HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! These are the pumpkins Peggy and I so painstakingly carved last week...Peggy's are the first one and the one in the middle...mine is the skeleton...very crafty. Martha Stewart eat your heart out!!

This is Peggy and her artwork...her talents will soon be available to view in the local art gallery called "A ditch in the woods." She's very proud!!



THIS is the best recipe I've ever seen...though blasphemous...still entirely hilarious!!

Jesus Walks on Water

This post is dedicated to my friend Katie who WITHOUT a doubt gets best costume EVER!! I've been trying to leave a comment on her blog...but friendster is stupid and won't let therefore I must comment via my own soapbox...and steal her picture to show the world... Check out Rainbow Brite y'all!!
I also think this last post of hers was quite well done-ESPECIALLY the graphics detailing her story. Brilliant...maybe you should be a graphic artist instead of a wait...that would mean more time in school and away from us. Forget it:)
Also, I would like to agree with Meghan and say that I thought the same thing when I saw the Glamour Shots by Deb...but that's mostly because all I ever think about is Napoleon Dynamite and imagining that I'm weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a million little seahorses;)


I realize it's hella late...but if anyone is out there...and you have the cartoon network, please please PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch tonight's episode of Robot Chicken!! If you have never seen it-it's hilarious!! It's weird claymation, and a lot of very cool people are involved with it...Seth Green is a producer and creator and contributor...and tonight the very fun Joey Fatone and "unforgettable" Lance Bass of the world renowned band *Nsync are featured voices and in the story line. Hilarious!! Drewbie told me to watch it one time, and I can't say I was disappointed...because I wasn't and that would be a lie. Look-it's 15's frigging hilarious...*Nsync is actually IN IT and the storyline revolves around them!! What more do you want...(well, besides a new album and another tour...and a date with Justin to a Broadway show starring Joey and then a quick trip to the moon in a shuttle piloted by Lance, followed by a serenade from JC as Chris serves you dinner!!).

TONIGHT...11:30...cartoon network...ENJOY!!

Please check your local listings


Helllooo out there...

So, sorry there haven't been any posts as of late...I know you have been a captive audience and waiting desperately to hear from me...well I'm back kids...stop will be ok.

I've been out of work sick for a few days, and now I'm going back because I'm starting to have cabin fever. I can't sit still anymore-and for me...that might be part of the illness!! I actually washed almost all the towels in the house today so I could fold them like Martha Stewart taught me to on her show. Does that last sentance tell you anything?? She does have a great show though-she has made quite the comeback. If you haven't seen her version of The Apprentice then you are totally missing out. Hysterical...especially her daughter's hair. I didn't watch the first Apprentice, I think it was on during Alias or something so I decided against it. But I've become addicted.
***Caution: SPOILERS from tonight's (10/27) episode!!***
Tonight was the WORST loss a team has ever suffered. I was actually embarrassed for them. The teams had to go to "Dick's" (haha) Sporting Goods and increase sales in a certain department. One team went with golf even though they knew nothing about the sport. The other team went with'd think the golfing team would fail...but they were awesome and increased sales in the department 74%. Obviously that's huge. The other team basically put on a clinic for baseball and sold jack...they actually lost sales in their department for 34%!!! LOST sales!! During baseball season!! Wow. Long story short...The Donald picks the people in the board room and I totally thought he would fire at least two...which he two more!! The best part of the whole show was all of them squished in the obligatory cab at the end. If you aren't familiar with the show then it's like the Real World confessional, or the end of Survivor when the "voted off" person gets the chance to talk about how they feel about being voted off. At any rate-4 of them in the cab and the guys just looked PISSED...and the idiot girl, Jennifer, that screwed up last week by giving the presentation for the movie "Zathura" and pronouncing it "ZAN-thura" was all smiley and WEIRD. Seriously, I think she thought she was flirting with the guys and thought she could win them over. She's psycho-I'm glad she's gone.

Alright-that's my rant for the day...I know I didn't talk about Gilmore Girls this week and everyone is crying themselves to sleep because I haven't shared my opinions...but it was such a good episode I have to watch it several more times. Next week is a repeat-so look for something on Tuesday:) Just know this...Jess is coming back and even though I hated him...I cannot wait to see him back!!

Peace in your bum creases!!

OH!! and play this's hilarious!! Miller Beer Run



This is flippin many of these do we think I'll get from my family for Christmas??

The Napoleon Dynamite Doll

Don't think I won't have special Glamour Shots by Deb taken!!


I'm so scared right now...

That is a quote from one of the best videos in the America's Funniest Home Videos collection that I've ever seen. It's some kid that is at one of those Disney Character breakfasts, and he sees Goofy from a distance and wants him to come over...but as soon as Goofy gets close the kid looks at the camera with terror in his eyes. Goofy taps him on the shoulder and the kid whispers: "I'm so scared right now!" Then he looks hesitantly at Goofy, and starts screaming...hilarious. I don't know why I just thought of that. That show is good when it has kids doing something funny, I'm all set with the ridiculous injury stuff...but the kids are good.

But I digress...

The reason "I'm so scared right now" is because my buddy Kevin Mannix from the local news station has been telling me all morning that the heavy winds (and after driving in them for over an hour I can tell you they suuuuuuck) and rain MAY cause people to lose power. He even said that it might be the night to find a good book and a candle!! What does this mean for me...NO GILMORE GIRLS TONIGHT...THAT'S WHAT IT FLIPPING MEANS!! No Rory's Emily Sookie...NO KIRK!! I can understand if the power went out on a "repeat" week...but what did I do to deserve such atrocities?? So I'll be struggling for the next 9.35 hours, hoping against all hopes that I will get to see my show tonight. I'm so scared right now.

In other news...I got an email today from telling me that I might be interested in purchasing the "Greatest Hit's of *NSync CD" that is being released today. Really, Amazon? Would I? Well being the frugal shopper I am, I investigated the title only to find that it is a complete farce and insulting to all fans of *NSync. (Yes, I'm 30, I'm OK, and I'm from this country!!) Here's where whomever put this ridiculousness together went dreadfully wrong...there are a mere 12 tracks on this compilation!! 12!! I could see 12 discs...but only 12 songs!! Shame on you producers for being so negligent to the die-hard fans!! It's bad enough we wait hour after hour, day after day with broken promises of new recordings...but to tease us with such ilk is pitiful. "It Makes Me Ill!!" And here's another kicker..."Digital Getdown" is NOT on the CD!! How do you call it "Greatest Hits?" There's no "follow the bouncing ball joy," there's no "I Thought She Knew," there's no "The Game is Over!!" Well, the game is OVER my friend...I'm "boyband-cotting" this CD!!

In the immortal words of *NSync..."Bye bye bye!"


You're killing me!!

I just got so frustrated that I wrote a whole post about it...and some other things and accidentally erased it!! Woe is ME!!!

At any rate, nothing too important...just talking about some movies I saw this weekend...well, one in particular. I finally saw Frank Miller's Sin City. So good. Sariously, bro. I'm not a big comic fan (sorry Drewbie), but I was really intrigued by this. I'm actually pretty excited now for the sequel. I pretty much Netflixed it because I wanted to see if Alexis Bledel was as bad in this as she has been recently on Gilmore Girls. Yeah, I hate Rory still. But then I actually realized I was enjoying it...a lot. Plus it's nice to spend some quality time with Bruce Willis. We've been in a fight since "Disney's The Kid," so it was fun to see him being all heroic and stuff. Plus, I've never really seen a movie with Mickey Rourke in it...except for John Grisham's The Rainmaker...and the only reason I saw that was because of Matt Damon. But I was really impressed with the movie in general. The art is amazing...I watched the "behind the scenes" extra on the dvd, but it was more about the actors and directors than the "how'd they do that." So that's my likey.

The other movie I saw was Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah. I can't get into my reasonings on the world wide web, but for those of you who know me...this movie was no where as good as Drumline, but MUCH better than Waiting to Exhale. Kevin Bacon was a frigging riot. If you watch it for his hair alone, I think you'll be satisfied. I haven't seen him in awhile, but he brought back grand memories of the Kevin Bacon Game. No one could beat me...and that is actually a link to the Kevin Bacon oracle...funny:)

In other news, Peggy and I went to get pumpkins last night. I was pretty pissed that I paid $5.99 + tax and saw them a mile from work this morning for $4.95 at a stand. Oh well...we'll be carving at some point. I'm psyched for trick or treaters this year!! I haven't given out candy in a long time. Halloween is so fun:) I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try and post pictures of the "finished products" when we're done.


Drewbie's off the list...

Ok...Drewbie has made penance for his indiscretions, and is officially off the We're in a Fight Shitlist! Congratulations! I'm so proud, I knew you could do it:)

In other news, I don't know what's going on with trivia, and why it hasn't changed, but it hasn't changed on Drewbie's Trivia game maybe it's a blog-wide phenomenon. It's a conundrum, but this week the topic has been changed to reflect MY favorite t.v. shows! It's my blog, and I'll do what I want to!!



Jim Verraros...yes, the same Jim Verraros that was in the first season of American Idol...the VERY same
Jim Verraros that performed "Easy Like Sunday Morning" on stage at the Worcester Centrum all dolled up in white linen with bare feet...sprawled out on a park bench...has a new album out. I was looking for some lyrics and the name caught my eye...I checked and what to my wandering eye should appear...but the above picture... I could barely believe it!! I'm still in shock...he's so...DIFFERENT...not that there's anything wrong with that!!

I'm thinking he might be trying to get on the pop idol bandwagon by fashioning himself after someone who's already popular (ie: Britney spawned Christina, Jessica, etc.)...but someone should have told him that Ashlee Simpson is not that popular!!

Madeleine Albright will Guest Star on the October 25th episode of Gilmore Girls.

We're so in a fight!!

So you may have noticed the new addition to the's the Official "We're in a fight" Shitlist. Drewbie has now made this list for calling me "lazy" on his blog. Apparently in my post from last night, it upset his highness, King of the Kingdom of Blog, that I didn't post a link to his blog when I mentioned him. I didn't do it for Katie either, and she didn't "call me out." In my head, I thought it would be prudent to only list the new link in the post to highlight it's newness and give the blogger some "featured space." But apparently that's wrong and gets you called lazy in a public forum. Not cool. So the shitlist is officially up, and Drewbie is going to have to do some MAJOR blog kissing to get his name off it!! So there you go, Drewbie...congratulations...YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!


Boils and Sores Alley

Yeah, if you watched Gilmore Girls tonight...and you better have a darn good excuse if you didn't...then you'll know what that means. I may just re-name the blog "boils and sores alley." I'm just that crazy.

So I have some new things to share...

This is a big announcement...but I'm tired so I'm not sure if it's true or not. I might not hate Rory. I think I just hate her boyfriend Logan. Honestly...the guy has no balls!! How does he not stand up for her and tell her parents to suck it?!? Apparently the money is more important to him than his relationship with Rory. I think Logan must be locked in Miss Patty's with Luke for 48 hours so Luke can beat him up and make him understand how a lady should be treated. Yup, I really am NOT a fan of Logan.

The next thing is I can't take the "scenes" for the next episode. They make you believe that when Richard and Emily (whom I've decided to name my non-existant twins after!!) are rifling through the Guest House that they find something really important. OK-in a way they do...they find the Birkin Bag that Logan gave to Rory...but I just feel like they could be doing more. I would offer to write for the show-but then it would ruin the story line for me. I'd much rather write for something I don't really care The West Wing, or the original Law and Order.

As you might be able to tell by the time of my post, I'm not watching Nip/Tuck tonight. I just couldn't do it. I really felt as though I needed to address some issues with my peeps, so I'm taping it to watch tomorrow.

I do want to mention a few people, and give some "shout outs" to their blogs because I too feel it's important to share the Earl's all about Kharma!

Katie ( please see the link on the side of the screen ) thank you for spreading the love on your blog!! I'm glad you are enjoying mine and taking full advantage of the links I have provided so painstakingly for you. Have you noticed the "you deserve a break today?" Let it play for a minute-with your speakers's hilarious!!

Drewbie (again, please see the link on the side of the screen) I'm sorry I went against the rules of trivia and changed the topic midweek...I had to succumb to the pressure. I think I'm totally getting a dose of the kharma...what comes around goes around. I harrassed you many a time about trivia...and you stood firm and never gave in to what I wanted (though I do remember you giving in to some weirdo that wanted Beanie we're in a fight for that!!) when the trivia was too difficult. Standing "O" for Drewbie!!

Meghan (new link on the side!!) I'm so glad that there is someone else out there that appreciates the Gilmore Girls in the manner which they should be appreciated!! Kudos to you:)


This was sent courtesy of one Mrs. Theodore...

Nomar saves 2 in Boston Harbor....

O Cabrera would've saved three instead of two and done it for less and been great in the clubhouse afterward.

Ortiz would have waited until the last minute and there were 5 more girls in the water and then saved them all

A-Rod would've done an incredible job diving in, getting the girls, pulling them almost all the way to the shore... and then would've failed miserably at the end. The cold water would've done a number on his circulation/lips.

Renteria definitely would have saved them, because it was a life or death situation. If he'd just gone in to get some kid's frisbee or something mundane, he probably would have jumped into the water and landed on a Duckboat, sinking it and killing dozens.

Mueller's done this 10 times but you never heard a peep about it.

Damon would have walked on the water until he got to them, then thrown them halfway back to the dock.

Buck Showalter jumped in, grabbed the two girls, and was about ten feet from shore when Steinbrenner jumped into the water, pulled him away, and let Torre finish the rescue.

If someone fell in the Harbor while Timlin was there, he would save them. Anyone in the Harbor before he arrived would drown.

Manny would wonder what all the fuss was about followed by a double finger point salute to the girls.

Derek Lowe would have bought the girls drinks all night and then fallen in with them.

Myers would need to team up with Bradford since only one of the girls was left-handed.

Bronson would have saved the girls, then brought them back to their dorm to party.

Abe Alvarez wouldn't have seen them.

If Bellhorn tried to dive in he would have missed the Harbor. He's probably too drunk anyway.

Millar would have shown up, sat on a park bench, talked to the cameras, came up with another slogan and contributed absolutely nothing, all while saying he's not the best athlete but brings other things to the table besides being able to swim, and rescue people.

Grady would have left them out there too long.


Get OUT!!

So there's a guy in the store right now who's waxing poetical about some NONSENSE and I really just want him to leave. Here's the kicker-he's not even talking to me!! My office is really loud-there is a computer that runs all day that has a loud fan, so generally I can't even hear right outside the door...but right now this guy's voice is going through me. I need a rock garden or something to calm me down.

Sunday I ended up watching the movie Ladder 49. I'm a FAN of Joaquin Pheonix. I have been since before Gladiator!! I can't wait to see him in Walk the Line-the story of Johnny Cash. I was a little apprehensive about that-even though the "Man in Black" hand picked him to portray him, but I saw a preview and it looks amazing. So I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon after The Village (which was also a decent flick-probably my favorite of M. Knight Shamalamadingdong). I really had no intention of seeing it-but it's on Starz this month so I DVR'ed it. Yeah, so I cried through the whole movie. I'm a baby. I forgot Travolta was in it-it was a nice surprise because he was probably the best I've seen him in a long time. Jacinda Barrett was also well cast as my boy's love interest. I was actually surprised by her performance because I still associate her with the Real World: London. I just don't remember liking her that much...but she was in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and she wasn't that bad. Maybe she was in a shark movie or something...I'll have to check it out on IMDB. I'm pretty addicted to that website...I check it several times a day. It's sickening really-but the trivia section interests me. At any rate, I give Ladder 49 5 big stars, and I give them happily!! See it...right now...stop what you are doing and see trivia first....then go...but stop at the store for some Puffs Plus because regular Kleenex or toilet paper might hurt your eyes...and they'll already be sensitive enough from the giant salty tears!!

Wait--before you go...DI D YOU SEE LANCE ON EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER LAST NIGHT?? (**aside to Katie...I almost forgot him because he's like Rose!! haha!!) He gave a check for $50, 000 to a camp for special needs kids in Russia, a kind of satellite program of the camp they did in last night's episode. I love this besides Lance, Trisha Yearwood performed a BEAUTIFUL song about "standing out in the crowd." Totally perfect for this camp. If you didn't see it you missed out on a LOT. Not only did they do the house, they made a bunk for the volunteer camp counselors, a building for rainy day activities, and Ty took his shirt off for TV Guide!! TV Guide is going to a new format starting this week and 10% of the sales of this weeks issue will go directly to the camp seen in last night's episode. So after you play trivia, leave work, go to the store and purchase Puffs Plus and a TV Guide:)...What are you waiting for?!?!?!


Rain Rain GO AWAY!!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm good with the can stop now. Although it did just remind me of one of my favorite "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy."

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

If you don't find that funny...well then the rain has gotten to you and you need to invest in one of those visor lamp thingys I mentioned a few posts ago!!

I saw the movie "The Upside of Anger." Understand me when I tell you I only rented it because Kevin Costner was in it, and understand me when I tell you someone should have told me Keri Russell was in it so I could have known to avoid it. The movie starts out with some of the characters at a funeral...but through the whole thing you don't know whose funeral it is. So there are some predictable twists and turns, and just when you think you know what's going to happen...something completely different happens to end the movie. This "turn" that no one saw coming ruined the movie worse than the fact that Keri Russell was in it. If you haven't guessed...I'm not a huge fan of Keri...I don't know why...I've never seen an episode of Felicity...not one...and I have no desire to ever see one. This is weird to me because many of the characters now appear on Alias. OH MY God!! Horrible thought-what if Felicity shows up on Alias?!?! I have to go pray that never ever happens!!

Dear God, Please make the war stop...Please make the horrible natural disasters stop...Please make all the evil in the world end...and please never let Alias turn into Felicity!!

So sad...I'm off to stay out of the rain!!


it's cold and rainy and i'm tired and want to go home!!



Nomar's a HERO!!

Apparently some drunk girls were took a dive off of the pier in Charlestown the other night and who came to the rescue??? It's a's a's super ex-Red Sox shortstop...My Nomar!! I think I may take up swimming in Charlestown...hmmmm...yeah, with my luck frigging Mia Spamm would come save me. Read the article (attached to the underlined link above)'s pretty funny!!

In other news, Gilmore Girls fans I think this "feud" between Lorelai and Rory will finally come to an end!! And thank GOD because I can't take it anymore. Last night's episode was good-though they took thier sweet time getting to the confrontation of the Gilmore's vs. the Huntzburgers. Emily was PERFECTLY bitchy, and I applaud her for her slamming of Logan's mother. Absolutely priceless...I laughed out loud. There was also a very disturbing, yet hilarious side plot with Miss Patty hosting a recital. All I have to say is Kirk and the kids with the glitter were frigging great:)!! Luke, yet again was "the perfect boyfriend," though he's going a little "Aidan" (from Sex and the City) on me and I don't know if I can deal with that.

Nip/Tuck was a LOT disturbing last night-I know I said I would DVR it and watch it during the daylight...but considering there hasn't been any "daylight" in the past few days...I figured I'd just watch. Know this...I locked the door and made the cat sleep in my room (like the cat is going to protect me from some knife weilding weirdo with a mask!!)


Suffering from the blahs??

I don't know about you, but this weather is getting me D-O-W-N!! No fun! My feet are freezing, and my fingernails are blue...chilly!! I finally succumbed and took the AC out of my window yesterday. Yes, I was holding on to the hope that I would actually need it this month-but I forgot I live in the Arctic of Maine. I slept with my windows open last night-I just can't let go of the summer. But now I'm having flashbacks to living in the dorm last year, swaddled in blankets and such because it was too cold in my livingroom to breathe!! Oh well. I'm hoping that you are warmer than I am right now...and that you haven't yet invested in the "Feel Bright Light Visor!" Seriously, I saw that thing on TV and almost wet myself! (Don't worry-considering I haven't really been drinking a lot I haven't ordered it yet!!)

Here are some fun links to make you giggle during the work day. This Disney link is to different activities you can do online. I printed out calendars and had my staff color them in...just to bring something "new" and "colorful" to the day. The link is actually to the part you can make up your own Disney story (like Mad Libs). I don't think I have to tell you that mine was ridiculous...but made me laugh enough to wake me up!! This link is to do some actual Mad Libs. People will look at you like you're crazy when you are staring at the computer smiling...but it's cheaper than that hat!!

Smile...and in the immortal words of Little Orphan Annie...

"The sun will come out,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...
there'll be sun!
Just thinking about...tomorrow...
clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow,
till there's none!
When I'm stuck with a day...that's gray...and lonely...
I just stick out my chin...and grin...and SAY...
Tomorrow...tomorrow...I love ya...tomorrow...
You're only a DAY....AAAAAAA-WAY!!!!!"
(yeah, I've lost it...what of it!?!?!) :):):):):)


Poor Bob's...

Now honestly, who doesn't have sweet memories of Columbus Days gone past? In all seriousness-I don't remember a Columbus Day that it wasn't this year fits right in. I think last year the Sox were playing-so that was a day off well spent rather than checking ESPN real time sports updates because the games were at ridiculous hours and you need to work to be able to buy new Red Sox sweatshirts and hats because they won the World Series, and lets face it, Bob's Stores needed the money. Well, Bob's will not be visited by me this year. It's too bad, because I was looking forward to a new hat:) I would have needed it for the parade in Boston, where it would probably be overcast and chilly...but I would have survived again this year thanks to my trusty flask filled with goodness and joy. If Bob's really wanted to get my money they should have some sort of system for women to go potty in public because the City of Boston doesn't think that there is a need to provide facilities. Apparently they would much rather have women urinate on City Hall, and in parking garages...and behind dumpsters near Fenway. Not that I know ANYTHING about that. Though the city probably will save money this year not paying Boston Police to patrol during the games. I'll tell you this, Residence Life staffs all over New England breathed a GIANT sigh of relief after the game ended on Friday night. Most of them are probably working today to write thank you notes to Theo Epstein for the tremendous job he did putting together a crackerjack pitching staff for 2005. He should get an award, really. Swell decision making there. Kudos.

Bob's stores are making t-shirts as we speak with his face on them...not that anyone is going to buy one.


Rain Rain...GO AWAY!!

So, today I went to see my grandmother in Hull...but ended up taking a sidetrip to Mrs. Theodore's to go shoe shopping and lunch with Mrs. T. and Linda. Even with the rain it was a lot of fun to see them:) We found the UGLIEST pair of shoes for only $159.95...and left the store promptly. Kim then dropped me off at my grandmother's (who was THRILLED to see both ladies!!) and then we headed back to Maine. Here's where the story gets interesting...well, even more interesting... We met my brother for dinner because his birthday is next week and he's moving to Rhode Island for a job. On the way home from dinner his car breaks down and we end up having to call triple A. In the meantime, my mother fell on some stairs and we had already decided to take her to the emergency room because she was in ridiculous pain. So I ended up coming home to my house to pick up the little ford focus that could to pick up Bobby, and my dad brought my mother to the emergency room. Everyone is now home...Bobby's car has been towed and the doctor's seem to think my mother's foot is just bruised...but they still hooked her up with some vicadin for fun:)

I brought Peggy to see "In Her Shoes" last night. I read the book last year, I'm a big fan of Jennifer Weiner. In every case of "the book being made into a movie" the book is always better, but I have to say that this movie was very well done. The characters were perfect, especially the beastly stepmother. I'm not a huge fan of Cameron Diaz, but she was decent...and of course the only reason I'm not a huge fan is because she's dating Justin Timberlake. Toni Colette was awesome-I've liked her since Muriel's Wedding...such a great movie. I will say that as much as they are saying it's not a chick really is. It's a movie based on chick lit...what more do you want. And I'm sorry if women all over the world who read this little blurb are all pissed because they thought they could con their boyfriend's into going to see it because Katie Couric says it's not a chick would just be doing yourself and your "relationship" a disservice. Find a lady friend to go with and enjoy it:)

I need to speak on something very important now...this past week's episode of Alias. If you haven't seen it yet because you dvr'ed it...shame on you...get cracking!! Here's the thing-I refuse to believe that Vaughn is dead. My theory is that Weiss doesn't really have a job in DC...he's off to help Vaughn recover. They don't want to tell Sydney because she'd be in more danger. But that was the least believable tv funeral I've ever seen. For a character who's been a MAIN character since the show's inception-I find it ludacris that it would simply be a "montage." Plus Marshall would have been sobbing his tiny little eyes out...there's NO way that he got over the "death" that quickly! I will put money on Vaughn coming back. He probably needed some time off to make the sequel to Monster In Law. If he's not back on by the time the baby is born...I will petition the show and ABC until they cut the crap. My word is my bond.

Boston Red Sox


Gilmore Gab

Ok...I'm sorry!! Because I was ill I did not get to give the full analysis of the newest episode of Gilmore Girls this week. I apologize wholeheartedly, especially to those who have commented on the fact that this was missing this here goes:

Lane and her underwear drawer. Now, why would you hide $9,000 from boys in your underwear drawer? I find it very hard to believe that Lane wouldn't have opened a savings account to try to accrue interest whilst the band decided what to do with the money. I also find it hard to believe that after Mrs. Kim set up the band with a summer tour that she has been conveniently missing since they returned. The story line is not making sense here-and something needs to happen.

Rory's phone. Again, I reiterate...I hate Rory Gilmore. I find it insane that Emily and Richard allow her to have Logan over and spending the night...unless they don't know about it. But honestly, I'm shocked that Emily would allow it to happen...even if she does want Rory all to herself. As far as the phone goes-she knew better than to not tell Lorelai...that could have been an opening to a conversation...much the way Lorelai found out the phone was dead. I'm really looking forward to next week...I'm hoping Richard gets into a slugfest with Mitchum Huntzberger at the party. And while he's at it-go find Dean on Supernatural and kick his ass for making Rory a hooker. It's a sad day when I'm actually wishing Jess was back in the picture.

Sookie. She's my favorite person on the show. She's just funny...and means well...and I like that she tried to get Lorelai and Rory talking again so Luke and Lorelai can get on with wedding plans. I'm not really sure why they went with Martha for the baby's name...but oh well...she's Sookie and can be forgiven:)

Jackson's Brother Bo. Hysterical-probably the best new character they've had...bring him back!!

So, I think that's it for now...I'm confusing myself because being home sick+my dvr+my dvd's of the second season I have a bit of a Gilmore Girls/Nyquil hangover...but I can't wait to get home and watch the repeats tonight:)

**On a side note: I have started watching Lost...(yes, Drewbie...I see you jumping up and down with Glee)...and I know a lot of you didn't get to see it last night because you live in Massachusetts and they didn't show it until later (and what's up showing Invasion instead?? though that is a good show...eddie cibrian...yum!) I won't ruin anything. But let me know when you have seen it:) There are a few twists...that I didn't see coming...even in the previews for next week. Alias is on tonight...looking forward to that...even though ***CAUTION...SPOILER!!!*** I really don't believe that Vaughn is dead...he's too hot to be dead. I believe that they have him hidden somewhere so they can catch the bad guys. It was one thing for Sydney not to be really crying during the funeral...but come I really to believe that Mitchell wouldn't be throwing his tiny self on the casket?? They "were" best friends...they had lunch together:)


It's time to pull out those Red Sox baseball caps...turn 'em inside out...and put them on!! I really thought last night was going to be a 1 in the win column...but I was amazed that it wasn't. I won't be saying anything negative right now as I need Red Sox Nation to focus on the positivity...and the joy of being a proud fan of the Red Sox baseball club. We've seen a lot worse (ie - last year!! and look how that turned out!!) and I BELIEVE they are going to come home and Cowboy up!! I BELIEVE that they HAVE TO!!! I will remain positive in spirit and mind. I shall not yell curse words at Tony Graffanino...I will not yell at the screen and wonder why we don't have Orlando Cabrera this year...I will simply watch and enjoy what WILL NOT BE THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON!!


Sick by Shel Silverstein
"I cannot go to school today,"

Said little Peggy Ann McKay.
"I have the measles and the mumps, A gash, a rash and purple bumps.
My mouth is wet, my throat is dry, I'm going blind in my right eye.
My tonsils are as big as rocks,
'I've counted sixteen chicken pox
And there's one more-- that's seventeen,
And don't you think that my face looks green?
My leg is cut, my eyes are blue--It might be instamatic flu.
I cough and sneeze and gasp and choke,
I'm sure that my left leg is broke--
My hip hurts when I move my chin,

My belly button's caving in,
My back is wreched,
my ankle's sprained,
My 'pendix pains each time it rains.
My nose is cold, my toes are numb, I have a sliver in my thumb.
My neck is stiff, my spine is weak, I hardly whisper when I speak.
My tongue is filling up my mouth, I think my hair is falling out.
My elbow's bent, my spine ain't straight,
My temperature is one-o-eight.
My brain is shrunk,
I cannot hear,
There is a hole inside my ear.
I have a hangnail, and my heart is--what?
What's that? What's that you say?
You say that today is... Saturday?G'bye, I'm going out to play!"

No school for Mo today...I'm a sicky sue:( So because I'm not feeling well I thought I would delight you with the stylings of the master of fun poetry...Mr. Shel Silverstein. I cannot comment on the Red Sox "game" yesterday...but perhaps that is lending to my illness today. Don't worry-I still BELIEVE!! Have a nice day!!!


"I want you back..."

It's tearing up my heart, but according to Lance Bass it does not look like *Nsync will be recording together anytime soon. This is shameful, disappointing, and makes me sad on many different levels. Yes, I'm 30...and from this country...but I miss them...and that makes me NOT OK!! What I think I miss most of all is just the good times I had with friends as we worshipped them unabashedly. There were games, and puppet shopping...*Nsyncerator Meetings...concerts...roadtrips...and International Groupie-age. I will never forget Ian performing after the concert on the train in Toronto. I will never forget the parking lot party after my very first *Nsync concert with Katie, Erin, and yes, Ken. I will never forget the next day which was the day that I met Maggie and we turned her questionable allegiance toward the group to a positive and undying love for them. I miss them...and I refuse to say "Bye, bye, bye!!"

It's here...RED SOX-tober!!

I don't know how we started last week in first for ALS champs...but somehow we "finagled" the wild card spot? Whatever. Honestly, who cares-we're in it to win it!! And considering the last 3 World Series Champs (unforgettably including the Defending World Champs of 2004) were wild card teams...I'm ok with it. There are only a few things that I must make note of for the next few weeks of play...
1) Big Papi...I love him...but he cannot be the only one who has to consistantly come through for this team. I will say that Varitek and Nixon are doing their best, but where the heck has Manny been?? Sariously bro...let's help Papi out!!
2) Gabe makes me so sad he's not playing...but how much do you LOVE him. He has a website that is basically pictures of him...let's just say it's "soft porn." Kudos to that webmaster!!
3) Is there anyway a petition can be started that the playoffs are broadcast by Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo and NOT Joe Buck and Tim McStupidCarver???!!!
4) The Sportsguy (Bill Simmons) from page 2 fame has just released his new book...Now I Can Die in Peace. His columns have brought me through a lot of tough times with the Sox, and in the book he talks about most of the same issues touched upon in those columns. He's very smart, and very funny. He relates well to the pop culture aspect of baseball, and though I haven't read the book...yet...I know I will enjoy it.

I'm sure I'll be touching on the Sox a LOT more over the next as not to be repetitive...I'll end my bulletpoints here:)

This weekend was pretty fun...eventhough I had to (ugh) work. Maggie and Katie came to visit on Friday night to see the tail end of the Red Sox kicking Yankee arse. Then we played Cranium with Peggy...chatted a little...and hit the hizzay. Katie had to leave for other pressing engagements (the reasons she came home), and is hereby off the official "We're in a Fight Shitlist." Patsy is another story!! At any rate, Maggie worked with me on Saturday at the infamous Saint Joseph's College of Maine Bookstore, and followed it up with a little shopping. We now have the same shoes and I'm wearing mine right now-they are green and they make me happy!! And then we met Peggy for an "interesting" evening of Bingo. There was only one event that came close to becoming an altercation involving the miserable, rotten, old bag that snapped at Peggy...but it was quickly overcome. We didn't win anything...but isn't just spending the time together winning enough? Maggie and I returned to the bookstore on Sunday and followed our very long day with a little lunch at a place in Windham called Charlie Beigg's. The establishment is based out of the old Windham Fire Station. It was pretty cute, the food was amazing (they make their own bbq sauce which you can order online), and the service was INCREDIBLE!! Then we hit Target on the way home, followed by a little jaunt to Stonewall Kitchen. I'm going to be planning a Pampered Chef party with Maggie, as she is now a consultant of the company. We haven't set an official date yet, but be prepared because I'd like to have it before the holidays:) Anything to see Maggie...and all of you!!

GO SOX!!!!!


For the first few weeks of the trivia tournament...these are the "Hall of Fame Results." Good luck next month!! Thanks for playing!!

Hall of Fame
Top 5 players at the end of each month will be written into the hall of fame, forever!
Sep 05-12 players played during the month.
1. Mo (53 points, 3 wins)

2. Drewbie (49 points, 3 wins)
3. tedkc (45 points, 3 wins)
4. Linda77 (31 points, 0 wins)
5. alsparky (31 points, 0 wins)
6. jelly stick (26 points, 2 wins)
7. Mags4846 (17 points, 1 wins)
8. vtek33 (12 points, 0 wins)
9. kerr723 (11 points, 0 wins)
10. elphaba (5 points, 0 wins)