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I really don't know what to say. I've seen the episode and allowed it to sink in for the past hour or so. I did some laundry to fill the time, and have perused the internet for a bit trying not to think about it. I'm not entirely sure that this isn't some dream because it made no sense...well, the Luke and Lorelai storyline...and Rory never makes sense so that's to be expected. I will be spoiling things right now so don't read on if you haven't seen the season premiere. And if you haven't...who are you??

-Babette gave an amazing performance this evening. I loved her giving directions on how to launder her "unmentionables." She's priceless.

-Michele and Sookie's arm wrestling was one of the high points of the show.

-Sticking to a positive note (are you sensing the theme here?), Paris is a lunatic...I loved the way she talked to that mother "I need to know if this is her fault or yours."

-I hate Christopher.

-I hate hate Christopher. He gives me the heebies. What was that phone call?? Ugh...let it go! Of course it's not going to - he's ruined things for me!! Ruined!!

-Am I, a fan of Gilmore Girls for many someodd years REALLY supposed to believe that Lorelai was able to let go of Luke that easily?? Has the entire last 6 years not centered around the amorous tension between the two? Really?? Really?? Am I to believe that Lorelai, who was SHATTERED when Luke broke up with her after the Emily/wedding/Christopher (hate him) debauchle, REALLY would just be so mean as to not even try with Luke and just tell him so hatefully about what she did? I was sick...more sick than Bledel's excuse for acting. What was with her face when watching Kirk drive? Pitiful...but I digress. I'm not buying this Lorelai and Christopher nonsense...not for a second.

-The rocket thing was gay. He should have given her the new Tickle Me, Elmo...that might have gotten his point across better...


-Lulu needs to not talk in future episodes...I don't approve. She's slightly worse than Rory in the acting department...but only slightly.

-The raquetball saga. I'm glad they went with the continuity angle and gave her a swollen eye even later in the day. Sometimes shows forget previous injury, and that's upsetting. And Rory WALKED home AFTER the whole accident thing and that steak was a frozen brick...see...THAT's what I'm talking about with the continuity. Unless they are just trying to say she's cold. Hmm?

Those are my feelings for now. I have another early day at work tomorrow so I'm thinking I won't get to write before work again:( I'm sure I'll be up all night thinking about's my sad should have known me when Alias was still alive.


At 7:20 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Do you think that the stupid Twilight Zone reference is all there is to the rocket? I kept thinking that maybe there was a ring in there for Rory or something.

As for the Loralei and Luke thing, you're right. Other than Loralei stating, perfectly calmly and unemotionally inflected, "I can't talk about it or I'll fall apart," she didn't seem to be struggling with it at all.

I'm not buying that one.

I like Sookie, too. She's cute. And Struthers is pretty priceless.

What's with the dog being named Paul Anka? Can you explain that one to me sometime?

I have to get caught up on back episodes. I have my GG work cut out for me.

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Meghan said...

okay, the Luke/Lorelei thing was so so so odd. First of all, going all the way back to last season - WHY did she jump into bed with Chris in the first place? I maintain that at this point Luke deserves to lose her. He treated her like crap with the whole April thing and he lost her. But why would she break up with him and them immediately drive to Christopher's? That was not cool. Why didn't she call Sookie or Rory? I just don't find it believeable. PLUS did you see scenes from next week? She and Chris are together?? what?

And the rocket thing was so stupid. And why doesn't she have a summer internship? She's going into her senior year at Yale, she's the editor of the Yale Daily News (one of the best student papers in the country) and she's just going to live in Stars Hollow doing nothing all summer?

Okay, I know it's a fictional TV show and I get too into it, but could it at least resemble real life a little bit?

Paris is phenomenal. As usual. Michele is right behind her.

That is all. I should really write my own blog instead of leaving you a novel sized comment. :)


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