Sharks and Weddings have nothing in common.

I know, you all think that York Beach has recently turned into Amity Island with all the alleged shark sightings. I'm sure, knowing my intense and somewhat irrational fear of sharks you think for the past two days I've been holed up in my basement refusing to leave until York's version of Jaws was unquestionably eliminated by the local Chief Brody. You'll be amazed to know that I actually went to the beach in search of the dreaded beast, just so I could say I saw it, and lived to tell the tale. All I saw were news vans and jackass Canadians wearing speedos. So the threat of sharks has passed and the beaches are open once again. Welcome back, tourists!

Now, what does the picture of Elizabeth have to do with sharks? Absolutely nothing...otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. Der. Actually, tonight we watched the video of my sister's wedding and it was awesome. I immediately was brought back to that day, only about a month and a half ago. Even better, was seeing things I had missed due to my "maid of honor duties," and the gazillion times my mother dragged us all off for another photo. So, because I never really did a "re-cap" on the wedding...I've decided to do a re-cap in the form of a list, my favorite moments from the wedding, or rather, the dvd.

#10. The Wedding Singer. Priceless. I got busted for laughing, but I'm sorry...the kid reminded me of Jessica Simpson...and that ain't good! Hearing him sing "Gentle Woman" almost got me a "face squeeze," but it would have been worth it, truly.

#9. The fact the mikes were still on Elizabeth and Wes through the ceremony, even when someone else was talking or singing. My favorite is Elizabeth telling Wes her gown is too long before they retreat to the back of the church, and of course at the beginning of the ceremony when Wes informs Elizabeth what the videographer had made the groomsmen do before the ceremony.

#8. What the videographer made the groomsmen do before the ceremony! WHAT was with the running? I did like the edit of the photo poses in the sepia tones with the western type music in the background. Especially when Wes and Bobby were smirking at the photographer. Mary was trying to read lips, but her expertise is listening at the bottom of the stairs, so she wasn't successful.

#7. The re-play of Brier and Taylor coming down the aisle with the flower petals, and then Taylor going back to pick up the ones Brier had dropped. Totally candid and unforgettable moment.

#6. Peggy's smile. It may have cost a bundle...but it was totally worth it in the end! Especially the moment she caught the bouquet!!

#5. Taylor dancing with Homer Simpson to the theme of "The Simpsons." Mostly because my father yelled "Where's Jun??!"

#4. The DJ, making a complete spectacle by throwing himself at Nants!! Thank God she got a better proposal in Croatia!! Even though she has shattered this chump for life, we're ALL better off!

#3. My mother realizing the DJ was wearing a John Kerry mask, and then later during the bouquet toss, a Hilary Clinton mask. Mary "Uber-Republican" T. was not at all exstatic about the Democrats crashing the reception!

#2. The dancing!! It never stopped. I remember when at the ceremony Nancy and I were talking and they announced the last song, we both looked at each other in utter disbelief! It was so fun to watch everyone "get their groove on" again! I have talented cousins, friends, and aunts! And watching Mary do the "Electric Slide" will never get old!!

#1. My favorite, the part I laughed the hardest at...while in the conga line, the DJ approaches Bobby and puts a Jamaican wig/hat on him. Without skipping a beat he takes it off and leaves the frame of the camera. Suddenly, we see the "wig" fly across the room as Bobby has just tossed it into the wind. Somehow it re-locates on Mom, and Dad has a matching one. The "hot hot hot" conga seems to go on forever, streaming with people I don't remember even seeing at the wedding. And yet, every shot of my brother is him not only with beer in hand (so proud), but pounding it to boot. We're so related.

It was such an awesome day! I'm glad the DVD is available, because I get to see people I don't get to see on a regular basis just having an awesome time. Plus, I get to see them candidly, when they have no idea the camera is on them! In 10 or 15 years, it might be the new generation of cousins favorite movie to watch, just like Nana and Papa's 40th.

I'm looking forward to many happy memories with my family, friends, and loved ones. I wish you all happy moments to cherish all of your lives. Thank you for making my sister's wedding one of the happiest memories a family could have, it was perfect!


At 1:46 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

I am dying to see it. It's true, when you are in the wedding, you miss out on everything. That Tarpey video will go in the vault next to the video of Bobby getting rope burns from the jump rope.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Your flower-girl story reminded me of my sister's wedding flower-girl/ring bearer fiasco. What happened, you ask? My two daughters were Susita's flower-girls and my almost 3-year-old son was the ring-bearer. At that point in his life, my little David must have had some feminine aspirations, because just before the wedding, he became very jealous of their poofy white dresses and their flower petal tossing duties. It took a few strained moments to convince him to go along with the plan and carry the little ring pillow, but he finally agreed. the middle of the processional, he changed his mind and started fighting for the flower petal basket with my daughter Kathleen. I, the mother, was frozen at the altar, watching helplessly, since I was already in place as the matron-of-honor. I thought there was going to be a full-fledged knock-down drag-out, but somehow they made it down the aisle, clutching the flower petal basket together. It was a minor miracle.


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