I'm sure you've noticed the new fangled slide show at the header of the "we're in a fight..." enjoy! Also, just for some 'retro' sign changing fun...yeah, I can't believe I found the right you will find a new "magnetic alphabet board!" How could I resist?? It should keep you all good and content whilst I'm on sabbatical next week in O-Town:)

Peace!! And have a great weekend!!!!


McPhee-ver is doused by the Soul Patrol!!

Taylor Hicks is the New American Idol!! Many said it could not be done...but the silver haired boy from Alabama just stole the show and proved he could not be "out done."

Awkward moment #1:

The duet between Meatloaf and Kat...too bad they didn't do this tonight because he made her sound so much better than she actually is...granted he was sweatin' harder than Richard Simmons and Whitney Houston combined!!

Awkward moment #2: Clay Aiken's "coiffure."

"A picture is worth a thousand words!"

WHO did this to him????!!!

Awkward moment #3:
This whole set up was just...weird. They started by "awarding" the doof that said in early auditions he could be the next Clay Aiken. He is without question...NO Clay Aiken. Then the bastards let him sing-just so they could bring out the real deal to serenade us all with "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me." (So many jokes could be made here, but realize that I'm holding back because I'm terrified of a pregnant woman!) I felt bad for the goofball kid (fake Clay) because he started singing along like it was a duet! They finally shut his mike off and Ryan actually walked him off out of the view to cast the focus on Aiken. (again-I'm refraining here!! and it's killing KILLING me!!)

Awkward moment #4: With the news impending that Taylor WOULD be crowned King of the World tonight, he and Kat did a duet to "I've Had the Time of My Life" (yes guys, it's from Dirty's ok to admit you know and love it!!) while Kat magically turned into Paula and started waving her dress in the air like crazy. I was scared for Taylor, I thought perhaps she would wrap his head in the train when Ryan announced the winner and it would suffocate him. Look at his face in this picture...I think he was scared too!

Like the corners of my mind...

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years
Lauren issued a challenge/idea that I really thought most of you would enjoy. She said that it would be fun to do kind of a photo scavenger hunt around York Beach. I would post the photos, and then those who care to can comment on memories (or more likely swindlings) that occurred when once upon a time the place in the photo was traversed. Ha. I love this stuff:) So you'll all be happy to know that for the first "round" of pictures Mary (my mom) got all excited and drove me all over the "ville" and such so I could get good shots. She even came up with stuff I had completely I guess I can no longer complain about my constitutional rights when she's "listening at the bottom of the stairs."
The only thing that is a tad upsetting is the "progress" of York since we were children and innocently terrorized the place. For the most part, you will recognize things once you see them...but so many things have changed. I really wanted a good picture of "The Jaguar" ride at York's Wild Dump, but that has been "retired" for years. I think it had something to do with insurance issues and public safety or something...hmmm...well, we survived and are probably all the better for having experienced the joy that was "The Jaguar!"
Tonight, I start with probably the epitome of our York Beach memories, the former Kingdom of the Dot Hog's of Slen, conveniently attached to the York Beach Cinema...the first place I saw classic films like E.T., Back to the Future, and one of my all time favorites...Ghostbusters! So for those of you who would like...comment on:) This will probably be a "weekly" event, although this may have to get you through next week as I'll be gone on Disney!!

The window on the right was where the infamous "Slen's Dot Hog" cafe was...and the more infamous "menu board." As Mary put it tonight...we were "little bastards." Lovely:)


As some of you know it has been my quest in the past few months to actually have MY boy Bill Rancic propose to me...I mean...respond to my email regarding "the Donald Trump Show" on his blog. Much to my surprise, I was notified by Lauren and Nancy this morning that HE FINALLY DID!!!

The note below was in response to the Nintendo 360/Walmart task from the May 15th episode.


Neither team executed the final viewing area the way they had intended, whether it was conceptual or physical. While there was definitely an issue with Roxanne and Allie's behavior on Synergy, at least their project didn't look like a booth at a yard sale. Gold Rush's 'final product' was a disgrace. It may have seemed smart to outsource the labor, but a plan B should have been in effect the SECOND that phone call came in pushing the floor back 7 hours! I was embarrassed for them walking around that room, and I was more shocked they won then America was last week when Chris Daughtry was voted off American Idol!!

York, ME

Bill not only published my comments first, but did a little "editing" by eliminating the last sentence from his blog!! Rude!! It's all good though...I know Bill's a card carrying member of the "Soul Patrol!!" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Below is what was actually published:

Reader Response: No Respect for Tammy
Fri, May 19, 2006, 3:11 pm PDT

"Neither team executed the final viewing area the way they had intended, whether it was conceptual or physical. While there was definitely an issue with Roxanne and Allie's behavior on Synergy, at least their project didn't look like a booth at a yard sale. Gold Rush's 'final product' was a disgrace. It may have seemed smart to outsource the labor, but a plan B should have been in effect the SECOND that phone call came in pushing the floor back 7 hours!" -Reesie

To which my Bill responded...

I agree that Gold Rush should have had a plan B should have been in place, especially when working with contractors! I do think that Gold Rush had the better concept and displaying the Wal-Mart products secured their win.

He further added...

Further, I believe that I love you. Marry me and make my life complete...please! could I say no??

I'm a psycho!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Reesie's Response...
To Nancy who "demanded" to know why I hadn't posted regarding this highly important and critical issue I must say this: Usually my boy Bill posts his "reader response" blog on Wednesday morning...however Mr. Trump must be working him like a horse before his contract expires because he didn't post until Friday!! Between dress fittings for my sister's wedding, a road trip to Dorchester to visit the new Theodore Compound (affectionately known as the TC2), a small shopping spree, the season finale of Desperate Housewives, and Vito getting "whacked" on The Soprano's...there just wasn't any time to wait for Bill...who was, he must admit, late in posting. I apologize wholeheartedly, though...please forgive me and move on with your Trump lovin' lives :) Love ya!!


I may just make it after all!!

I have to say that I was disappointed in the final episode of Alias, but not so much that I didn't note that openings were left for possible movies and such. I can't talk about hurts too much. Waking up in a less than jovial mood, knowing that somehow I'll have to move on and go through life sans Alias...I needed to find something else to comfort my sorrows. Considering the commute I have to work, liquor was out. Darn it! I then traversed my friends blogs, a usual morning routine, to find that my request for The BenSpark's newest feature (the video of the week) was granted! Joy of ALL Joys!! Streaming now is "Bye Bye Bye" "by" *Nsync!! I could barely leave the computer to go to work!! It's awesome!! All of my precious memories *nvolving *Nsync suddenly came back to me!! Even the memory that "Lance" exists came shining through! Ha!! As Drewbie put it, my *Nsyncerator past is highlighted in the mere presence of the video. I fully admit that I waited on the phone for hours on end to get tickets, not for my 15 year old sister...but my 25 year old self!! MORE than once!! The trips *Nternationally (Canada) and to *New Jersey with fellow *Nsyncerators!! The marionettes, the MTV award show parties, "S" is not for Superman..."S" is for "shutup!", Joey's red pants to match his crayon red hair, going to NYC and having a man sleep ON me on the bus to see Joey FATone as the lead in RENT, *Nsyncerator meetings, marathon movie weekends featuring "our boys," "If I didn't have cheese, like, every day...would you still want to be with me?" Ian performing "God Must have Spent" on a subway in Toronto, the 'post concert' entertainment at Foxboro, "I wanna twirl and YVAN ET NIOJ," "have you seen us??"...and FOLLOW THE BOUNCING BALL!!! So many ridiculous but GOOD times have been spent at the behest of these guys...and best of all...I met 2 of my best friends because of them (and probably in spite of them!). So now that a chapter of my pop culture obsessed life has closed with the demise of Alias, I think it's time to resurrect the marionette collection and the cd's and dvd's, and bring back some of the finer, simpler, psychotic obsessions I can!! HA!!!! "Bye bye bye!!"


And so it goes...

I cannot believe that tonight is the final episode ever of my beloved Alias!! I know many of you could give a rat's bum about this show...but that is your loss. I do not understand how a show like Alias could expire, when shows like 7th Heaven are apparently surviving yet another year! When all is said and done though, Alias definitely made it's mark on many. I watched the first few shows in it's first season, but then somehow lacked the time to see it. On New Year's Day 2002, there was a marathon of episodes on the Family Channel that suckered me in...and I've been addicted ever since. I think it only took one episode to get Katie hooked...and poetically enough she will graduate tonight from law school while the cast of Alias take on their final missions. Two very poignant moments in her life, I know, one tears up just thinking of it! I will miss many things: the costume changes, the Rimbaldi artifact nonsense, the constant text messaging of the word "wow" to and from Katie...and the subsequent bills for text messaging in result of the constant text messaging of the word "wow" to and from Katie! Please note this was before I invested in the much

Seriously, it was a great show. I'm have mixed emotions about seeing the series finale because while all my questions will finally be answered...there will be no more questions to answer. I can only compare it to the Red Sox finally taking the World Series Championship. It needed to happen, I wanted it to happen, but when it finally did there was that feeling like I still wanted more...more championships...more mystery. It's just a weird feeling.

Well,'s been memorable. I look forward to watching in syndication and DVD's...and perhaps a TV movie or two! HA!

This is a picture of the original cast of Alias, which I find hilarious for Jennifer Garner's lipstick alone! This was also long before Bradley Cooper was considered "hot." Aww...I miss them already!!


Taylor Hicks Pacman

What you may not realize was there was a time a few years ago that I suffered from a severe addiction to a little game you may recall...Ms. Pacman. What began as a simple means to get through a boring night of rounds and the "dutes," became a more than a pasttime for me. Many a 3 am would roll around, where I would be sitting in the dark being chased by ghosts and eating super pellets. All I wanted was to achieve the coveted "purple cheeseburger level." Granted it did not exist, but I wanted to get there!!

I had a link a few posts back with the new rival to Ms. Pacman...Taylor Hicks Pacman. It's great...Taylor Hicks (aka the hopefully soon to be 5th American Idol!) has to chomp on the signature power pellets, as well as Ryan Seacrest's head...serving as the super power pellets. Several former contestants are the ghosts...known in Ms. Pacman lore as Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde...are Chris, Kat, Elliot, and Paris. It's quite addicting...I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend someone find me something else to play because this is just getting ridiculous. Please, I beg of you...take pity...


After the storm...

Just a few pictures of the beach at Short Sands after the flooding.

"Meet me at the gazebo..."

Above is the playground and you can see the Union Bluff hotel in the background.

Somehow a Christmas tree washed up on the beach?

This is behind the cottages and motel on Short Sands. Those are the crews pumping out water...and doing a little dumpster diving.

The picture below is for Allison, I just wanted her to be sure that the "horsies" survived and are ready for her to visit this summer!!


Who wants to go swimming??

For those of you who may have heard that York has been blanketed by water over the past few days in the rain storm, I thought I would let you all know that these are by no means "fibs." The picture above is taken from Short Sands Beach, where much of the village, including the infamous 'Goldenrod' are below about 2 feet of water. I have not heard any word on "The Blinkin' Cone" yet...but I will let you all know how she fared as soon as I can confirm word, good or bad. Field Ave has survived about 85%...the house took on very little water...nothing to write home about (and do not worry Fwiz...I moved all your paintings to higher ground...on top of some rubbermaid containers!). The yards on the bottom of the hill are basically standing water, which will be grand for all the mosquitos to come to life in the next few months! The brand new rock landscaping in our front yard, and around the block has washed away some...but it's better than the entire yard or street being washed away! These are some pictures of Cape Neddick (the bridge by the Lobster Pound which you can see in the first picture) after the storm. Once it's safer and I can get to more places, I'll go out and try and get some more. Speaking of which, I cannot take credit for these photos...they were on the website for the local NBC affiliate . There is a slideshow there if you are interested in seeing more photos of the damage this rain has produced.


An Ode to Mary...

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I thought I should pay tribute to my mom with some things she is famous for (albeit in my family), the things that make her unique ...but some of you may find some in common with your own...yeah probably not...

My mother is lauded as the eminent expert on all things having to do with Fels Naptha (yes that's how you spell it). It is not only a laundry soap, but I bet you didn't know that some people use it to extricate red food coloring off of an idiot child's skin because they were "making a haunted house" and "didn't have any fake blood."

My mother is also quite reknowned in the Western World for her amazing, almost supernatural listening skills. No matter what we did, no matter where we were, we always knew if we did wrong we'd eventually get busted because she was "listening at the bottom of the stairs."

"My precious." The gentleman pictured to the left is my brother, Bob. He is the light of my mother's life. Seriously. We have taken to calling her "Holy Mary, Mother of Bob." I'm sure she is reading this right now and trying to disagree and say that "all her children are equally loved, but "the girls" know the truth;) I am in no way joking when I say that he is the equivalent of the ring in Lord of the Rings when it comes to my mother...though he doesn't turn people evil and selfish. He is just the "sweetest, most loving, wonderful, happy, totally perfect and without fault" child my mother has:) Tests have been performed, surveys held, and it is a scientific fact that he poops ice cream. It is widely believed that the mother/son relationship of Bobby Boucher and Mama in The Waterboy was actually based on MY brother's undying love for his own "mama." Love you, Bob! (And not JUST because I'm forced to by mom!! Haaaaaaaaaaa!)

So Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! I love you, even if my name is not Bob:)


Vote for Fenway!!

There's only one day left! I just found out about this site...but if you go to the main page for Monopoly, you can vote to make Fenway Park in Boston the highest priced piece on the gameboard of the new version! Even greater to know is that Yankee Stadium is not even listed as a vote! Ha! Check it out as voting ends May 12th!!


"Vito, what the Fudge?!?!"

I'm sorry I've been blatantly non-blogging...I've read the hate mail and I apologize to all of my fans...all 1.5 of you:) This is hell week for me at the store, buyback ended today but Graduation is I figure with the commute I'm working roughly about 70 hours this week. That does not include the time I've put in for wedding shenanigans...but I'll catch you up:)

-I finally got my shoes for the wedding. I know the commercial says that I'm supposed to "love David's Bridal," but I think it's more of a severe dislike...with a passion. For the past 3 months I've been going to several of the stores looking for the shoes I wanted in my size. Oh, they said I could order them...but they were non-refundable. How kind. Basically they just wanted me to hand over 50 bones so I could "try on" a pair of shoes. No thanks. It's pitiful. I did my usual weekend trips to Danvers and South Portland and seeing as I'm running very short on time (the fitting I need the shoes for is this weekend), I decided to call around before I went out of my way "hoping" one of the alleged delivery trucks would finally make all my dreams come true and actually provide my size. I called Danvers, AND South Portland on Monday. Nuttin'. I called Nashua thinking I'd be let down once again, but they told me they had the sizes I wanted to try on. They even said they'd hold them for me to try on that evening. "Excuse me, is this REALLY David's Bridal??" Anyhoo, Mom and I took a little outing to the state of Live Free or Die, and thankfully were successful. Meanwhile though, here's a tip...if you are trying on shoes that have beadamabobs such as the ones on mine...CHECK before you try them on. One pair they were absolutely hanging by a thread. I let the sales clerk know that they were like this and I'm NOT paying for the damage. She seemed unphased...speaks a LOT for the merchandise. They didn't fit anyway and I took the other pair. I also got a 15% discount because the bride bought her gown through David's. Thanks, Fwiz!!

Here are some random thoughts to get you through until the next installment...I know people's schedules are all f-ed up so there aren't really any big spoilers...I think you're safe to read on. If you don't trust me, well then I'm hurt. However, I will put on a band-aid and you can ask me in the comments, or email (the same place you send the hate mail) topics you think I might be ruining and then I'll tell you...or will I?? Hey, YOU'RE the one who couldn't trust me. Rotten Miserable.

-I swear I was told that the Red Sox were rained out last night and only found them by accident in the 7th inning leading 11-3! WTF!!!??? I wish they had been rained out least some of them could have taken shelter under the bags under Mike Mussina's eyes! Katie's going tomorrow night...I'm hoping she brings some Boston Mojo to help cheer them on!!

-Gilmore Girls...WHAT THE F??!?! This was supposed to be the final swan song of creators/writers Team Palladino. They couldn't come to an agreement on actually attempting to keep the show afloat for more than another year with the producers or some they bailed. This was probably my least favorite episode EVER. EVER! I've already deleted it from the DVR. I never want to see it again...and not just because Rory's acting was pitiful as ever. I HATE Christopher...I hated the end of this show...I hated that Luke has been the stupidest guy alive since November...HATE HATE HATE!!!!!! And seriously, what if this WAS the series finale?? Really?? This is how you are going to leave it? Shame on you, Team Palladino! You didn't just give the finger to the people who wouldn't up your gave the faithful, devoted, fans the double finger with this episode!!

-Alias...oh...MY!! Tonight was awesome...I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left. It just keeps getting better. Lost too...I cannot elaborate. Peggy's reaction last week was hilarious, but even funnier was when the "Previously on Lost" scenes were showing and they showed Libby and Ana Lucia get shot again...she acted just as pissed and shocked as if she was seeing it for the first time. She's a riot.

-American Idol!! In the immortal words of Blossom's brother, Joey..."whoa!" I cannot even believe that Chris Daughtry went home! Can't-still fighting it! I thought it was going to be an all male final 3...and I don't know who was more surprised...Chris...or Simon!! I think it was the first time he was actually speechless! Paula cried...there's a shocker:)

-My new favorite blog is from USA's called Pop Candy. I have found a lot of great things on there...and there is always a weekly Lost discussion. This woman has my dream job...but check it out's fun:) It showed me "Taylor Hicks Pac-Man," and if that doesn't sell you...well...then I don't even know why you're here.

-Britney's pregnant again. Whatever. At least she was classy and told confirmed the news on David Letterman's show...he shares a birthday with some very cool people.

-Did I tell you I'm going to see the Red Sox live and in person this summer?? I have to travel to Florida to do it...but I'll be there for my sister's wedding in Rome:)

-The Donald Trump Show-I can't stop watching it...even when my boy Bill isn't on. I can't stand Lee...Sean just annoys me...I'm really hoping Roxanne takes the whole thing. OR that Trump finds a way to make Bill the winner again:) He's pretty:) Michael had to go though, mostly because he was just annoying as all hell. I'm kind of annoyed with the Roxanne/Allie friendship too...they kind of scare me. I'd hate to be Tammy and all canoodling with Sean if they saw...there would be "blood on the walls!!"

-I finally finished Wicked on CD in the car today...I'm so glad I refreshed my memory before taking on Son of a Witch.

I can't wait to dig into that!!

I have to go to bed now. More blogging soon...perhaps even before the end of the week. Go ahead...beg...

Happy Dreams:)



My friend Amanda sent me a link to this video from YouTube...and I truly feel that ALL would enjoy it! It's called the "Evolution of Dance" and is basically one of the funniest, and greatest things I've ever seen. When you see'll know why! Watch it in its entirety...I've seen it about 17 times...but I must take a break to watch the Red Sox now:)

You know you've made it when...

That's right everyone...YOU have the opportunity to see THE Ashlee Simpson (better known as "Jessica's sister" at the very posh, very exclusive, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. Just can see the alleged nosejob in person. Further, you MAY catch a glimpse of her creepy dad, could happen.

The bad news is, she's performing the day I leave for Florida...awww! The GREAT news is...she's performing the day I leave for Florida!! Get your tickets NOW because I'm sure they will sell out quicker than she could get off the stage on SNL...probably quicker than Nick Lachey cut an album after the "divorce of the century."

I couldn't help it...

First of all, I couldn't take starting the weekend with Tarek's face as the first and only thing you see on my blog for a bit:) I got this picture in a dreaded "forward" (the sender will remain nameless to protect the innocent) but i could not help sharing it with all my sistah fans of "The Donald Trump Show."

Happy Friday, everyone...and Happy Cinquo De Mayo!! I celebrated by enjoying the Red Sox beat the Orioles...and that was aided by some cold Bud Lights...some, not tolerance is not what it once was...and I've only myself to blame! I guess I'll have to work on it...practice makes I'm off to "pop a top."

Have a great weekend!!



I'm sure you all know by now that my fellow Alum of Saint Anselm College (SAC) is no longer in the running to be Donald Trump's next "Apprentice."'s ok to cry...unless you are Charmaine, or in a room with Trump because he doesn't like crying!!

This episode was very strange, I felt like Gold Rush decided to take a day off rather than do the task. Absolutely every one of the decisions Charmaine made were ridiculous. First and foremost, Tarek should have been PM. He hasn't been PM since the first task, and after Lee rode his coat tails last week on the Ellis Island task, this would have been a perfect opportunity for Tarek to lead the team to a victory for the second week in a row. Instead, Charmaine took the reins because "she's a girl and it's a hair salon...blah!" This was offensive and sexist. Meanwhile, Charmaine...look what "being a girl" did for you in this lost...BIG time! I have to say one of the best moments of the show was my boy Bill's entrance into the Hair Cuttery to find Charmaine getting her "wig did."

(look at Bill's face...he's laughing AT you chica!!)

Hey, why not take advantage of an empty store? I'm pretty sure Michael spent most of the day out back getting waxed. How great was his performance in the boardroom "Um...excuse me Mr. Trump, I think it should be noted that Charmaine did not cry once on this task." WHAT?? Thanks for that defense strategy buddy...go hug it out with Lee because you just made it easier for him to win. Jerk.

I voted for Lee in the "Pain of the Week" contest this week. I thought, yet again, he was obnoxious and rude. He's a cheater, and I hope he doesn't get a sniff at the job. He'd fail anyway because he relies heavily on other people while doing nothing on his own. He hides behind his religion to get out of tasks, yet how pious is he acting when he backstabs and manipulates his entire team.

I decided this week that I hate Sean. I hate his accent...I think he's a big phoney. I think Allie has some anger management issues. I think I fear her more than Brent feared the sharks. I think Roxanne will take the whole least at this point she should.

Check out the "Exit Interviews" on the yahoo site...hilarious. I didn't know about them before, but I think they might be my favorite new item:)


He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

No, I'm not talking about the fact that Judas Demon is returning to Boston this evening for his first time at Fenway since he cut his locks and shaved the bizzz-eard! I'm talking about Douglas Mirabelli!!!! That's right! It's been confirmed today that Shakey Wakey got HIS catcher back...and not a moment too soon!! For those of you who don't know...Mirabelli is to Wakefield as the security blankey is to Linus! Granted, I don't think Wake has the ability to form Dougie into a coat...but if he did that might be kind of cool to see. Sorry-insanity has taken ovah!! I think tonight's game should prove to be very entertaining....I seriously feel like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve!! 7:05....hurry!! Welcome back, Doug!!

Update: Final Score RED SOX 7, Yankees 3. Reesie's "Play of the Game" was Mirabelli being rushed in to Fenway from the State Trooper's SUV. Runner up was the camera shot of Tito blasting a Snot Rocket. Oh yea, and Ortiz's 3 run blast past Damon's glove was a beauty:)