Sorry, Juanita!!

I don't want you all to think I'm a big jerk:( (Though I'm sure many of you do regardless!!) I took "Juanita's Casita" off of my list of "Blog Joy" only while it is down for the count!! I have replaced it with my husband Bill's Blog concerning the Donald Trump Show that counts for something right??

Last night's episode was probably my favorite of the season. Firstly the project was so interesting, it actually made me want to run off to NYC...I've done that before at the behest of Danny DeVito though...but it still counts! I'm so sick of the whiskey tango product promotion (7-11, Spam, Grapenuts, TrumpWigs)...this episode was refreshing. I was also elated to see Andrea finally go. Her ridiculous facial expressions are worse than Paris' phoney tears on American Idol! I've been sick of her attitude since she started bawling because Brent came back from the board room way back when. She has a bad attitude and is ROTTEN with people. I'm glad Trump finally saw her for the "Baggodouche" she really is! Roxanne had a great argument to oust her, and it impressed me that she's finally getting some recognition from Trump as well. She dealt with Andrea very tactfully when Roxanne was PM. They won because she was the PM and in spite of Andrea's nonsense. I think she could and may take the whole thing now. And seriously, I'm ALL set with Mini-Trump coming back again...he totally skeeves me out!! At least Ivanka gets all into it like's obvious she knows what she's doing. Lil' Trump needs to work on his wig and get some styling tips from George if he's going to sit in his seat!

Juanita, seriously, forgive me!! Just let me know when you're back in business and you'll go right back up again!!


At 6:37 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Reesie, I could not agree with you more. Last night's episode was the best of the season. I will be devoting my blog entry to it this evening, of course.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Don't you worry your pretty little head! I don't expect you to keep a non-existent blog on your list. As soon as I exit the Witness Protection Program, (kidding!) I'll be back to blogging and hope to be worthy of the list.


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