I'm sure you all know by now that my fellow Alum of Saint Anselm College (SAC) is no longer in the running to be Donald Trump's next "Apprentice."'s ok to cry...unless you are Charmaine, or in a room with Trump because he doesn't like crying!!

This episode was very strange, I felt like Gold Rush decided to take a day off rather than do the task. Absolutely every one of the decisions Charmaine made were ridiculous. First and foremost, Tarek should have been PM. He hasn't been PM since the first task, and after Lee rode his coat tails last week on the Ellis Island task, this would have been a perfect opportunity for Tarek to lead the team to a victory for the second week in a row. Instead, Charmaine took the reins because "she's a girl and it's a hair salon...blah!" This was offensive and sexist. Meanwhile, Charmaine...look what "being a girl" did for you in this lost...BIG time! I have to say one of the best moments of the show was my boy Bill's entrance into the Hair Cuttery to find Charmaine getting her "wig did."

(look at Bill's face...he's laughing AT you chica!!)

Hey, why not take advantage of an empty store? I'm pretty sure Michael spent most of the day out back getting waxed. How great was his performance in the boardroom "Um...excuse me Mr. Trump, I think it should be noted that Charmaine did not cry once on this task." WHAT?? Thanks for that defense strategy buddy...go hug it out with Lee because you just made it easier for him to win. Jerk.

I voted for Lee in the "Pain of the Week" contest this week. I thought, yet again, he was obnoxious and rude. He's a cheater, and I hope he doesn't get a sniff at the job. He'd fail anyway because he relies heavily on other people while doing nothing on his own. He hides behind his religion to get out of tasks, yet how pious is he acting when he backstabs and manipulates his entire team.

I decided this week that I hate Sean. I hate his accent...I think he's a big phoney. I think Allie has some anger management issues. I think I fear her more than Brent feared the sharks. I think Roxanne will take the whole least at this point she should.

Check out the "Exit Interviews" on the yahoo site...hilarious. I didn't know about them before, but I think they might be my favorite new item:)


At 6:18 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Reesie, I was pretty disappointed to see Tarek go at this time. i think he was proving himself to be pretty competent. He was a little bit of a turd to Charmaine in this task, but still, I really believe that if he was fired on those grounds, Lee should have been right out the door with him. As I said to Bill in an email that he ignored, (please speak to your husband!), Lee is all smoke and mirrors.


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