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I fancy myself a bit of a Wizard of Oz enthusiast. I enjoy it tremendously. Once upon a time I prayed to win the "megabucks" (does that even exist anymore?) and open a theme park based on the movie. It brings back some great memories...every year I'd watch with my family. Does anyone remember the movie "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" with Sarah Jessica Parker? Another favorite...classic movie that my mom would rent for me anytime I was home sick from school. At any rate, Sarah's character "Janey" is having an argument with her military driven dad because she wants to audition for "Dance TV" and he says she's too young to stay out that late, and reminds her of a deal they had made. She "sasses" back: "We made a deal when I was seven years old that night life was the muppet show!" I loved that movie...but that's for another post. At any rate, the muppet show deal...was upheld in my lie. However, there was the one exception for the annual broadcast of my favorite movie of all time...The Wizard of Oz. A "traditionalist" in Oz viewing, I made a rule years ago that I would only watch it when it was broadcast on tv. I buckled about 2 years ago and bought the dvd...of course then the big remastered version came out and I was horrified...but the cheapo version took the edge off...and I had my fix when needed. Tonight, while I'm supposed to be packing...I'm instead flipping channels on the tube and find during a commercial from the Red Sox pre-game show that my beloved movie is on tonight...and tomorrow!! Joy...rapture!! It starts in mere minutes, and I'm going to have to annul the plans for packing until will get done...after I awaken from my Oz coma. I promise!

Here's a bonus..."Yankee Doodle Dandy" is on tomorrow too...I wonder why;) This too is a nostalgic favorite. The first time I ever watched this was with Nana Bakey and for that reason alone it's in my top 5. I was staying at the home of the famous Lauren and Nancy, and would sometimes get to hang out with Nana Bakey and watch old movies. It's amazing, from the the's so cheesy. And I love it!! Sometimes I think I should have grown up in the thirties and forties so I could just sit in the movie theater and watch these classics before they were classics. But then I'd never had been able to blog about it and subject you to my ridiculous rants and such!

This may be my last post for awhile, unless Oz somehow miraculously ends differently...but I don't see that happening:) I'm headed down south for the wedding celebration, but not until after I've spent some quality time with the cousins and my soon to be one year old Goddaughter, Caroline!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


At 9:15 AM, Blogger surfwahine said...

ILove the Wizard of Oz too! I do not have the video, but we do have the cd in the mini van for our listening pleasure. Blaise always says, "Let's listen to the munchkins Mommy"! Just warms my heart!!

At 9:16 AM, Blogger surfwahine said...

Love the Slide Show! I feel like I know your family now! Ooh too cool! I'll be coming East next summer for lots of family fun!!

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Have you no shame? You haven't updated your blog since THE FOURTH OF JULY? And you call yourself a blogger? PLEASE! And don't give the ol' "I went to a wedding excuse!" That might be good for a couple of days off, but this is getting ridiculous. I guess you could say "we're in a fight!" (Great slide show, btw.) :0)

At 6:34 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

First of all, Jaunita (and anybody else who is thinking of tossing Reesie any "hate comments" about not blogging), I have to let you know that Reesie revealed that she sometimes thinks of hanging up her blogging hat entirely because she can't keep up with the pressure placed upon her by her devoted fans. I, myself, have been guilty of throwing daggers at Reesie for the very same reason, but when I realized that this could cause her to retire from the blog scene, I had to try to picture my life without Reesie's blog in it. I just couldn't do it. My life would be a dark, bleak place without Reesie's blog and I don't want to go to that dark , creepy place. So, what we need to do is show Reesie the love and realize that even though we wish Reesie could do nothing but blog all day to keep us wildly entertained, we have to deal with the reality of the situation, which is that it is better to have sporadic blogging (at times) than no Reesie blogging at all.
Like all of us, our little Reesie actually has a life to lead and it sometimes keeps her away from her blog for lengthy periods of time. For this we should be glad in a way. For we know that the longer she stays away from her blog, the more excellent stories she's accumulating to pass on to us through her blog. It all strikes a delicate balance in the end.
Reesie, I miss you too, kid, but I have made it a point not to apply any undue pressure. I want you to know that your fans adore you and we will wait patiently for your blog entries, no matter how frequently or infrequently they come.
Juanita, in all seriousness, Reesie did go away for at least 2 full weeks. She was at the wedding scene a couple of days before me, then the wedding festivities themselves lasted 3 days, and then she parlayed her trip into an extended family vacation.
I'm not even sure that's she's home yet. And if she is, we have to let her blog in her own due time. Jeez, I took over a week to put together my official wedding blog entry!
But of course I do understand that Juanita is only putting on the pressure because, like all of us, she loves Reesie!
Reesie, we're patiently awaiting your return. Whenever that may be!

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

*sigh* OK, OK. I'll try to be be patient. But you're right, Jovi, it's not easy to pass the day without Reesie's droll commentary. However, my previous comment should only be construed as a love letter, not a hate dagger! Never! I fear that dark, creepy, Reesieless place just as much as you do; maybe more. So take your time, Reesie dear... And really, who am I to talk? I haven't blogged in quite some time, albeit due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyway, I hereby promise and pledge to control myself from now on. For at least a week. Or two.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Maggie said...


Not to throw daggers since I know you blogged and lost it (those of us who talk to you outside of blogger land hear these things)... but I blogged! For the first time since May!! :) Wedding pics are up! Don't hate me... but read my blog! :)

At 2:02 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Reesie lost her wedding blog? Damn, Reesie. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know it took me ages to craft my wedding recap blog, and I'm sure yours was ten thousand times better than mine. Damn, that sucks!!


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