For the love of 'Peeps'

When it comes to 'Peeps,' I would say I'm a traditionalist. I grew up with the yellow ones, and on rare occasion the pretty pink ones. The Easter Bunny would leave them in our baskets, out in the open so they could suck in all the air and become stale. 'Peeps' are probably the only food that is not only acceptable when stale, but better as well. Now if you go to the store there are a zillion different colors, and I've heard that some people even eat them without allowing the aging process to occur. Sick bastards. They are also available at other times of the year...but it just isn't the same.

At any rate, in my previous post I linked the official 'Peeps' website. Upon further investigation of the site I found a recipe tab...and someone linked a photo (which I won't show) of "Stir Fry Peeps." There was also another website listed that is dedicated to 'Peeps' in Cooking. I thought it was a joke, but there are photos that coincide with the recipes...and "Stir Fry" isn't the worst of them.

So here are some websites dedicated to 'Peeps.' Probably one of the most insane...and kind of scary (seriously, you think I have time on my hands because of this blog!) is 'Lord of the Peeps.' There are just no words....but enjoy them, and Happy Easter!

The Official Marshmallow Peeps Page

Cooking with Peeps

Lord of the Peeps

Peeps Show (Perv...I knew that would get your attention!)

Peeps Strike Back

Peep Research

There are dozens lie...but I think you get the gist:) Happy happy!


At 6:47 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I have to send that Lord of the Peeps website to my boyfriend. He loves that stooooopid movie!
How funny.

At 11:20 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

Peeps always had a cult like following but when I saw the episode of Iron Chef were Peeps were the secret ingredeint, thats when I realized the Peep epidemic was even bigger that I could have imagined

At 6:10 PM, Blogger surfwahine said...

I checked out the Peeps website .. oh yes, it's just a busy day here, procrastinating is what I do best!! Maybe I'll join their fan club!
Iron Chef, oh my, hopefully Rachael won't be using Peeps in her "healthly recipes"


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