Nomar's a HERO!!

Apparently some drunk girls were took a dive off of the pier in Charlestown the other night and who came to the rescue??? It's a's a's super ex-Red Sox shortstop...My Nomar!! I think I may take up swimming in Charlestown...hmmmm...yeah, with my luck frigging Mia Spamm would come save me. Read the article (attached to the underlined link above)'s pretty funny!!

In other news, Gilmore Girls fans I think this "feud" between Lorelai and Rory will finally come to an end!! And thank GOD because I can't take it anymore. Last night's episode was good-though they took thier sweet time getting to the confrontation of the Gilmore's vs. the Huntzburgers. Emily was PERFECTLY bitchy, and I applaud her for her slamming of Logan's mother. Absolutely priceless...I laughed out loud. There was also a very disturbing, yet hilarious side plot with Miss Patty hosting a recital. All I have to say is Kirk and the kids with the glitter were frigging great:)!! Luke, yet again was "the perfect boyfriend," though he's going a little "Aidan" (from Sex and the City) on me and I don't know if I can deal with that.

Nip/Tuck was a LOT disturbing last night-I know I said I would DVR it and watch it during the daylight...but considering there hasn't been any "daylight" in the past few days...I figured I'd just watch. Know this...I locked the door and made the cat sleep in my room (like the cat is going to protect me from some knife weilding weirdo with a mask!!)


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