You're killing me!!

I just got so frustrated that I wrote a whole post about it...and some other things and accidentally erased it!! Woe is ME!!!

At any rate, nothing too important...just talking about some movies I saw this weekend...well, one in particular. I finally saw Frank Miller's Sin City. So good. Sariously, bro. I'm not a big comic fan (sorry Drewbie), but I was really intrigued by this. I'm actually pretty excited now for the sequel. I pretty much Netflixed it because I wanted to see if Alexis Bledel was as bad in this as she has been recently on Gilmore Girls. Yeah, I hate Rory still. But then I actually realized I was enjoying it...a lot. Plus it's nice to spend some quality time with Bruce Willis. We've been in a fight since "Disney's The Kid," so it was fun to see him being all heroic and stuff. Plus, I've never really seen a movie with Mickey Rourke in it...except for John Grisham's The Rainmaker...and the only reason I saw that was because of Matt Damon. But I was really impressed with the movie in general. The art is amazing...I watched the "behind the scenes" extra on the dvd, but it was more about the actors and directors than the "how'd they do that." So that's my likey.

The other movie I saw was Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah. I can't get into my reasonings on the world wide web, but for those of you who know me...this movie was no where as good as Drumline, but MUCH better than Waiting to Exhale. Kevin Bacon was a frigging riot. If you watch it for his hair alone, I think you'll be satisfied. I haven't seen him in awhile, but he brought back grand memories of the Kevin Bacon Game. No one could beat me...and that is actually a link to the Kevin Bacon oracle...funny:)

In other news, Peggy and I went to get pumpkins last night. I was pretty pissed that I paid $5.99 + tax and saw them a mile from work this morning for $4.95 at a stand. Oh well...we'll be carving at some point. I'm psyched for trick or treaters this year!! I haven't given out candy in a long time. Halloween is so fun:) I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try and post pictures of the "finished products" when we're done.


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