I used to wake up some days and wish I'd stayed asleep,
I went to bed on top of the world today the world's on top of me...

So today isn't going so swell...Imagine that! Yesterday was a nightmare too...but I'm just really aggrivated today as well. So I'm going to take a minute and relax and talk about very pressing issues...

Issue #1: Lorelai vs. Rory-The Neverending Battle
We all know how I feel about Rory Gilmore...and if you don' refresh...I hate her. That being said the little feud needs to end. It's tired and old. I'm glad that Lorelai is sticking to her guns with the letting Emily and Richard deal with Rory deal. But now the previews are basically indicating there will be no wedding until Rory and Lorelai make up...well bring it on already!

Issue #2: How awesome is Luke?
I love that he's ditching buying the Twikum House to put an addition onto Lorelai's house (which by the way was originally Uncle Jesse's house on the Dukes of Hazzard). He's just about the coolest man alive...granted he's a man that is completely fictional...but he's still pretty awesome:)

Issue #3: Dancing with the Stars
Are you frigging kidding me that there is a re-match and I can't watch Alias until next frigging week?!?! Be reasonable!!

Issue #4: Nip/Tuck
Last night's premiere episode was less than thrilling considering I've waited almost a year to find out what happened to Christian. I just wasn't all that impressed with it. And can someone tell me why Julia has been married to Sean all these years, and had a child with Christian and NEITHER one of them could fix the beak she calls a nose on her face??

Issue #5: My Name is Earl
Thank you, NBC!! This show is hysterically funny...I laughed out loud several times! I've seen many of the previews for it and figured that it would be one of those shows that shows all the funny parts in the commercials-wrong. I was very pleasantly surprised!! The writing is VERY well done...I've needed a good laugh! Please watch it next week-it's a hoot:) Yes, I just wrote "hoot." It's THAT funny that the word "hoot" is necessary!!

I think that should be all for now-I'm off to work...yay:) Thanks for letting me vent...thanks for playing trivia...I added some questions about American Idol and New Kids on the Block...just to mix it up a wee bit. Don't forget to watch Martha Stewart's Apprentice tonight. I'm really going to have to buy TiVo!!


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Glad you liked My name is Earl, (Not that I had anything at all with the production of the show so why am I thanking you for liking it.) I found that show to be absolutely hysterical. Allison watched it too but missed the beginning and wasn't paying attention to some of the visuals that were occuring. How funny is Earl's brother, he used to be on Boy Meets World. Just a fantastically funny show.

Don't let the world get you down Mo. Just think in 50 days you'll be reading at our wedding and in 49 days we'll be partying like rock stars at the rehearsal dinner. Wings baby wings are on the menu for the evening. So we will party like redneck rockstars but whatever.


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