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I'm tired...I've been neglecting the blog and should probably put my own name on the "shit list." That won't happen don't look for it any time soon. In my own life has been work work work...which to most would be boring boring boring. I'm doing YOU a favor here give me some credit:) I will be updating the "blog goodness" section soon, as some people have "re-located."

So this past weekend was Homecoming at school where I am employed. I had to work Sunday, and ended up closing early considering we didn't have one customer all I left with my meager deposit bags to drop off at the bank. From the car, I phoned my mother to let her know I was leaving early and threw my phone back in my bag. I dropped off the deposit bags in the "after hours" box at the bank, returned to Diego and drove off to an afternoon of sunshine. I stopped at the store to pick up some dinner things...and went to make a call. No phone. Searched the car...nothing...went back to the bank parking lot...not there. I drove home and called it from a land line and just couldn't hear a thing. Come on! I thought when I threw it in my bag I possibly could have thrown it out the window...but I didn't think I was that tired...was I?

All of a sudden it dawned on probably (hopefully) got stuck in the deposit bags and I accidentally "deposited" it in the bank. Genius. I called the bank this morning and was informed they did in fact find my phone. I picked it up and they barely laughed at me...which was nice I must admit. They said that I'd be surprised to know what kind of things get dropped in there...books of keys...cell phones (duh)...check books...packs of cigarettes...the list goes on.

So, yeah...I'm beat. And a "day off" isn't in the horizon until Friday...and this "weekend off" will consist of my mom and I cleaning up the Nana's condo for when she eventually returns home:)

Keep with me people...don't give up hope...things will turn around!!


At 9:36 PM, Blogger Drew said...

glad to see you getting back int he swing of things. Nice toss with the Cell phone. A Riot.

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous theguppie said...

I ain't mad at ya! I'm doing the same at work, so I'm totally sympathetic.

Wait...I am mad. The trivia sucks!! ;)


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