Singing in the car...

I love it...can't get enough of it. Honestly, it's one of the best reasons I can think to commute to my job over an hour!! If you know me-you know that in many ways I completely entertain myself. I'm just that cool. If I'm really comfortable with you in my presence then I might have even sung in front of you...but generally it's in the car. I sing in the shower-but only if no one else is home. There are many of you who have heard the Dixie Chicks sing back up to my lead the historic automobile known simply as "Ramon." A bunch of us at Saint A's used to travel to Chunky's and listen to the Fly cd and get to number 8 on the track list and shut off the cd player (a portable one which also happens to be the very first cd player I ever owned...and still own!!) when we arrived. One of the best days was when we realized there are about 6 more tracks on that was like the Dixie Chicks released a whole new album! I one is supposed to like the Dixie Chicks anymore because they don't like George Bush...but with recent events I think that's actually coming into vogue!! OK-no more politics...I promised there wouldn't be any on my blog...moving new favorite CD to sing to in the car is Martina McBride's Greatest Hits. How do you NOT love this woman?!?! I've seen her twice in concert, last year with Alan Jackson, and then at Christmas in Lowell. She's a tiny little thing-but she just SINGS!! I love it!! Those are the best songs to sing when you are alone in your car...something you can just BELT out and not worry about bothering other people with your voice:) Sometimes I just don't care and I'll sing with the windows down...but only if I really want to treat the other drivers:) I'm already ready to drive home from work tonight!! La la la la la!


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