A weird world...

I know you're thinking this will be about *NSync...but really...does EVERYTHING have to be about *NSync? Well, yes...but this isn't completely one of those times.

Back in the day, I think I was about 15...I was in Portsmouth in a store some of you youngins may not recall...Woolworths. I was with some of my cousins, and my Aunt Julie. We were walking around the store when this oaf started following a few of us. I'm sure some may have been too young to remember, in fact I only know for sure that Elizabeth and Maryanne and possibly Young Julie were present. At any rate, the oaf, who was clearly not in his right mind, begins to stalk us around the store. We think nothing of it because we're teenagers and so obviously invincible. Plus, how much harm can come to us in such a reknowned retail establishment such as Woolworths? I remember looking at New Kids posters (I'm not ashamed to say it!! I still pray for a reunion!!) and my cousin Maryanne looking up all pale and with this strange look on her face. The oaf had come up behind me and put his hand on my hair and started whispering " like blood!" Elizabeth started to tear through the store screaming for my Aunt. Maryanne and I took off and met up at the front of the store to see the manager physically removing the guy as he yelled "Youth is wasted on the young...and what do the young want to be?? NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!" As his statement was completely false (we didn't want to BE the New Kids, we just wanted to admire them!), and the occurrence was completely is now just "one of those stories to laugh at in our older and wiser years."

Let me now bring you to present day "weirdo activity." After work I made my way to the mall area in South Portland. I had to pick up some things for an event in my store next week, so I figured today would be a perfect opportunity to do some 'apres work' shopping. As I walked into I-Party, a store I can usually walk around for well over an hour and not even realize ten minutes has passed, I walked in with some guy who held the door for me and made eye contact with me. I politely said "thank you," and ventured into the store. Immediately taken by the Red Sox items, I spent some time in the aisle which housed them. The guy was also in the aisle, and I thought nothing of it since well, he was a's a party store...and it's Red Sox stuff. Not finding anything that I needed (notice I didn't say wanted)...I traveled around the store in search of my intended purchase. I was in the aisle with the Hawaiian leis (don't ask) and found it weird that the guy had ventured to the same location. I looked up out of curiosity and realized he was looking right at me. He wasn't even hiding it. I made an uncomfortable smile and looked away quickly. I moved out of the aisle thinking I was just being sensitive and crazy. I went to the baby items thinking there was no way a guy would be there. I was wrong. I realized after being in the store for about 15 minutes that this guy wasn't giving up. I was freaking out and just wanted to leave. As I was making my purchase I realized I really didn't want to get into my car and basically lead him to it. Granted, for all I know he saw me get out...but I wasn't taking any chances. I left the store and started walking down the sidewalk figuring I could just walk further down and circle back. And people, it wasn't even like this derelict was hiding what he was doing. It was so creepy! I got about half way down the sidewalk of the mall and realized he was behind me. I tried to duck into Newbury Comics but he rushed up and got the door for me...again. He looked at me all creepy and I thought I was in the clear because that store is so crowded with crap I could easily escape him. No dice. I stood at the front of the store, again, with my trusted Red Sox items. I found some stickers to purchase and went to the counter to buy them...deciding this was all in my mind and I was just going to get out of here and go home. My phone rings, it's my mom but I ignore the call because I just want to concentrate on the matter at hand.

The girl at the counter says "You know that guy is staring at you right?"

"Excuse me?"

In a very quiet voice, she says: "Yeah, he's a of the other guys just went to get the manager. You'll just want to leave when he's distracted. I'm sorry-he's been asked not to come in here because he makes people uncomfortable."
With that a couple of guys came out and start yelling at the whackadoo..."Not cool, buddy! Not cool!"

He protested and said that he would leave. I bombed out of the store and went back to my car hoping they would keep him long enough so he wouldn't be out of the store for me to see again. I won't lie, I was really ready to lose it...but never I'm here and safe and sound and blogging again. Sigh. Go with God:) And don't worry...I'll be steering clear of the I-Party in South Portland from now on!!

I'm just hoping that this becomes "one of those stories I can laugh at" someday...


At 6:28 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Jesus, Reesie. That is creepy. Sadly, since I spend most of my time transporting myself by foot, and doing so in East Somerville, I'm no stranger to the strange wackos staring and worse.

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous mko529 said...

okay now I am officially afraid to shop by myself....

At 6:06 PM, Blogger surfwahine said...

Yuk Reesie! Stuff like that just super freaks me out!! At least the store people knew of him and he didn't follow you or bug you any further!

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

OH...MY! You poor girls need to move out here to the midwest. We don't let people like that in. I think the Woolworth's guy grew up to be Freddy Krueger.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Mo, good thing they knew that guy and distracted him so you could make a get away. That is really creepy. Yikes.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

That was creepy. He was probably an axe murderer or worse, a Yankees fan,yikes! Seriously, thats waht you always have to be a step ahaead of the game. Glad you broke away!


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