And so it goes...

I really don't know what to say. I've seen the episode and allowed it to sink in for the past hour or so. I did some laundry to fill the time, and have perused the internet for a bit trying not to think about it. I'm not entirely sure that this isn't some dream because it made no sense...well, the Luke and Lorelai storyline...and Rory never makes sense so that's to be expected. I will be spoiling things right now so don't read on if you haven't seen the season premiere. And if you haven't...who are you??

-Babette gave an amazing performance this evening. I loved her giving directions on how to launder her "unmentionables." She's priceless.

-Michele and Sookie's arm wrestling was one of the high points of the show.

-Sticking to a positive note (are you sensing the theme here?), Paris is a lunatic...I loved the way she talked to that mother "I need to know if this is her fault or yours."

-I hate Christopher.

-I hate hate Christopher. He gives me the heebies. What was that phone call?? Ugh...let it go! Of course it's not going to - he's ruined things for me!! Ruined!!

-Am I, a fan of Gilmore Girls for many someodd years REALLY supposed to believe that Lorelai was able to let go of Luke that easily?? Has the entire last 6 years not centered around the amorous tension between the two? Really?? Really?? Am I to believe that Lorelai, who was SHATTERED when Luke broke up with her after the Emily/wedding/Christopher (hate him) debauchle, REALLY would just be so mean as to not even try with Luke and just tell him so hatefully about what she did? I was sick...more sick than Bledel's excuse for acting. What was with her face when watching Kirk drive? Pitiful...but I digress. I'm not buying this Lorelai and Christopher nonsense...not for a second.

-The rocket thing was gay. He should have given her the new Tickle Me, Elmo...that might have gotten his point across better...


-Lulu needs to not talk in future episodes...I don't approve. She's slightly worse than Rory in the acting department...but only slightly.

-The raquetball saga. I'm glad they went with the continuity angle and gave her a swollen eye even later in the day. Sometimes shows forget previous injury, and that's upsetting. And Rory WALKED home AFTER the whole accident thing and that steak was a frozen brick...see...THAT's what I'm talking about with the continuity. Unless they are just trying to say she's cold. Hmm?

Those are my feelings for now. I have another early day at work tomorrow so I'm thinking I won't get to write before work again:( I'm sure I'll be up all night thinking about's my sad should have known me when Alias was still alive.

Stars Hollow, how you've been missed...

Gilmore Girls is on tonight...go ahead and jump up and down with's important to express your emotions in a healthy way...and the exercise is always a plus:)

I can't wait. I can't. I got up at 5:30 am this morning. Mostly because I had to get to work early, but also in anticipation of the "what will happen in Star's Hollow" tonight at 8pm EST on your local CW network.


I was in Massachusetts this weekend and saw a few promos for tonight which DID NOT make me happy. It's truly my own fault for watching them, but they appeared out of nowhere. I may be in a disgruntled mood tomorrow, which the previews tell me I will be...but that's all part of the fun...right? I swear to God I hate Christopher...I've never liked him...he's slimy and gross and a bad bad man. I'm mad at Luke for how he handled the whole situation with April and Lorelai all last he deserves some crap...but not what happened. I'm's an awful feeling. Yes, I know there is a war going on and Britney is now the mother of two SPF's...and there is a lot going on in my own life to worry about...but I'm thinking it's healthy to care about the non-existent trials of the Star's Hollow-ites. It's better than worrying about the real stuff:)

I'll update tomorrow and let you know my I have a choice.

Peace kids!


Another Thursday spent...

This was a very very very very very long day. I was glad to know that I would just be able to chill with my good buddy the tv tonight for some long awaited season premieres. I'm sure you're glad too. I know you are jealous of my Thursday night social schedule, but you should know that if you own a tv...then you too can have this phenominal lifestyle as well:)

The evening began with a reunion between me and my buddies from My Name is Earl. They are doing something different this year by switching the focus from Earl and his "list" (not to be confused with mine), to allow more time for the supporting characters. I didn't think I would like this, because it seems to take from the premise of the show...but I realize that I actually like the supporting cast all's fair.

Immediately following was the highly anticipated season premiere of "The Office." Truthfully, I didn't start watching this show until the season finale this past year. I was immediately hooked on the relationship between Pam and Jim...or moreover...Jim. He's my new "Bill Rancic." It was time to find a new boy, so he is the chosen one. Don't cry for Bill, we'll make up some day. "Jim" played by New England native John Krasinski, is my new favorite person in the world. Tonight's episode was touching, but of course, hilariously scripted. It totally deserved the Emmy for best comedy, even over "Growing Up Gotti." Dwight is probably one of the funniest sitcom characters I've seen in a long time, and perfectly played by Rainn Wilson. He gives me the "laugh out louds."

Then I watched
CSI which didn't fail to disturb me, followed by ER...which accurately, had the same effect. I'm now off to watch McGrey's McAnatomy for the McAftermath of last season's prom. I hear that Izzy is still reeling from Denny's death...I think she may just be in a trance from the constant re-play of The Fray's "How to Save a Life" all...summer...long. Or maybe that's me:)


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

For a television addict such as myself anyway:)

September premieres many things, including the changing of the leaves...the bright, glorious colors of fall...and new television shows to suck you in...force you to stay inside and miss all that color and wonder Mother Nature works so hard to produce. I'm not knocking it...I have that "kick ass" commute to enjoy the nature and such, so when I get home I'm kicking back to be entertained. I find that I crave entertainment like it's my own version of crack. I stay up late even though I have a DVR to watch shows because I'm afraid I'll hear about it on the radio the next day and kill my buzz. It's not a good feeling. It's why I've stopped watching Survivor and most reality shows (except Celebrity Fit Club...I love me some Harvey!). From what I can tell, this season should be pretty successful in general...last night was my first glimpse and's looking hopeful.

I started the night out on CBS with "The Class." I liked was sweet and funny...really funny. Plus the girl who played "Janice Ian" in "Mean Girls" is in it...and probably the funniest character. I will keep up with this one, I've missed sitcoms...they seem to be a dying breed...they must be saved. Is there a Greenpeace type group for television? I should check into that...or an asylum...either/or. I maintained the CBS comedy line-up until 10...but it was all I could do to stay awake. I decided a night cap of NBC's new show "
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" would be a respectable way to end the evening. It was. I know this show has gotten a lot of press and hype...but it deserved it. I liked seeing Matthew Perry in this role, it is certainly NOT Chandler Bing...but it's ok. Don't cry...move on. His sidekick is Bradley Whitford, of West Wing fame, or more importantly "Eric," Adam Sandler's nemesis in Billy Madison. Everytime I see him I want to discuss business ethics and delicious Triscut crackers. Weird. Amanda Peet is also in the Studio...but I'm not sure I like her yet. I didn't really like the fact that she smirks in almost every shot. I'll be on board for a little while, I hear she is preggo in real life so she may not stay with the project. That could make it worth while.

In other pressing TV news, the WB is totally over, and the CW is taking the week to get acclimated or something. Most CW shows will premiere next week...most importantly Gilmore Girls on Tuesday at 8 pm EST. I'm going to watch the repeat of the season finale which will air tonight, even though it upset me in a way an adult woman of 29.2 years should never be upset about a fictional television show. I figure I should give it another go because I've heard (don't spoilers...refer to first paragraph) the first episode, even sans Team Palladino, is hysterically funny. It better be...or the show will go on "the list!" Also coming back next week on Monday night is 7th Heaven. I have no idea how they will recover from the cheezy season finale that was supposed to be the cheezy season finale, but I'm sure they will figure it out. I heard they give Stephanie Tanner (yes, from Full House) a guest spot focusing on her drug addiction because Kimmy Gibler was too much to handle on the set and she lost her "cute" status to the Olsen Twins...wait...what? How rude!

Also beginning this week, Rachel Ray has started her much anticipated Oprah induced talk show. Let's just say this...I enjoy Rachel's cooking show...mostly because I think 30 minute meals are convenient, but also because 30 minutes with commercials is about as much of her as I can take. I do like watching $40 a day with my dad...but only because he gets so pissed at her ridiculous tipping's priceless...literally. At any rate, I caught about 6 minutes of her first show yesterday and had to shut it off. I'll try again tonight-but I think I just have to really be in the mood for it. I've heard the same reaction from others, but I'll have to see an entire show before I give final critique. Megan Mullally (aka Karen from Will & Grace...NOW you know who I'm talking about!) also has a talk show...I tuned out when she started singing her own versions of songs from the musical "Hair." Again, I think I just need to be in the right mindset for that crap right now. Plus her "real voice" kind of scares me. She's married to a guy who guest stars on Gilmore Girls from time to that's kind of cool...for her:) (Yes, I realize my sickness and I just could care less!). I will definitely watch the show in it's entirety later as I hear her first guest, the infamous Will Ferrell, was per usual...HIGH-larious!

Tonight's schedule is a bust for me...sorry to all you
NCIS and Dancing with the Stars fans...I just could give two. However, my DVR will be in battle mode at 10 for the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU and Nip/Tuck. That latter show is effed up...I freaking love it! It's totally outrageous...but I won't apologize for loving it so. Last week I laughed out loud for COMPLETELY unspeakable happenings...but isn't that part of the fun? It should be noted that A&E is airing a special on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" in reference to his capture of the Max Factor heir/rapist...the bust the Dog was JUST arrested and detained in Mexico for...coincidence?

Have a great night...and try to watch Jason "Captain" Varitek get honored for achieving the club record of catching 1,000 games...(if you don't know who I'm talking about you should be ashamed and run out of town!)...he deserves a little more praise:)

Stay tuned for more "pressing premiere updates" me...I'll be watching...sad, but true:)


What more do you need to know?

I'm tired...I've been neglecting the blog and should probably put my own name on the "shit list." That won't happen don't look for it any time soon. In my own life has been work work work...which to most would be boring boring boring. I'm doing YOU a favor here give me some credit:) I will be updating the "blog goodness" section soon, as some people have "re-located."

So this past weekend was Homecoming at school where I am employed. I had to work Sunday, and ended up closing early considering we didn't have one customer all I left with my meager deposit bags to drop off at the bank. From the car, I phoned my mother to let her know I was leaving early and threw my phone back in my bag. I dropped off the deposit bags in the "after hours" box at the bank, returned to Diego and drove off to an afternoon of sunshine. I stopped at the store to pick up some dinner things...and went to make a call. No phone. Searched the car...nothing...went back to the bank parking lot...not there. I drove home and called it from a land line and just couldn't hear a thing. Come on! I thought when I threw it in my bag I possibly could have thrown it out the window...but I didn't think I was that tired...was I?

All of a sudden it dawned on probably (hopefully) got stuck in the deposit bags and I accidentally "deposited" it in the bank. Genius. I called the bank this morning and was informed they did in fact find my phone. I picked it up and they barely laughed at me...which was nice I must admit. They said that I'd be surprised to know what kind of things get dropped in there...books of keys...cell phones (duh)...check books...packs of cigarettes...the list goes on.

So, yeah...I'm beat. And a "day off" isn't in the horizon until Friday...and this "weekend off" will consist of my mom and I cleaning up the Nana's condo for when she eventually returns home:)

Keep with me people...don't give up hope...things will turn around!!



Red Sox Nation has never been a fan of 2nd place, but in this case (and this case only) it's not so bad. Especially considering Yankee Stadium doesn't even get a sniff at the board.

You may remember a few months ago that Monopoly was designing yet another version of it's property trading game called "The Here and Now Edition." Americans were asked to vote for favorite landmarks all over the country, and the top votes would make it on the board. Fenway park was of course a big favorite, and has made it in the traditional "Park Place" spot in this version. Other landmarks that made it to the board are Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Disneyworld in Orlando, and The White House in DC. The only landmark to beat out Fenway was Times Square in NYC.



Don't Cry to Me...

Or for me...I'm a lost cause! (By the way the second season of Lost was released on DVD this week...catch's worth it!! You have plenty of time because season 3 starts in October...and I have a friend working as a writer on the show...but I refuse to let him tell me what the eff is going down on that island!)

I've been remiss in my blogging duties, but at least I can admit it! I've had all these dreams of blogging about my trip to the amazingly interesting Castine, ME, as well as my cousin's Baptism, Maggie's first week back at school, and other events, but my life has been a little exhausting as of late. Between work and personal things, by the time I get home I'm spent. I haven't even turned on my computer at home in a week...I can't deal with technology after a certain point in the day it seems. But never fear, this should be the last week we go without regular posts for awhile...but don't quote me on that!

Please say a prayer or four for my Nana...she's going through a rough time right now and can really use some good intentions:) I'm happy to say she is doing very well right now, and we're looking forward to an excellent recovery. Thank you!!!

I'll be back, possibly even tonight...but I have a busy weekend with visiting the Nana and possibly seeing Bobby return home for a week!

Thanks for your patience peeps...I'll try and do better by you:)

PS-Congrats to Miss Katie on her new, better, and higher paying job!! I'm so very proud and happy for you!!!