It's here...RED SOX-tober!!

I don't know how we started last week in first for ALS champs...but somehow we "finagled" the wild card spot? Whatever. Honestly, who cares-we're in it to win it!! And considering the last 3 World Series Champs (unforgettably including the Defending World Champs of 2004) were wild card teams...I'm ok with it. There are only a few things that I must make note of for the next few weeks of play...
1) Big Papi...I love him...but he cannot be the only one who has to consistantly come through for this team. I will say that Varitek and Nixon are doing their best, but where the heck has Manny been?? Sariously bro...let's help Papi out!!
2) Gabe makes me so sad he's not playing...but how much do you LOVE him. He has a website that is basically pictures of him...let's just say it's "soft porn." Kudos to that webmaster!!
3) Is there anyway a petition can be started that the playoffs are broadcast by Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo and NOT Joe Buck and Tim McStupidCarver???!!!
4) The Sportsguy (Bill Simmons) from page 2 fame has just released his new book...Now I Can Die in Peace. His columns have brought me through a lot of tough times with the Sox, and in the book he talks about most of the same issues touched upon in those columns. He's very smart, and very funny. He relates well to the pop culture aspect of baseball, and though I haven't read the book...yet...I know I will enjoy it.

I'm sure I'll be touching on the Sox a LOT more over the next as not to be repetitive...I'll end my bulletpoints here:)

This weekend was pretty fun...eventhough I had to (ugh) work. Maggie and Katie came to visit on Friday night to see the tail end of the Red Sox kicking Yankee arse. Then we played Cranium with Peggy...chatted a little...and hit the hizzay. Katie had to leave for other pressing engagements (the reasons she came home), and is hereby off the official "We're in a Fight Shitlist." Patsy is another story!! At any rate, Maggie worked with me on Saturday at the infamous Saint Joseph's College of Maine Bookstore, and followed it up with a little shopping. We now have the same shoes and I'm wearing mine right now-they are green and they make me happy!! And then we met Peggy for an "interesting" evening of Bingo. There was only one event that came close to becoming an altercation involving the miserable, rotten, old bag that snapped at Peggy...but it was quickly overcome. We didn't win anything...but isn't just spending the time together winning enough? Maggie and I returned to the bookstore on Sunday and followed our very long day with a little lunch at a place in Windham called Charlie Beigg's. The establishment is based out of the old Windham Fire Station. It was pretty cute, the food was amazing (they make their own bbq sauce which you can order online), and the service was INCREDIBLE!! Then we hit Target on the way home, followed by a little jaunt to Stonewall Kitchen. I'm going to be planning a Pampered Chef party with Maggie, as she is now a consultant of the company. We haven't set an official date yet, but be prepared because I'd like to have it before the holidays:) Anything to see Maggie...and all of you!!

GO SOX!!!!!


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